How to Remove Candle Wax from Sink Drain

Candle wax in sink drain? Pouring candle wax down the sink drain can clog the drain from inside out, not just on the surface. Even a small amount of wax can cause a sink’s drain to clog or slow down. When you pour candle wax down the sink drain, the heat quickly disappears and the fluid solidifies, producing these results.

You can remove the candle wax from the sink drain in one of three ways: either by melting it again, by freezing it or wiping it. We should know that it is important to avoid spilling candle wax in the sink as it could lead to problems. We should also know the do’s and don’ts when removing this type of sludge from sink drain.

how to remove candle wax from sink drain

How to Remove Candle Wax from Sink Drain

Method 1: Freezing Method

If you have waste disposal, the freezing approach will work. If this is the case, throw ice down the garbage chute and allow it to freeze the candle wax. It will harden to the point where you can turn on the disposal and crush the wax.

Step 1: Freeze Water

This allows the candle wax to freeze and makes it easier to remove.

Step 2: Turn on the Garbage Disposal Chute

This allows the candle wax to get crushed in the disposal chute and makes it easier to remove.

Method 2: Heating Method

Step 1: Put the Drain Stopper in your Sink

You need to place it in the drain stopper so that the boiling water would not get drained easily helps it heat quicker.

Step 2: Boil Water

Boiling water helps re-melt the wax and makes it easier to let your drain flow properly.

Step 3: Pour the Boiled Water

Fill the sink in as much boiling water as you can in one shot. This will melt any wax that has collected on the sink’s surface.

Step 4: Cooking tool or Equipment

To remove the candle wax, use a lengthy tool or cooking equipment. And if the first attempt does not work repeat the procedure again.

Method 3: Wiping Method

Step 1: Wipe the Candle Wax

Begin wiping the wax away from the edges to prevent it from spreading. Then proceed to the center. Do not rub the liquid wax instead wipe it gently.

Step 2: Pick at the Candle Wax

Begin wiping the wax away from the edges to prevent it from spreading. Then proceed to the center. Do not rub the liquid wax instead wipe it gently.

If you’re using wax on a mop sink, make sure you’re being careful. These are fixed at a given height and they may fall over, causing harm to your sink.

Note: If the Freezing method does not work here are the steps you need to follow. You need to clean your P-trap because there is a chance that the wax is already too deep.

Visual Guide:

Here are the simplest steps for cleaning a P-trap:

Step 1: Clear out the cabinet beneath your sink to take place.

Step 2: Place a bucket or large basin underneath the piping to catch any runoff.

Step 3: Disconnect the trap from the drain and overflow pipes by removing the two connection nuts.

Step 4: Clean the interior of the trap with a bottle brush or wire.

Step 5: If necessary, reassemble the trap. Make sure the coupling nuts are tightly tightened and the washers are in position.

Step 6: Run the faucet for roughly 30 seconds while checking the trap for leaks.

Pros and Cons for the Methods of Removing Bathroom Sink Drain’s Candle Wax

The heating method is when you put boiling water on top of the bathroom sink which helps in removing the candle wax. This also helps the wax to soften and allows us to remove it with ease.

The freezing method is when you put chopped ice in the garbage disposal. It helps harden the wax and can easily be crushed when you turn on the disposal.

Wiping method, you can only apply this method if candle wax is still soft or liquid. If this is the case, get your paper towels immediately.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?

Wiping Method Advantages:

If the wax spill is still fresh and hasn’t solidified, wipe the area with sink paper or paper towels immediately. This method helps when the wax did not harden yet it will be a lot easier to remove.

What is the Disadvantage of the Wiping Method?

You can only use the wiping method if the wax did not completely harden yet.

Boiling Method Advantages:

The wax will melt if you use enough boiling water, the trick is to use enough for it to work. Put the drain stopper and fill the sink with boiling water instead of throwing boiling water down the sink repeatedly.

If you remove the stopper with a long-handled device, enough water will flow through to melt the wax and sweep it down the drain.

What is the Disadvantage of the Boiling Method?

When using the Heating method, you can sometimes burn your skin because of the water’s heat and steam. When using this method, you should always keep in mind to always be careful.

Freezing Method Advantages:

Pouring broken ice down the drain hardens the wax, causing it to break into little pieces when the garbage disposal is used. Make sure you have enough ice to completely fill the disposal.

What is the Disadvantage of the Freezing Method?

When using Freezing Method, you should always be aware that the wax did not reach the P-trap. Because the only way to clean it is to remove the P-trap manually.

How to remove candle wax from sink

Pouring warm candle wax in a sink could be the greatest mistake of your life. No doubt, it’s very annoying to see it splattered all over your sink. But no worries, we have got you covered and we can tell you with a step by step guide how you can get rid of that excess wax.

Why it’s an issue?

With warm candle wax, it seems like a good option to throw it down the drain and when you open the tap, the wax will go down the drain. What happens is contrary to your expectations; the water actually cools down the wax and it sticks to the side of your sink, thus clogging it.

Remove it as fast as you can

The main thing is to try and remove the candle wax as fast as possible while it’s still soft. If the wax hardens, it becomes not only difficult to clean but also increases the chances of damaging your sink in the cleaning process.

Step by step guide for removing candle wax from sink

Step 1: Assess the damage

First off, identify the condition of the wax. Depending on the state of the wax, there are different processes. If the wax is still fresh, soft and in the liquid state, then use the wiping method.

Step 2: Dry the area instantly

Instantly get some sink paper and gently blot the area. This way, you will be able to remove major portion of candle wax before you start the cleaning process. As a result, you will have less candle wax to worry about.

Step 3: Wipe the area

Wipe the affected area as fast as possible. Don’t rub the wax; otherwise, it becomes harder to remove.

Step 4: Scrap with a tool

Once it starts to harden, pick at the wax with your fingers or tools. Make sure that the chosen tools don’t scratch the interior of your sink. You don’t want to be too harsh with the tools, otherwise the wax will surely get off but the outer protective coating of your sink will be destroyed during the process.

Step 5: Cleaning the Sink

Candle wax often tends to leave behind remains and residues. Use soapy water or a detergent to clear the residue. Vacuum the rest of the solid bits.

With the help of this guide, anyone can understand how to easily remove candle wax from sink drains and the sink itself as well. Always make sure to carefully follow all instructions and you’re good to go.

People should not take lightly the spread of candle wax in their sinks because it could cause a huge problem. All the given details were to help each of us in dealing with this type of issue. This also helps us feel confident the next time something similar happens. The purpose of removing candle wax from the sink drain is to prevent a sink from getting clogged.

The methods stated above are the do’s and don’ts when the candle wax is preventing your sink’s water flow. I can assure you these methods that were stated are working and is very useful to get candle wax out of the sink drain.

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