What to Do If Bathroom Drain Smells Bad

There are several causes for bathroom drains to smell bad. So how to get rid of smelly bathroom drains?

To get rid of the smelly bathroom drains, all you have to do is clean the drains as they can block the water flow if you don’t clean them for a long time. Some useful chemicals can also fix the issue causing the smell.

Bathroom Drain Smells Bad

Bathroom Drain Smells Bad: 3 Reasons

1. Clogged Drains

colgged bathroom drain

The most common cause of bathroom drain smell is a clogged drain. Sometimes we don’t notice but garbage inside the drain blocks the outrun of the water. Causing bacteria to grow inside, which triggers the bad smell.

2. Sulfur Smell

Another common yet awful smell can be coming out of your bathroom drain. This kind of smell is usually known as smells like sewage, which can be coming straight out of a drain or water.

However, if you feel the same smell from other faucets in your home then the water supply could be the reason. But if other faucets are fine your pipes are most probably contaminated, or there could be other drainage issues.

3. Dead insect

Dead insect in bathroom drain

This is also another reason for the smelly bathroom drains.

Sometimes insects that feed on bacteria coming straight from the toilets, die somehow in pipes, and as they start rotting in there you feel the awful smell.

However, you can follow force flush methods to get rid of this issue, you would need something to push the insect out of your pipeline.

There are several fixes and products you can use to get rid of this smell. But first, you would need to find out the main cause of the smell, before you start applying any solution.

With the right chemicals and products, you can eliminate bathroom drain odor.

How to Get Rid of Bathroom Drain Smell

It’s just so annoying and makes you so uncomfortable to have smelly drains, But You must study a solution, as you would be needing the solution in the future as well.

Instead of using harsh ways to fix the smelly drains. Go with something easy and gentle to the material, and doesn’t cause any damage to the drain.

All you need are a few daily house chores products. This guide will teach you 2 solutions to get the smell out of the bathroom sink drain.

You can apply the one that you are comfortable with, both solutions will show you surprising results.

Get the right tools from a nearby utility store before you apply any method below.

Sinks are easy to open, but it might be a little hard to open up shower drains. Once you know how to open the drains you can apply one of these methods from the following.

Things Required

  • One teacup of bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Soft tube brush
  • Baking soda

Method 1: Using Bleach

Using Bleach

Bleach is very efficient when it comes to cleaning the drains. It can be very effective for blocked drains with germs and bacteria.

Bleach is considered one of the best disinfectants when it comes to bacteria and germs. It’s a very toxic substance to eliminate insects.

However, you shouldn’t be using this often as using it daily basis might cause the drain system to plug out. Here is, how you can apply bleach to your drains and sinks.

Step 1: Unclogging the Drain

It’s easy to open the sinks, but opening a shower drain could be a little complicated.

Use some tools to unclog the drain, use proper tools or you might break the clog which you wouldn’t want.

Step 2: Using the Soft Tube Brush

unclog bathroom drain using Soft Tube Brush

Before you use bleach, it is important to use the soft tube brush as it will clear up the pipe with waste materials.

So when you apply the bleach after using the soft tube brush you will see better results.

However, if you don’t have the soft tube brush use a stick or something flexible to clean up the way for bleach.

If you use the bleach without cleaning the pipe properly, bleach might not be able to get through.

Step 3: Filling the sink

Fill the sink with water, it has to be filled before you proceed with the bleach. Bleach is a powerful chemical that can get mixed in water in the blink of an eye.

Have the whole sink filled with the water, preferred hot water as it can work well against germs and bacteria. Once you know you have enough water proceed with the next step.

Step 4: Add Bleach

Now, add one teacup of bleach to the drain or sink. After you’ve mixed bleach into the water, all the water to sink out.

This will unclog and clean the drain thoroughly, so any reason causing the smell will hopefully be gone.

Bleach is made with powerful substances, this is the ultimate solution for any kind of drain or sink.

Be sure to keep repeating this method until you completely get rid of the bad smell in the sink drain. This will eventually work, depending on the condition of your drain.

Method 2: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is also another famous yet easy way to get rid of smelly drains. These 2 products are very common in every household.

Still, if you don’t happen to have them you can easily get these 2 items in any utility store in your surrounding.

These 2 chemicals react together to clean drains and kill the germs along the way.

These would only help to flush out anything stuck in the drains causing the smell. With this, you would be easily getting rid of smelly drains in the bathroom, if you do it right. Follow these steps to avoid mistakes.

Step 1: Use a Brush to Push

If you are applying this method on a sink, then you shouldn’t do this but if you are cleaning a shower drain. It’s important, to push the pipe thoroughly with a soft tube brush or anything else to clear up the way in the drain.

Step 2: Add Water to the Drain

It’s important to have the drain full of water to make this mixture work. If your drain is dry while you are applying this solution it might not work. Let water through for a few minutes and then turn off the water.

Step 3: Add Vinegar and Soda

Once you have the drain or sink filled with the water, Add one regular cup of soda to the water. After that, add 2 regular cups of vinegar.

Now, Give enough time to chemicals to do their job. Give it around 30-40 minutes and then flush out with water. This method is also very effective, and you would be surprised to see the smell gone.

Moreover, you should apply this method very often because it clears up the bacteria feeding on waste. Which keeps the drains unclogged, and thus it would stop sink drains from smelling.

Both methods shown in this guide can help you make bathroom sink drains smell better. You can choose any method that you are comfortable with, and start applying it to your drains and sinks in your home.

Surely, this will save you time and effort, that you make on getting rid of smelly bathroom or other drains.

There are several other methods that plumbers use to fix smelly bathroom sink drain. However, you wouldn’t need any plumber’s or professional help, if you do the method shown above.

These methods don’t require any experience, just take the safety precautions and you can fix your home issues.

Make sure to buy these items in quantity so you can keep applying this solution when your drains start to smell again. These steps won’t take long, they shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

What to Do If Bathroom Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

What to Do If Bathroom Drain Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Multiple reasons could be causing a smell like this. Usually, your bathroom starts smelling like that because of clogged drains, if waste is blocked it will surely start smelling.

However, it could be also because of a contaminated sink drain you must start to fix it or replace it with a new one.

Rotten eggs are a sign of a blocked drain because when you flush out the waste it doesn’t get through the pipe thus it starts smelling.

Moreover, bacteria inside the drain start feeding on that waste and it results in an awful smell. Other than that, the rotten eggs smell can also be triggered by a bathroom that has not been used recently.

Using a bathroom that has not been used in a while also triggers a bad smell as the water goes over dried waste.

If you are using a bathroom after a while, consider running baking soda through the drains. Followed by vinegar, this will remove all the waste in the way and will flush it out.

Also, if you are using an inactive bathroom, you should consider using a disinfectant. As germs will be stacked up in the inactive bathroom.

Eggy Smell in Bathroom

Tired and annoyed by the rotten eggs smell in your bathroom? Worry not, follow these steps to fix this once and for all.

Mostly the cause for this is contaminated drain pipes. As soon as you fix them you will start noticing that the smell will be gone. Also, this smell can be caused by bacteria and blocked waste. Here’s what you can do about it.

1. Dealing with Bacteria

No doubt, the bacteria inside the drains can cause an incredible smell if they are not dealt with.

2. Eliminating Bacteria With Bleach

Add one regular cup of bleach into your drain sinks, this will kill and clear up the way of the smelly drain system. Repeat this step until you stop sink drains from smelling.

3. Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is the most common reason for smelly drains, clogged drains can trigger an awful smell in any drain. If the waste doesn’t get a way through it will start rotting and smell even worse.

4. Unclogging Drain with Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is the most used solution for opening up a blocked drain system by plumbers. Use soda and vinegar solution to open up a blocked drain.

Why Bathroom Drain Always Has a Poop Smell?

A common reason behind your bathroom smelling like poop would be blocked drains. A clogged drain will stop the water flow inside the pipe, thus making any material stuck inside rot and smell like poop.

Stuck waste material will start to rot if it doesn’t get flushed out with water.

And if unfortunately your drain is clogged it won’t happen and your bathroom will smell like poop.

Another cause of this smell would be, contaminated pipes, if you haven’t paid any attention to your drains in a while. Your pipes need cleaning, once a month at least.

How to Deal with Sewer Smell in the Bathroom?

Well, if your bathroom smells like sewer then it’s most probably because of bacteria. There are stacks of bacteria in the sewer because of the feed on debris and waste.

But if they happen to infest your drains, your whole bathroom will smell like a sewer. If this smell triggers it will keep on increasing, as the bacteria multiply with haste.

You must get rid of this smell by using baking soda and vinegar. Both materials work together to fight against bacteria and clean up waste.

So there is no waste stuck in your drains that bacteria wouldn’t be able to feed. And they will have to leave your drains eventually. The other cause for this smell would be blocked pipes or drains.

You have to unclog your drain to let the waste through your pipe. If the waste is stuck inside it will start to rot and smell like sewer drains.

Bathroom Smell Like Sewer in the Evening

There is no exact time of bathroom smell. However, if you feel more smell at night it’s most probably because of the clogged drains.

If you use the bathroom the whole day and your drains are clogged it’s going to smell like sewer at the night.

Because the waste has no way to flush out, and it will eventually start to rot.

Also, you should call a professional to check your drain pipes. Because Damaged or improperly installed pipes could also be the reason for this smell.

Try using baking soda and vinegar solution if the smell doesn’t go away, then you should replace or repair the pipes.

What to Do With the Bad Sewer Smell in Bathroom Drain System?

If you choose to fix the drain yourself, here’s what you must do.

First, you need to uncover the drain, you can do it with the tools. It’s either because of something inside the pipe causing the smell or anything else.

So you must clean the pipe thoroughly and clear the way, so the waste inside causing the sewer smell will be flushed out.

The best way to get rid of sewer smell is to clean smelly drains with bleach. Bleach fights anything stuck inside the drain, unclogging the pipe and killing the bacteria which feed on the waste. It’s a powerful chemical, it works very well for drains and other things affected by bacteria.

You would need to fill the drain sink with water, and then add some quantity of bleach. Then, wait for the bleach to work and give it 1 hour.

After one hour flushes the drain with water. This is the best method you can apply to a bathroom drain system that smells like sewer.

Keep on repeating this, until you feel the drains are clean enough.

How to Stop Bathroom Sink Drain From Smelling

There are several answers to this. If you want to stop the smell without seeking help from a plumber, you should read this guide.

Usually, a smell starts coming out from the sink because something starts stinking or rotting in there.

However, you can buy some products and stop the drains from smelling. Instead of calling a plumber be your boss, and fix this simple issue by following our guide. Here’s what you need to do.

First, you need to open the sink drain and clean it with a brush or anything that you prefer. Baking soda and vinegar work great for bad or smelly drains.

Pour baking soda, then vinegar into the drains. Give the solution some time to work, 30 minutes are preferred. After that, you can flush out the drain with the water and you will see the smell will be gone.

The 2nd and most used method is bleach. Bleach is a very effective chemical to fight against little substances inside a bad drainage system.

Fill the sink with tap water, and 2 cups of bleach and let the bleach do its job. After 30 minutes sink out of the water, it will clean and kill the germs and bacteria along the way.

If you don’t notice any results, try this method again once or twice. Bleach is a very powerful chemical when it comes to cleaning a smelly sink drain.

Home Remedies for Smelly Bathroom Drain

Here’s what you need If you are looking for home remedies. These will help you make bathroom sink drains smell better. There are 2 famous home remedies to clean smelly drains.

Moreover, they are easy to apply and anyone can use these methods. These will save you the money that you will spend to hire a plumber.

Instead, you can follow this guide and make these home remedies for your drains. Also, you can get the items used in these home remedies from any utility store in your surrounding.

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is one of the most used home remedies used by homeowners to get rid of smelly drains. Works for both shower and sink drains.

Both items work together to clean up any stubborn waste which might be blocking the drains. Use baking soda first then use the vinegar otherwise the solution won’t work.

2. Diluted Bleach

Bleach is known for cleaning clothes but it can also be very effective for drains. You can pour a glass of bleach into a sink filled with water.

And you would be surprised by the bleach magic, it will clean, clear and remove the bad smell from your bathroom.

Does Bleach Help a Stinky Drain?

Surely it does. Bleach is a killer for germs feeding on debris inside a drain system. This also helps to get the smell out of the bathroom sink drain.

Bleach clears up anything in the pipe causing odor in the drains. This is one of the methods, recommended by professional plumbers as well when it comes to smelly bathrooms.

Also, this is a cheap method that you can apply to your drains of sinks and showers. However, bleach can damage certain materials so you must have awareness of your materials before you apply bleach to them.

If it can damage your sinks you should use a different solution.

Can Bleach Damage Your Drain System?

Surely, bleach does help to clean up the drains. But it is a very powerful chemical that can damage your drain system if not used properly.

You shouldn’t be using bleach only to clean up your drains. You must use it with fluids that can work well with bleach and clean the smelly drains.

What Should Pour Down Bathroom Sink Drain to Get Rid of Foul Smell?

To change the bad smell into a pleasant one, baking soda along with lemon juice is a perfect solution to use.

Use ½ cup of baking soda and also ½ cup of lemon juice let the process work for 40 minutes. After that, pour the water into the drain, preferably hot water.

This will clean and change the smell of the bathroom. However, if the smell persists, the reason could be something else.

Key Takeaway

The above guide has shown various ways to get rid of the smelly bathroom drain. Moreover, these methods have been rated as the most used and working ones. So you shouldn’t hesitate to try them.

Smelly bathroom drain is awful and we often seek the help of professionals but they just cost us extra money for their service.

If you have used all the methods above, still your bathroom stinks, it might be a bad drain system that requires fixing.

But the chemicals used in this guide are the ones with the best results and have been recommended by most professionals. Just observe the causes and apply the right solution to get rid of foul smells.

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