Painting a Ceramic Sink: Things You Need to Know

As we all know that ceramic sinks are built with a combination of clay, glass, and metal. Moreover, they are very fancy and they come in a variety of designs and shapes to compliment your bathroom or kitchen architecture.

One of the main reasons that make people choose these sinks is because they don’t absorb water as other typical sinks do. Also, these sinks are known for their strong surface which stands against scratching, thus making them a considerable choice for daily use.

The smooth surface of ceramic sinks also ensures easy cleaning. No doubt, these are the best sinks to go for, to bring ease to your life.

You can also paint these sinks, they are very durable and one refinish can last for years. This sink can be a good choice when it comes to saving money and also they can easily be maintained.

Painting a Ceramic Sink

Can you Paint a Ceramic Sink?

Just like other sinks, you can also refinish a ceramic sink.

However, standard paint is not recommended for a ceramic sink surface. You must use epoxy-based paint for your ceramic sink it complements the ceramic sink built. So, you can Paint a Ceramic Sink with recommended paint and required materials.

Does Painting a Sink Work?

If your sink does not have any serious damage, you can always paint a sink. If it lost its color or shine because of excessive use or dirt, it can be refinished for a fresh look. Painting a sink can surprise you, it saves the money that you might spend on replacing or buying a new sink.

How to Paint a Ceramic Sink?

Same as other sinks, you can also Paint a Ceramic Sink. One good thing about painting a ceramic sink is it can last for years with the same finish.

This will also ensure to bring back the eye-catching look, and you will also be able to save some money. The quality and the recommended paint and required materials will allow repainting the ceramic sink all by yourself.

However, you should acknowledge all the steps and once you are aware of the steps, then you should proceed to paint.

Things you need:

  • Sandpaper
  • Primer
  • Rags
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • Painter’s tape
  • Epoxy-based paint
  • Newspapers (old)

Before you start the painting process, it is important to set up ventilation in the room. Painting a ceramic sink would require strong chemicals, so proper ventilation has to be arranged, and turn on the fan, or open the windows. Don’t paint in a room where there is no source of ventilation.

Step one: Cleaning the sink

Cleaning the sink

Grab the bottle of cleaning fluid, and start cleaning the sink. Remove any dirt spots that can affect your paint shape or color.

You can also go with tri-sodium phosphate which is also an ideal chemical for sink cleaning.

The cleaning process should be done with gloves, it is strictly prohibited to clean without gloves, as some cleaning chemicals can be harmful to human skin. Then use the rag to wipe it out after the sink is dried.

Step two: Sanding the surface

Sanding the surface

Once you are done with the cleaning, it’s time to sand the sink surface. The reason why you should sand is it will help the sink surface to get rough. A roughen sink surface will be able to hold the paint, and it won’t let it peel.

Step three: Protecting things around the sink

Protecting things around the sink

If you are painting a ceramic sink for the first time, you might, unfortunately, drop the paint on things around the sink. To avoid that, you can use old newspapers to cover the things you don’t want to paint.

Step four: Using the primer

Before you start spraying the primer on the sink, make sure to put on gloves and also your respirator. Then, spray the whole sink surface.

Let the primer dry, 60 minutes should be enough. However, the single coat of primer spray would be enough, so once the first coat is dried, apply the 2nd coat.

Few thin coats of paint are always considered better than a thick coat. Importantly, you should leave the final coat for more than 2 hours before you proceed to the next step.

Step five: Applying the paint

Applying the paint

After the primer is dried, now you can spray paint the ceramic sink, and spray a few thin coats of the epoxy paint. Also, you should keep a distance of 10 inches between you and the sink while you spray.

The first coat should be over sprayed this will help you avoid the paint runs. Give one coat of epoxy paint an hour or more before spraying the 2nd coat.

Step six: Finishing off with polyurethane

Give the epoxy paint at least 8 hours to dry and work. After that, you can go for a top coat of polyurethane to give your sink surface a shiny look.

Apply multiple coats of this, one might not be enough. Give a gap of one hour before applying the 2nd coat. Keep applying until you feel it’s enough.

Step seven: Finalizing

After you are done painting, keep the room windows open and make sure there is ventilation in the room. Keep the dust out of the room, as hand-painted ceramic sinks can catch the dust. This will ruin and mess with the refinishing of your sink.

Start painting only when you have all these necessary things, and once you have acknowledged the guide. You can’t risk making any mistake, because if you do, it will be a costly mistake like buying a new sink.

You might have to refinish and waste your money. You can buy these things in any paint or hardware shop, or you can also order them online. If you want to paint multiple sinks do buy them in quantity so you can refinish other sinks in your home as well.

Is There Any Specific Paint for a Ceramic Sink? 

Unlike other typical sinks, the ceramic sink cannot be painted with standard paint. It is recommended to refinish your ceramic sink using epoxy-based paint.

It is ideal for ceramic sinks, as it is very durable, so one refinish can last for several years. It is also strong enough to stand against chemicals and corrosion, and it makes cleaning the sink an easy job.

These sinks are durable and customizable, which lets you repaint them using epoxy-based paint anytime you want. Epoxy paint is hard to stain when compared to other paints.

Can you Refinish a Ceramic Sink with a Different Color?

Refinish a Ceramic Sink with a Different Color

Unlike other sinks, which are hard to refinish with a different color than their original one. A ceramic sink can be painted and changed to a different color, despite the color it was bought with.

The ceramic sink is painted with epoxy-based paint, epoxy paint usually comes in a variety of colors. You can choose a color of your choice, as epoxy-based paint has a lot of colors to offer.

You can always change the color of a sink, specifically, the color of ceramic sinks can be easily changed and converted to a different color. As these sinks are known for their easy customization and styling.

How do you Refurbish a Ceramic Sink?

The best way to refurbish a sink is to refinish it. If your sink is old and lost its shine, do not buy a new sink or replace it yet.

Results of repainting can surprise you, one refinish can change the complete look of your sink. My sink used to look awful, and I couldn’t stop thinking about replacing it.

Truly sinks are used excessively thus they might not remain as new as they were first bought. Here is what you can do to refurbish your old sink.

Cleaning the Sink Using Rubbing Alcohol

There is still something else you can do before you buy a new sink or refinish it. Spilling food and drinks on the sink, and leaving them there for hours can make any sink stain. And to remove stains, Rubbing alcohol is very common and handy when it comes to cleaning.

Here’s how you can apply this solution to your sink

  • Use a piece of soft cloth or foam, dab it in rubbing alcohol solution, and rub the cloth on the sink wherever you see dirt and stains.
  • If the stains are stubborn, try to use some force and keep rubbing until you notice the stain is gone.
  • Then wipe out the solution using tap water.

How to Maintain the Durability of an Old Ceramic Sink?

How to Maintain the Durability of an Old Ceramic Sink

If your sink quality has been compromised and you want to renew it, instead of buying a new one. This helped me and it will surely help you as well.

Spending money on supplies is a lot more beneficial for you instead of spending on a new sink. The supplies to restore the sink would cost you 80% less than what a new sink costs.

Get these supplies to get started

  • Orbit sander
  • Epoxy-based paint

Here’s what I have done to restore my old sink.

Sanding the sink surface

Use your orbit sander and sand the sink surface. Do it carefully and make sure you don’t do any damage to the sink surface. Follow the sander manufacturer guide for precautions and usage guide.

Refinishing the sink

As the guide above has shown how to repaint your ceramic sink, you can follow the same painting procedure for restoring your sink.

After the sanding is done, apply the epoxy-based paint to the surface of your sink. Apply multiple thin coats of that paint and give it time to dry.

After refinishing the sink, do not use the sink for at least 12 hours, the tap water might make the paint peel. Use your hands to check if the paint is dried before you start using the sink.


After renewing my years-old sinks, I had to make this guide to help you guys as well. You can not only save your money by refurbishing or repainting but you can also be independent of seeking anyone’s help.

If you read the guide with focus you would know how to paint a ceramic sink all by yourself eventually. This guide can be followed to repaint any ceramic sinks no matter if you are painting a ceramic kitchen sink or a bathroom.

The procedure is the same for all ceramic sinks, however, there are a lot of pros and cons to using a ceramic sink. But there are some strong points which make them a considerable choice.

These can be easily customized, repainted, and refurbished. So if you have a ceramic sink you can always do something to renew it instead of buying or replacing your sink.

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