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Pull Down vs Pull Out Kitchen Faucet (PROS & CONS)


When redesigning a kitchen, choosing the right faucet can significantly impact both functionality and style. We look at Pull Down vs Pull Out kitchen faucet.

Both pull-down and pull-out faucets stand out for their convenience and modern design, but which serves your needs better?

While both types offer similar features, including retractable hoses for extended reach, their distinct designs cater to different needs and preferences.

We provide our guide to the essentials of pull-down versus pull-out faucets, their features, benefits, usability and aesthetics in our comparison of the two styles.

Pull Down vs Pull Out Kitchen Faucet – which one?

Pull down or Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

The choice of which faucet is better lies in your preference and kitchen design. However, to help differentiate the two kitchen faucets, let us look at their differentiating factors.

Operation Mechanism

A pull-out kitchen faucet is operated by means of pulling out the sprayer head towards the user. Therefore, these faucets work in a vertical direction, away from the spout height.

On the other hand, pull-down kitchen faucets are operated by pulling down the sprayer head towards the bottom of the sink. The pull-down faucet runs in a downward vertical direction.


One of the most pronounced differences between the two taps is their size. The kitchen faucet with pull-out sprayer may be small because it’s not a tall faucet like a pull-down faucet.

Pull-out faucets have their small size Compensated by the extendable sink faucet hose under the sink.

Shape and Design

These taps have different designs, with the pull-out faucet assuming an upright position with a protruding sprout head. In most cases, the protruding head is elevated at an angle of 30 degrees.

The pull-down kitchen faucets have a long arch at the top, with the nozzle facing down into the sink.

Handle Position

Pull-down faucets have their handle ever located at the base near the deck plate, with the elongated spout forming the arch above it.

A pull-out faucet has the handle lever at the top end of the tap, with the sprayer spout protruding in the middle.

Pull-Out Faucet Advantages

Below are the pros of using a pull-out kitchen faucet.

Longer Hose

Pull-out kitchen faucets have a longer hose that hangs below the sink. You can pull out the hose and use it to fill large water Containers that may not fit in the sink.

You can fix a longer hose to fit your required area, but most pull-out faucets have a 20″ hose attached to the faucet.

Fewer Splashes

Fewer Splashes

A kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer has fewer splashing effects than pull-down faucets as the water is not hitting the sink directly. With the hose pulled out, you get the chance to insert the spout head into the water Containers reducing the splashes.

Splashes are also reduced by the use of stream mode on the spout.

Small Size

Pull out kitchen faucets are small as much of the faucet’s hose is retracted beneath the sink, unlike the pull down faucets, which have a raised arch that takes up much of the space.

Pull out faucets have a low profile and can fit in small kitchen plans.

Pull Down Faucet Advantages

Below are the pros of using a pull down kitchen faucet.


Pull-down faucets feature a tall, ergonomic design that makes it easier to fill large pots and clean deep sinks. The high-arc spout provides ample space underneath, ensuring that handling bulky items in the sink becomes more manageable.


With the spray head directed downwards, pull-down faucets are excellent for minimizing splashback, keeping water and debris contained within the sink. This directional control helps maintain a cleaner kitchen environment.


The sleek and modern look of pull-down faucets complements a wide range of kitchen styles. Their integrated design and minimalistic appearance contribute to a clutter-free countertop, enhancing the overall kitchen decor.

Fewer Splashes

Versatile Functionality

Most pull-down faucets come with multiple spray options, including aerated stream and powerful spray modes. This versatility makes it easy to switch between tasks, such as rinsing vegetables, filling pots, or heavy-duty cleaning.

Ease of Use

The pull-down mechanism is straightforward to operate, making it accessible for users of all ages. The convenience of having the spray head at hand without the need to extend a hose outward makes it particularly suitable for kitchens with limited space.


Pull-down faucets are often constructed with durability in mind, featuring robust materials and mechanisms designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. This focus on quality ensures that the faucet remains a reliable part of the kitchen for years to come.