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This is Lisa Burks, A professional plumber (How to Get a Plumbing License), and founder of Sink Formula.

After completing a course on plumbing and pipe fitting, I was a building superintendent in an apartment complex.

After a few years, I decided to share my first-hand experience with those who have no idea about plumbing or pipe fitting.

So, I’ve created this blog I’ve had such experience regarding all types of sinks and drains.

I’m sharing my experience in sink plumbing including installation, measurements, sink materials, and different types of latest kitchen, bathroom, and utility sink with the world.

Training & Experience

  • Professional plumbing
  • Certified consultant
  • Completed courses on plumbing & pipe fitting

My goal is to develop a trust-based independent platform. I aim to become a reliable platform connecting homeowners and plumbers to build trust and collaboration.

My top objective is to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate evaluations and product information possible.

Therefore, I hope you appreciate your visit to this website and will come back to contact us or visit this blog whenever you have a need for a new sink plumbing solution.

I’m dedicated to ensuring you are completely satisfied.


Lisa Burks