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Top 10 Best Moen Kitchen Faucet Models (BEST Ranked)

Best Moen Kitchen Faucet

Moen kitchen faucets are one of the most popular kitchen faucets. You will need the best Moen kitchen faucet models to ensure functionality along with a stylish look.

A Moen kitchen faucet usually stays ahead of the competition because of its variety in design and high-quality build.

You will find both modern and classic designs to match your kitchen and increase aesthetics. These leakproof faucets will ensure optimum water flow in your kitchen to work in the sink with comfort.

But choosing the right Moen kitchen faucet from a vast line-up can be difficult. I’ve picked the top 10 Moen kitchen faucets that will meet your needs and make your kitchen function better.

Top Moen Kitchen Faucets

Best Moen Kitchen Faucets

Best Moen Kitchen Faucet

1. Moen 5923SRS Spot Resist Stainless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Spot resistant finish
  • Flexible and retractable hose
  • Long spout with high arc
  • Duralock quick connect system
  • Power clean spray technology

The modern Moen kitchen sink faucet comes in both standard and touchless designs so that you can choose the best option for you. The standard version has a single-handle design, ensuring seamless operation in your kitchen.

It has a long spout with a high arc so that you can easily clean large items in your kitchen sink. The hose is highly flexible which ensures you can point the water in any direction as per your convenience. And when you are done, the hose will easily retract to its original position.

The stainless steel kitchen faucet comes in four finishes. The spot-resistant finish gives the faucet a classic look with high resistance to water stains and fingerprints. As a result, the faucet stays like new for longer.

The deck-mounted design of this faucet makes it easy to install. Plus, it has a Duralock quick connect system so that you can install the faucet in one click. Pushing just one button will engage the Power Boost technology to clean things faster.


  • Easily fits in any kitchen
  • 1.5 times greater spray power for easy cleaning
  • Long and flexible hose for reaching tough spots
  • Highly durable finish in four variations
  • Single handle design for one-hand operation


  • Too narrow faucet for big kitchens
  • Chrome finish catches fingerprints

2. Moen 7185ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Boost and Reflex

Highlighted Features:

  • Classic design gives a retro look
  • Various styles and finishes
  • Single handle design
  • Deckplate included
  • Flexible hose

If you love that old-school vibe in your kitchen, you can choose this Moen pull-down kitchen faucet. This comes in an oil-rubbed bronze finish to give that retro look to your kitchen. But still, it performs no less than a modern faucet with convenient features.

The faucet even has two touchless generations where you don’t need to turn the handle to use the faucet. But if you want to stick to the standard version, you will get one handle in the faucet to operate it. The hose of the one-handle kitchen faucet is very flexible, hence allowing you to spray water in any direction.

Like most other Moen faucets, you will get a Power Boost button in this faucet. With a push of this button, the water flow will have a 50% boost to easily clean tough grime or quickly fill pots with water.

Besides the bronze finish, you can choose from other finishes according to your preference. Whatever the finish is, the faucet performs excellently in all situations. Though the faucet has a high arc, it has a smaller spout than other Moen faucets. So it will be the best faucet for smaller kitchen.


  • Handled and touchless variations
  • Durable build quality for longer use
  • Easy power boost
  • Suitable for compact kitchens
  • Quick installation with no fuss


  • It might not suit all sink styles
  • Too many ridges to catch stains

3. Moen 7594SRS Arbor Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Long deck plate
  • Smooth curves
  • Alloy steel build
  • High arc design
  • Contoured handle

Unlike any other Moen single-handle kitchen faucet, this will come with a long deck plate. That increases the stability of the faucet on the sink. Once the faucet is mounted on the sink, it won’t move sidewise even when you pull the hose. As a result, the faucet will require less maintenance than other faucets.

I loved the seamless look of the faucet. It is so smoothly curved that cleaning the faucet is extremely easy. So, no water stains will remain on the faucet. You can use the faucet for portable dishwasher. The flexible hose can be pulled with minimal force. And when you slip that off your hands, it will retract automatically and slide up into its place.

The faucet has two flow options like most other kitchen faucets. You can toggle between stream and spray options with a simple button.

Working in tight corners will be easy as the hose is very flexible. It even has a voice-operated version along with touchless versions so that working in the kitchen becomes more fun than ever.

The 3 hole kitchen faucet is straightforward to install and will make your kitchen look better with various finishes.


  • Ergonomic design for easy cleaning
  • Durable faucet head
  • One-button spray or stream options
  • Can be turned on or off with voice
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • No docking bar
  • The toggle button is flimsy

4. Moen 87028SRs Edwyn Stainless Steel Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Long spout
  • Brushed finish
  • Single handle
  • Angled head
  • Deck mount

Shiny faucets often have the chance to catch water stains easily. If you want your Moen kitchen faucet to stay clean for longer, the edwyn spring faucet with this matte brushed finish can be a good option.

It comes with a stainless steel build to be rust and corrosion-resistant. And the finish gives it a modern look you require in your kitchen. The base of the faucet has a slanted shape that perfectly blends with the faucet shaft and head.

You can pull the faucet head to reveal the flexible hose. The hose is long enough so that you can twist it in any direction you need. Moen’s reflex system is industry-leading, so you will face no issues in this regard.

When it comes to water flow, the faucet deliver high-speed water in two options. There is a toggle button on the faucet head to alternate between stream and spray options.

It has only one handle that moves with slight force. So, turning the faucet on or off while your hands are busy is no big deal here. This faucet will perfectly blend with the scene if you have a grayish or white interior in the kitchen.


  • High-speed water delivery
  • Easy switching between steam and spray
  • High-arc design to accommodate large pots in the sink
  • Excellent finish
  • Durable build


  • No touchless options
  • More splash than other faucets

5. Moen 7585SRS Stainless Steel Pullout Kitchen Faucet with High Spray Pressure for Utility, RV, or Commercial Use

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique design
  • Single handle operation
  • Short pullout hose
  • Power clean technology
  • ADA compliant

The faucet is pretty different from the Moen faucets you have seen so far. It doesn’t have a high arc design like the previous ones. Instead, the faucet shaft is angled to give a contemporary look to your kitchen. The faucet head is shorter compared to other faucets.

But you can still pull out the faucet head, thanks to the reflex hose from Moen. The handle is positioned like a stem, which you can tilt back and forth easily. With the press of just one button, the faucet will change the water flow into stream or spray options.

When you choose the stream option, it will deliver aerated water so that there is no splash while you clean a dish. The spray option is great for rinsing fruits or veggies. In both options, the high-pressure water flow helps you get your job done faster.

The Moen single-handle kitchen faucet will easily match any interior, and you can install it with the least effort. It comes in two variations. You can choose the chrome finish or spot-resistant stainless finish.


  • More affordable than other Moen faucets
  • Easy pull-out and docking
  • The long handle is easy to reach
  • Faster and easier cleaning with high-pressure water flow
  • Perfectly angled for less splash


  • The faucet won’t accommodate large pots
  • It might not suit all sink styles

6. Moen Edwyn 87807BL Matte Black Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Pull-down hose
  • High arc design
  • One handle operation
  • Sleek look
  • Standard installation

The Moen 87807BL kitchen faucet look stunning with this matte black finish. And it will easily match any modern kitchen interior to lift the vibe. But not everything about this faucet is related to looks. It performs excellently in terms of water flow, smoothness, retractibility, and many more.

A docking bar is placed on the shaft so that the faucet head can be docked on it. When you pull down the head, it comes out easily to rotate the head along with the flexible hose.

It has a single handle design, which is convenient for one-handed operation. The kitchen faucet can be mounted on one-hole or three-hole sinks. A deck plate is also included in the package to increase aesthetics.

The spiral arc design of this Moen Essie kitchen faucet gives a modern look while keeping the hose secure. You get a toggle button on the faucet head to change the water flow. In both options, the water flow has enough pressure to clean that tough grime from your dishes.

You can opt for this faucet to give your kitchen a makeover and improve its performance.


  • Modern design improves aesthetics
  • Excellent build quality makes it durable
  • High-pressure water delivery without splashes
  • Long and flexible hose
  • Docking bar for easy retraction


  • Not available in other finishes
  • The docking bar is too low

7. Moen 87233 Adler High Arc Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Mirror-like chrome finish
  • Sleek design
  • One handle
  • High arc faucet
  • Easy installation

The best thing about this Moen Adler pull-down kitchen faucet is its contemporary design that fits almost all kitchens. Be it a one-hole or three-hole sink; the faucet can be easily installed to have excellent water flow.

When it comes to water pressure, the faucet has power clean technology that increases the water pressure for easy cleaning. Even the stream option delivers water at high pressure to fill pots faster.

There is no docking bar in this faucet, so it looks much cleaner than other faucets. You can simply pull the faucet head down to extend the reflex hose. And the hose easily retracts into its position without any slack. The whole arc is seamless to make cleaning the faucet easier.

Instead of typical toggle buttons, you get a heavy-duty toggle switch on the faucet head. It changes the water flow between stream and spray. The handle of this faucet has a straight, long design so that you can quickly flick the handle with your finger.

Overall, this is one of the finest Moen kitchen faucets available in this price range.


  • A long spout and high arc create more space in the sink
  • The flexible hose can be operated easily
  • Sturdy build quality with shiny chrome finish
  • Aerated water stream causes no splashing
  • Power clean technology helps remove tough grime


  • It might catch hard water stains
  • No docking bar on the faucet

8. Moen 87403 Bexley Chrome 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

Highlighted Features:

  • Double handle design
  • Separate Sprayer
  • Wide-arc faucet
  • Single hole installation
  • Chrome finish

This Moen 87403 Bexley Chrome high-end faucet will change the way you work with your kitchen faucets. The faucet has two lever handles for easy water adjustment. As you might see, the faucet head has no flexible hose as you get in other Moen faucets.

Instead, this faucet has a separate sprayer head that you can pull out from the docking station. And use to point water stream or spray in any direction. This adds a new dimension of aesthetics to your kitchen interior.

Though there is a large deck plate in this faucet, you can actually install this Moen kitchen faucet with a single hole. Installing might take more time than other faucets due to the separate sprayer head. But after you finish the installation, it will be a sight worth watching.

I loved the chrome finish of this faucet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other finish. The chrome finish is shiny and gives a modern vibe. But it can catch water stains. So, this might not be the right faucet for hard water.


  • Beautiful and ergonomic design
  • A wide arc faucet is suitable for large sinks
  • Easy water flow adjustment with dual lever handles
  • Separate sprayer head to maximize the durability of the faucet
  • Chrome finish for rust and corrosion resistance


  • Only one finish is available
  • Won’t fit small sinks that good

9. Moen S73104BG Weymouth Spring Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Vintage design
  • Luxurious finish
  • Convenient handle and head design
  • High arc for more space
  • One hole configuration

Though this faucet has some similarities with other Moen kitchen faucet, you will sense unmatched luxury in this faucet. That mostly comes from the gothic design of this faucet paired with a brushed gold finish. You can choose from four finishes to match your kitchen interior.

The golden finish is our favorite due to its uniqueness. This faucet will fit a one-hole sink configuration and comes with no deck plate. You get one ergonomically contoured handle. The handle is easy to push or pull and ensures you have the best water flow possible.

Power boost is a proprietary technology from Moen that ensures the water pressure is adequate without splashing too much. Once you pull the faucet head down from the docking bar, the hose will extend enough so that you can work anywhere in the sink.

The water flow toggle button is present on the faucet head like most other Moen faucet. And the design language of every part of this faucet is so aligned that it will become more of an antique in your kitchen.


  • Elegant outlook with decorative design
  • One-hole configuration makes the faucet fit anywhere
  • Long and high arc to maximize space in the sink
  • Flexible hose to reach tight spots
  • Excellent water flow with no splashing


  • It might need frequent cleaning
  • The gold finish may blacken a bit

10. Moen 67315C Integra Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design
  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Easy pulling head
  • Single top lever
  • One or three-hole installation

If you have a small or narrow sink in the kitchen, this Moen kitchen faucet will be highly suitable. It has a low and short arc design to match smaller sinks. But the base is compatible with standard one or three-hole sinks, so you can easily install the faucet anywhere.

The lever of this faucet is on top of the step so that you can easily reach the lever and push it with your fingers. Though the faucet head is faced downward, you can pull it out to use in any direction. The toggle button is located on the faucet head so that you can easily press the button to change the water flow.

Whatever option you choose, the water flow will be of high pressure to help you clean dishes faster. At the same time, there will be no splashes of water making your clothes wet.

The chrome finish on the faucet makes it look stunning in any interior. If you are worried about water stains on the faucet, you can also choose the spot-resistant stainless finish.


  • Highly versatile due to the compact design
  • Two water flow options with high pressure
  • The large lever is easy to reach
  • Durable build quality with excellent finish
  • The flexible hose retracts to give the faucet a seamless look


  • The hose isn’t very long
  • Its visible toggle button doesn’t look great

Best Moen Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

When buying a Moen kitchen faucet, you need to consider several factors. So that the faucet becomes a convenient solution to your problems in the kitchen.


As the primary job of all faucets is to deliver water, you can choose any design for that purpose. But a faucet isn’t just about water flow. It must look aligned with the rest of the interior in your kitchen.

So, the design of the faucet is crucial. You can choose from various options ranging from vintage to modern kitchen faucets. Sleek faucets look good in modern kitchens, while vintage faucets will give your kitchen an old-school vibe. Choose the design carefully.

Arc Height and Spout Length

Most Moen kitchen sink faucet has a high arc design with a long spout. These faucets are suitable for larger sinks. If you regularly use large pots, cleaning them in the sink will be easy if the arc is higher. Lower arcs are suitable for smaller sinks where you don’t clean large pots.

As a Moen Adler pull-down kitchen faucet will have a flexible hose, having a long spout is beneficial here. The longer the spot, the more the hose will reach. So, you can work better with these faucets.

Single Handle / Dual Handle / Touchless

A kitchen sink is probably the most used component in the kitchen. So, it can be a hassle to push or pull the faucet handle every time you need some water. Moen Essie kitchen faucets or other models come with touchless options along with handled versions.

Single-handle faucets are the most common out there. These handles can be operated with one hand. But the adjustability of the water flow is low in these faucets.

Two handle kitchen faucets are easy to adjust. If you don’t want to operate the faucet with a handle every time, there are Moen touchless kitchen faucet options that work with sensors.

Water Flow

No matter how aesthetic the design or how convenient the features are, a faucet will be good only if the water flow is up to your expectations. Moen touch kitchen faucet models are widely known for their high-pressure water delivery.

Plus, you have options to switch between stream and spray options for maximum convenience. So, check whether your desired faucet has this feature before buying.

Build Quality

As pre rinse kitchen faucets are frequently used, they should be built of high-quality material for better durability. Stainless steel is commonly used to build Moen spray faucets, so they will be fairly durable. These faucets will also resist rust and corrosion as long as you keep them clean.


Checking your sink’s hole configuration is crucial before choosing any faucet. You will find different faucet configurations like Moen 2-hole kitchen faucet or Moen 3-hole kitchen faucet. Even a Moen 4-hole kitchen faucet is available.

If you have more holes in the sink than in the faucet, you can use deck plates to cover the holes.


Though this is a less important factor when you choose a high-end Moen faucet, you must keep an eye on the price tag to ensure you are getting the best value for the money.

Entry-level faucets come at an affordable price, but you can also spend hundreds of bucks on your favorite faucet.

Why Do People Like Moen?

Moen is a popular name in the faucet industry. Why is it so? Why do people like and rely on this brand when it comes to having kitchen faucets? We tried to find it below.

Innovative Design

Moen kitchen faucet offers a wide range of design features compared to other brands. As a result, modern homeowners trust this brand.

Feature-packed Equipment

Be it a low arc regular faucet or a high arc touchless faucet, Moen offers some of the best features in their faucets. So, many customers love to have these features in their kitchen faucets.

Excellent Performance

Moen kitchen sink faucet delivers outstanding performance in terms of durability, water flow, and many more. With simple tilting of the handle, these faucets are sure to deliver high-speed water to meet your needs.

Lifetime Warranty

Once you get your hands on a Moen kitchen faucet, you are backed by a lifetime warranty. This is a major reason people like and trust the brand. The brand has confidence in their faucets to provide a lifetime warranty, showing their excellence in making the equipment.

So, What’s the Best Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Seeing so many Moen kitchen faucets together might be confusing. Let’s help you make the decision easily. Which one should be your choice from these faucets?

Well, the Moen 5923SRS Align One-Handle Pulldown kitchen faucet in the spot-resistant stainless finish. The kitchen faucet has both regular and touchless versions, so you can choose the right one according to your preference.

Its long spout and high arc design will accommodate large pots in the sink, so working on large workstation sinks will be easier for you. The faucet has a modern design language with a sleek feel. Its hose is long and flexible to help you work everywhere in the sink.

Though this stunning faucet costs a bit more than NUVO brand kitchen faucets, it will probably be the best faucet you have ever used.