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What Kitchen Faucet Brands Are Made in the USA?

Moen Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to selecting the best faucet brands in the United States, you might wonder what kitchen faucet brands are made in the USA.

Several names stand out for their quality, reliability, and customer trust with Moen, Kohler, Delta, Grohe and Pfister among the top choices for consumers.

Moen is highly regarded for its innovation, offering features like voice-controlled faucets and a variety of models that include single-handle designs for ease of use.

Kohler is known for its long-lasting ceramic disc valves that ensure drip-free operation. Their faucets feature high-arc and swivel spouts, with technology like the DockNetik system.

Delta faucets marry modern lines with advanced technology, Pfister have a long history and Kraus providing reliable quality at reasonable prices.

Best American Made Kitchen Faucets:

To narrow down your choices for the best American-made kitchen faucet, below is a list of the brands made in the USA.


Moen kitchen faucet

Since 1937, Moen faucets have taken the lead as one of the best faucet brands in the USA. The brand produces a mix of unique designs with high-quality, affordable faucets.

Moen kitchen faucets brands are IAPMO certified as lead-free. Most of the faucets are equipped with high-technology of touchless faucets.


Delta kitchen faucet

For ages, the Delta brand has ruled the faucets industry for its robust, high-quality faucets. These faucets have a wide range of designs, all of which come in different color finishes giving clients a variety to choose from.

Delta brand also incorporates high-level technology by introducing Delta touch faucets and sensor technology to give you extra comfort.


Waterstone kitchen faucet

Waterstone brand faucets have been a common view in the US and Canada. They major in handcrafted faucet finishes giving an elegant look to their faucets.

Their customer care services are high-end, offering quality and timely services. Being a distinguished company, they also deal with water filter faucets, pot fillers, and dispensers.


Kohler kitchen faucet

Kohler brands enjoy being among the best brands in the USA. Clients have consistently purchased their products, from high-quality faucets to improved technology.

This brand is well-known for producing touchless single-lever and double levers faucets.


Grohe kitchen faucet

Even though Grohe faucets were initially produced in Germany, for the last decades, Americans have taken up the space to make one of the best kitchen faucets.

Grohe’s innovative water system sensor technology detects leakages and malfunctions in the faucets and prompts possible solutions. Using your smartphone, you are at the liberty of controlling the faucet levers too.


Brizo kitchen faucet

When it comes to luxury standards in your kitchen, you have to think of Brizo brand faucets. Brizo is an American brand that boasts handmade faucets that come in unique designs.

These handmade faucets range from pull-down to pull-out faucets with an improved articulating faucet that gives your kitchen a luxurious feeling.


Pfister Faucet

Pfister, with a history dating back to 1920, offers a wide range of faucet styles at competitive prices.

Though known for their stylish and reliable faucets, Pfister’s customer service post-sale has received mixed reviews.

Nonetheless, their products, including pull-out and bridge faucets, are well-regarded for their quality and design​​.