Top 10 Best Nuvo Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Nuvo kitchen faucets are widely known for their decorative style and durable feature, but which one is the best Nuvo kitchen faucet? If that’s hard to determine, you need to go through the reviews to find out the right faucet for your needs.

Nuvo faucets are designed to embellish a kitchen with a royal vibe and deliver high-pressure water flow uninterruptedly. The solid construction of these faucets with ceramic disc cartridges ensures durable performance for years.

Nuvo kitchen faucets have a greater spout height and reach than many other brands. I picked 10 popular faucets from this brand and tried to show you them inside out so that you can easily pick the best faucet in your budget.

Top Nuvo Kitchen Faucets

Top 10 Best Nuvo Kitchen Faucet Models:

Best Nuvo Kitchen Faucet

1. Nuvo ES1271ALBS Polished Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES1271ALBS Polished Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Deck mounted
  • Four-hole configuration
  • Separate side sprayer
  • Victorian-style spout
  • 6.8 LPM water flow rate

This Nuvo kitchen faucet will mesmerize you with its Victorian look and polished chrome finish. Beneath the finish, the faucet is made of solid brass to give it better durability.

It has two handles on either side, along with a separate side sprayer for rinsing. The high spout can be swiveled 360 degrees to make cleaning easier. It will deliver 6.8 liters of water per minute at 60 PSI, so removing those hard grime will be a breeze.

The Nuvo brass kitchen faucet can be installed in four-hole sink configurations.


  • Highly durable faucet with ceramic cartridge
  • Excellent water flow rate
  • Long spout with high clearance
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Quarter-turn on or off handles for convenience


  • Installation is a bit tricky
  • Cleaning the faucet is difficult

2. Nuvo ES3225AX Oil Rubbed Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES3225AX Oil Rubbed Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Made of brass and zinc
  • Two-hole installation
  • Dual handle
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Wall mounted

As this Nuvo kitchen faucet has a wall-mounted design, it will be highly suitable for granite countertop sinks. You can also use it with fireclay farmhouse sink to have a greater clearance, as the spout height is a bit lower than the previous faucet.

Two turn handles are positioned on either side of the faucet. The faucet will get activated with a quarter turn on the handle. And it can deliver 1.2 gallons of water per minute at 60 PSI.

The oil-rubbed bronze finish on the brass and zinc alloy build is corrosion-resistant, so the widespread Nuvo kitchen faucets will last for longer.


  • Quick installation in two holes
  • Curved spout for better clearance
  • Durable cartridge
  • High-pressure water flow
  • Swivel spout


  • No side sprayer
  • Lower flow rate

3. Nuvo ES2131X Polished Chrome Wall Mount Faucet

Nuvo ES2131X Polished Chrome Wall Mount Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Solid brass construction
  • High flow rate
  • Two cross handles
  • Wall mounted
  • Swivel spout

This Nuvo brass kitchen faucet is hard to resist due to its classic look with a polished finish to resist water spots and corrosion. You can expect this faucet to deliver 1.8 gallons of water per minute at 60 PSI. As the faucet is wall mounted, you get some extra space in the sink to work with large pots.

The spout can be rotated 360 degrees for better reach. Its handles turn very smoothly, and the ceramic cartridge ensures error-free performance.


  • Short spout to maintain high pressure
  • Durable brass construction for longer service life
  • A shiny finish keeps water spots and corrosion away
  • Easy installation in two-hole configurations
  • Four finishes are available


  • No aerated spray
  • No water flow toggle

4. Nuvo ES1775ALLS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES1775ALLS Heritage Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Deck mounted
  • One-hole configurations
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Two handles
  • 360-degree swivel spout

This Nuvo kitchen faucet is similar to the first 4 holes Nuvo kitchen faucet you have seen before. Though the spout has the same Victorian style as that faucet, handles are positioned differently here.

The faucet can be installed in one-hole sink configurations. Turning the handles halfway will deliver 1.2 gallons of water per minute. You can rotate the spout 360 degrees for better reach. But unfortunately, there is no side sprayer in this faucet.

Also, there is no retractable hose in this faucet. On the solid brass build, the oil-rubbed bronze finish gives this faucet the necessary shield from rust and corrosion.


  • Compact design
  • High spout clearance
  • Installation is easy
  • Highly affordable
  • Great water flow rate


  • No retractable hose
  • Cleaning the faucet is difficult

5. Nuvo ES1761ALLS Vintage 2-Handle Polished Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES1761ALLS Vintage 2-Handle Polished Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • One-hole configuration
  • Two handles
  • High arc spout
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Deck mounted

There is a great combination of classic design with a modern finish in this Nuvo brass kitchen faucet. The build quality of this faucet is on point, thanks to the solid brass construction and ceramic disc cartridge.

It will continue to deliver high-pressure water at 1.8 GPM, which is good enough for any sized kitchen. Though this has a single-hole installation, you get two handles to control the water flow.

With a long, high-arc spout, you get enough clearance in the sink to make your jobs easier. The finish on this faucet is durable and eye-catching. So, it will make your kitchen look better.


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Easy installation
  • Quarter-turn handles for durability
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Extremely affordable


  • No side sprayer
  • No deck plate

6. Nuvo ES2795ALBS Widespread Kitchen Faucet with Brass Sprayer

Nuvo ES2795ALBS Widespread Kitchen Faucet with Brass Sprayer

Highlighted Features

  • Sophisticated design
  • Brass build
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Four-hole configuration
  • Side sprayer

When it comes to widespread Nuvo kitchen faucets, this model named Governor is a tough competitor to other faucets. After installing the faucets, they look almost like chess pieces, and that’s an absolute beauty to watch.

If we bypass the look, this faucet’s main charm is its widespread spout with a great clearance. As a result, the faucet will be suitable for large sinks with single or double bowls. The side sprayer plays a vital role here.

All the components are made with solid brass to give the faucet its distinct durability. And the finish gives it stain and corrosion resistance.


  • Highly durable build
  • Extra long spout
  • Spectacular handles and side sprayer
  • High-pressure water flow
  • Ceramic cartridge


  • Fits only four-hole configurations
  • Some space is required at the back

7. Nuvo ES3225PL Hot Springs 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES3225PL Hot Springs 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Two metal lever handles
  • Solid brass constructions
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Victorian-style faucet
  • Wall mounted

Though this Nuvo kitchen faucet has a lower spout height than most other faucets, you can adjust the mounting position of the faucet. As this can be mounted on the wall, adjusting the position is quite easy.

Once installed, the faucet is guaranteed to deliver a maximum of 1.8 gallons of water per minute. It has two metal lever handles to operate the faucet. And only a quarter turn is enough to turn the faucet on or off.

The spout can be swiveled 360 degrees for your convenience. At this price range, this faucet is definitely a good choice.


  • Compact design for small kitchens
  • Durable build with solid brass
  • Stain and corrosion resistant finish
  • Easy to turn on or off
  • Great water flow rate


  • No side sprayer
  • Boring outlook

8. Nuvo EF102 Polished Chrome Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo EF102 Polished Chrome Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Made of brass and zinc alloy
  • Two-hole installation
  • Polished chrome finish
  • 1.2 GPM water flow rate
  • Wall mounted

You may find the design of this Nuvo kitchen faucet weird at first sight. It has a flat spout compared to most other faucets we have seen so far. But it can be suitable for your kitchen if you are tight on the budget.

As the faucet is wall mounted, the spout height won’t affect your activity so much. It has two key-type lever handles made of the same material as the faucet. Inside the faucet, you get a fairly durable compression cartridge.

And the faucet delivers 1.2 gallons of water per minute.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Decent build quality
  • Takes less space
  • Stain-resistant finish
  • Easy installation


  • Handles are very short
  • Only one finish is available

9. Nuvo EF100 Polished Chrome Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo EF100 Polished Chrome Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Made of solid brass
  • Ceramic cartridge
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • One-hole configuration
  • Side sprayer

If you love simple faucets with high spout clearance, this Nuvo kitchen faucet is for you. It features a long spout with a 10-inch clearance so that you can easily work in the sink.

The high-end Nuvo faucet is made of solid brass with a satin nickel finish on top. As a result, it will catch fewer water stains. The longevity of the faucet also increases due to the finish.

It comes with a side sprayer that is also made of brass. Inside the faucet is a ceramic cartridge that ensures the faucet performs flawlessly.


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Quarter-turn handles for easy operation
  • Separate side sprayer for rinsing
  • Spot and corrosion-resistant finish
  • High water flow rate


  • The sprayer handle isn’t durable
  • It could be cheaper

10. Nuvo ES1768ALBS Vintage Kitchen Faucet

Nuvo ES1768ALBS Vintage Kitchen Faucet

Highlighted Features

  • Extra long spout reach
  • Made of brass and zinc alloy
  • Two metal handles
  • Low spout clearance
  • Compression cartridge

Remember the EF102 faucet? This is the elder brother of that Nuvo kitchen faucet with an extreme spout reach of more than 13 inches. As a result, this will be a good fit for extra large sinks where you need the spout to reach the center of the sink.

This Nuvo brass kitchen faucet has a polished chrome finish to protect the brass and zinc alloy build. The compression cartridge performs great in delivering high-pressure water flow.

Metal lever handles are also very durable, and the faucet will retain its finish even after long use.


  • Extra long spout for large sinks
  • Durable construction for longer use
  • Centerset adjustment available
  • Rust and corrosion resistant finish
  • Wall mounted for more countertop space


  • No side sprayer
  • Low spout clearance

Nuvo Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

As there are a lot of widespread Nuvo kitchen faucets, you might need to invest a lot of time in choosing the right Nuvo kitchen faucet. But I have made the process faster by considering some of the most critical factors.

Material and Build Quality

Most Nuvo kitchen faucets are made of solid brass or brass and zinc alloy. You may also find Nuvo stainless steel kitchen faucet.

Brass faucets are far more durable than their stainless steel counterparts. You should also keep an eye on the finish. The finish should be stain and rust-resistant so that the faucet can perform for longer.

Water Flow Rate

This is usually expressed in GPM or LPM. The higher the number, the more water the faucet will deliver at a certain pressure. Faucets with a high water flow rate are preferable. They ensure you can do all the cleaning in the kitchen without any hassle.

Check the water flow rate before you choose any faucet.

Spout Height and Reach

If the spout height of your kitchen sink faucet isn’t enough, you might face trouble working with big pots. So, the spout should have at least an 8-inch clearance. Also, the reach of the spout should be moderate so that it reaches the center of your sink.

Otherwise, water splashes can be a big problem in the kitchen.

Number of Handles

When you buy Nuvo one-handle kitchen faucet, you can’t mix hot and cold water in the sink. But with two-handle kitchen faucets, you can easily mix water to ensure the optimum temperature for all seasons.

All faucets we discussed in this review have two handles. As a result, reaching the handles from either side is easy.

Faucet Size

Many people overlook this feature. But taking the faucet of the right size is crucial. Before choosing the faucet, you should measure the size of your sink, the distance from the center of the sink to the back wall, etc.

This will ensure you get the right faucet for your sink. Otherwise, installing the faucet might be a hassle.

Ease of Installation

Most faucets come in a two-hole configuration. These faucets are easy to install. But if you take a 4-hole Nuvo kitchen faucet, it will take longer and more effort to install the faucet.


You should consider the price of the faucet as well. Instead of spending too much on a fancy design, getting a solid build quality with a protective finish and uninterrupted performance is more important.


1. Does the Brand of Faucet Matter?

Though no brand can ensure the everlasting performance of a faucet, renowned brands deliver great build quality. You might need to repair the faucet in the future, where good brands come in handy.

Even though the brand of faucet doesn’t matter, picking a good brand is always a wise decision.

2. Are Expensive Faucets Worth It?

A faucet can be expensive for its design, material, or features. If we exclude design, the material of the faucet is significant. Faucets with durable material will perform much better than cheap faucets.

So, the money you invest in expensive faucets is worth it.

3. How Much Should a Good Quality Kitchen Faucet Cost?

The price range of a good kitchen faucet can vary way too much. You might get decent faucets for under $200. But if you look for long-lasting faucets with great design, they can cost somewhere between $500 and $1000.

4. How Long Should a Kitchen Faucet Last?

A good kitchen faucet typically lasts about 10-20 years. It mostly depends on the build quality of the faucet, maintenance and quantity of use, type of water in your area, etc. No matter how much you use the faucet, it should last at least ten years.

5. How Much Should a Plumber Charge to Replace a Kitchen Faucet?

It depends on the hole configuration of your kitchen faucet. If it is a one-hole or two-hole faucet, a plumber can charge $150-$250 to replace it. But if the faucet has a four-hole configuration, the charge will be a lot higher.

6. Are Touchless Kitchen Faucets a Good Idea?

Of course. Touchless kitchen faucets may be a bit expensive, but they are more hygienic than traditional faucets. As you don’t need to touch them with dirty hands, these faucets retain their finish for longer. These faucets also save a lot of water.

7. Which is Better, One or Two Handle Faucets?

Unless it is a touch control faucet with temperature control, two-handle faucets are way better. You can adjust the water temperature easily on these faucets. But you can’t do this in Nuvo one-handle kitchen faucet.

Final Thoughts

I helped you narrow your choice list down. But what’s next? Which is the highest rated Nuvo kitchen faucet of these all? And why is that the best faucet from the NUVO brand?

Considering features, build quality, performance, and price, Nuvo ES1271ALBS New Orleans is the best Nuvo kitchen faucet. It has a timeless design that will enchant almost everyone and fit any interior.

Its solid brass build is highly durable with a polished chrome finish for spot and corrosion resistance. As a result, you can use this faucet for years to come. It comes in a four-hole configuration where you get a separate side sprayer. Plus, the spout can be swiveled all the way round.

The ceramic disc cartridge of the faucet ensures high-pressure water flow for your convenience. This deck-mounted faucet is a great buy in this price range.

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