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Best 24-Inch Modern Bathroom Vanity (TOP Rated Sinks)

best 24 inch bathroom vanity

Modern bathroom vanities are exclusively designed for smaller rooms with less space. What are the best 24-inch modern bathroom vanity sinks?

Such vanities can easily fit into any corner of the bathroom leaving enough space for you to freely move through.

You can also use some of these 24-inch bathroom vanities in larger rooms with much more space.

For smaller bathrooms, a vanity is always preferred as it can offer additional storage space to keep towels or other bathroom accessories.

So, what’s the best 24-inch modern bathroom vanity?

High-End 24-inch Bathroom Vanities

Top 10 Modern 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity

best 24 inch bathroom vanity

1. LUCA LC24SWP Juliet 24 Inch Modern Luxury Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • Pure white color sink
  • Solid hardware vanity frame and an integrated porcelain countertop
  • Two soft doors with covered hinges
  • Multi-layer semi-glossy paint finish
  • Prefabricated one faucet and one drain hole
  • Easy freestanding installation

LUCA LC24SWP Juliet 24″ bathroom vanity set is known for its high-quality premium performance and durability.

This 24-inch modern farmhouse-style bathroom vanity with sink can create a natural yet sophisticated aura in your interior. Plus, the easy installation and maintenance features make it quite straightforward to handle.

With an elegant Midnight Blue finish, the vanity can contrast with any type of bathroom interior. The 24″ bathroom vanity is constructed using the finest quality hardwood to keep it in your kitchen and bath for eternity.

While, the high-quality countertop creates a perfect blend of functionality, charm, and durability. The vanity and countertop combo is designed so, to lower your installation and maintenance efforts.

Plus, the integrated porcelain sink with overflow makes it a more exceptional product. The vanity has a pre-fabricated faucet and drains holes, so you won’t have to struggle with measuring and cutting them. But the vanity set doesn’t include any faucets or pop-up drains.

LUCA kitchen and bath vanity comes with a multi-layer semi-gloss paint finish. The layers of paint over the solid hardwood vanity frame act as a barrier against damage.

It also increases the life span and durability of the vanity, so that it can withstand the test of time. This bathroom vanity is an incredible option for people with cramped space, as it can easily fit into smaller kitchen and bath spaces as well.

It may require a little bit of assembling after being shipped, before the installation process.

This freestanding bathroom vanity also falls under the warranty policy of 8 years against any manufacturing imperfections.

2. Fresca Manchester 24-Inch Black Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • The solid wood main vanity frame
  • Integrated ceramic sink
  • Soft closing hinges
  • Two soft-closing doors
  • Brushed nickel door handles
  • Elegant pure black color

Fresca deals with a range of the most elegant and traditional bathroom vanity. Manchester 24 inch bathroom vanity is also built using the finest quality material for long-lasting performance.

The sink is designed to be compatible with any type of bathroom interior. They not only enhance the charm and elegance of your bathroom but also tend to stay in it for a long time.

Fresca Manchester 24-inch bathroom vanity is constructed with an eye-catching pure black color that’s quite noticeable and elegant. Plus, the vanity also has a fresh, painted finish not only provides an extra barrier of protection but also a shiny finish to enhance its charm.

The reliability and sturdiness of the vanity come from the solid wood frame that is strong enough to hold an integrated white ceramic sink with a rounded basin.

You can get 24-inch luxury bath vanity with an integrated overflow and single hole cut for the faucet mount, making it easier to install as you won’t have to cut it yourself.

The faucet isn’t included in the set you can easily find a faucet compatible with this freestanding bathroom vanity.

The vanity cabinet contains solid wooden doors with soft close hinges and brushed nickel handles. The soft close hinges are used for Fresca Manchester bathroom vanity as they are quite effortless to operate and close silently without any issue.

It also has an open bottom shelf to increase storage, an ideal space for keeping towels or additional bathroom accessories.

3. Clara 24-Inch Luxury Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • Premium solid construction using high-end material
  • Non-porous porcelain sink and countertop
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Faucet and mirror not included in the vanity set
  • Pre-fabricated faucet holes
  • Soft-close, dove-tail manufactured drawers

You can elevate the style and elegance of your bathroom interior with Clara’s 24 inch bathroom vanity with a porcelain sink.

The minimalist design of the vanity makes it an ideal option for cramped spaces or smaller bathrooms.

A solid construction process while consuming premium quality material makes this vanity exceptionally strong and durable.

The countertop is built with non-porous materials which can withstand damages and is easy to clean and maintain.

This sturdy and reliable vanity with a marble top allows it to stay in your bathroom for a longer duration. Plus, with the enhanced strength the vanity can easily hold an integrated European-style sink.

Moreover, this 24-inch deep bathroom vanity with drawers creates additional space for keeping towels and bathroom accessories.

The vanity with a marble top comes with a paint finish to further increase the durability and lifespan. It also makes the sink easy to clean and maintain. The vanity cabinet has dove-tail constructed drawers with soft-closing hinges that allow the drawer to close with ease.

Plus, the brushed nickel-finished handles are also durable and boost the beauty of your vanity. The best feature of a Clara single bathroom vanity with sink and drawers is that it includes a tip-out tray to offer additional storage.

The backside of the sink is designed to be completely open, it allows convenient installation, plumbing operations, cleaning, and maintenance.

With metal-capped feet, the vanity can easily be adjusted, even on rough and uneven surfaces.

4. Ethan 24-Inch Classic Farmhouse Style Single Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • Solid construction with premium material
  • Pre-fabricated single faucet hole
  • Modern farmhouse style appearance
  • Well-organized profile with sufficient storage
  • Excellently integrated porcelain sink and countertop
  • After delivery assembly is required

Ethan’s farmhouse single bathroom vanity is quite eminent for its durability and incredible performance.

The vanity is designed with the most exceptional quality material including high-end solid wood for enhanced functionality and longevity. Plus, the solid construction technique also boosts the overall durability of the vanity allowing it to stay in your kitchen for a lifetime.

Ethan’s 24-inch deep bathroom vanity adds a modern contemporary grace to your interior. The style and color of the vanity are exclusively intended to contrast with any of your bathroom space.

And above all, the vanity has a wood grain finish for enhanced durability and protection against wear and tear. It also creates a wood grain pattern for creating a trendy yet modern aura in your interior.

This vanity with a marble top is designed by keeping your convenience and comfort in mind. With easy installation settings and maintenance operations, the handling becomes quite straightforward.

The open back of the vanity makes it easier to execute installation and plumbing operations.

Apart from the solid wood bathroom vanity, the set includes an elegant European-styled integrated high-quality porcelain sink with a marble top. The porcelain surface makes it exceptionally easier to clean and maintain.

The vanity cabinet contains two wooden doors and provides additional space to store towels or bathroom accessories. Exterior black hinges are responsible for soft usage and silent closing on each use.

While the rustic black handles on top of the wooden cabinet are reliable and highly functional.

5. WONLINE 24″ White Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • Made with premium quality engineered wood
  • Two wooden drawers for additional space to store toiletries
  • The aluminum cabinet handle is easy to operate
  • Ceramic vessel sink and modern style mirror included inset
  • Assembly required for this product
  • Wall-mount installation setting

WONLINE is known for creating the most excellent quality exceptional 24-in bathroom vanities. The White Wall Mounted bathroom vanity with sink is also created using the most distinct quality material, while deploying excellent manufacturing techniques for an incredibly durable, long-lasting, and highly functional final product.

The WONLINE 24-inch bathroom vanities are built with enough storage space to hold your bathroom-related items. Plus, the vanities are available in a wide range of sizes. You can choose the one with the highest compatibility with your requirements.

The WONLINE 24″ wall-mounted bathroom vanity is manufactured using high-end engineered wood for enhanced durability and performance.

This luxury bathroom vanity offers a contemporary yet elegant appearance to your interior. While the white MDF wood used is designed to endure moisture and humidity damages.

The 24-inch white vanity set also includes a ceramic vessel sink with Undermount installation settings and a modern-style mirror. The ceramic surface is quite easier to clean and maintain, use a clean rag to wipe off all the dust.

Bathroom vanity with drawers provides extra space for storage for towels or any bathroom accessories, toiletries, and equipment for cleaning and washing.

Plus, the convenient installation technique makes this 24-inch deep bathroom vanity with vessel sink an ideal option for your interior. The wall mount installation method allows you to simply support the product on your bathroom wall.

It also requires some assembling when delivered, but the assembly process is incredibly easy and convenient.

6. LUCKWIND 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink Combo

Key Features:

  • Sleek and elegant modern contemporary design
  • Multiple storage compartments and large drawers for additional space
  • Large wall mount mirror is included moisture
  • Moisture resistant and odor-free MDF wood material
  • Additional wood grid finish
  • Adorned with Brush Nickel Hardware

LUCKWING 24-inch bathroom vanity with vessel sink combo is constructed with a sleek and elegant contemporary design compatible with various types of bathroom interiors.

The premium bathroom vanity is manufactured by using the finest quality material to enhance performance and reliability. Moreover, the wooden espresso as a base color creates a contemporary aura in your bathroom.

Solid MDF wood used for its construction provides incredible strength to hold heavyweight appliances and hardware. The thick boards of MDF wood create resistance against moisture and humidity, it can also make the wood rust and odor-free.

With an additional coating of a wood garnish finish, this 24X18 vanity can last an eternity in your interior.

The 24″ vanity also meets the environmental protection standards to ensure the safety of your environment. The bathroom vanity with drawer is easily soft-closing and silently operated.

They can make more space to accommodate your toiletries and other bathroom accessories.

LUCKWING bathroom vanity set also includes large tempered glass vessel sink and brass faucet drain hardware. The tempered glass bathroom vessel sink is made of the finest quality eco-friendly material for increased strength and durability.

You can easily clean and maintain the sinks without any hassle. With wall mount installation settings, you can easily install a 24×18 vanity with a sink.

7. WONLINE Wooden 24-Inch Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Key Features:

  • White finish
  • MDF wood used for solid construction
  • Two soft-closing doors and two drawers for additional space
  • Post-deliver assembly required
  • Tempered glass vessel sink
  • The set includes a mirror, faucet, pop-up drain, P-trap, and essential installation tools

WONLINE 24-inch wooden bathroom vanity is mostly preferred by people all around the world due to its long-lasting performance.

The cabinet is manufactured using the most exceptional quality material to create a sturdy final product with a tendency to endure damage without losing its genuine luster.

The highest-quality MDF wood used for this vanity keeps the vanity in your bathroom for a longer time as compared to others. It can also help prevent any kind of moisture or humidity damage that can be terrible for any other low-quality wood or other raw material.

This 24″ oak bathroom vanity also comes with a premium stainless steel rail of a very famous international rail brand. WONLINE 24” bathroom vanity cabinet creates a contemporary yet elegant touch to your interior.

In a complete WONLINE wood bathroom vanity set you can get a glass vessel sink, modern style mirror, faucet, pop-up drain, P-trap, and some essential installation tools. The glass sink adds to the contemporary effect of the bathroom vanity. Plus, the tempered glass surface is quite easy to clean and maintain.

With two soft-closing doors and two drawers, the cabinet offers a large storage capacity. You can store all of your bathroom accessories easily keeping your room clean and organized. The product needs assembling after the delivery, but with an installation guide and essential tools, it’s rather easy to execute.

8. Eclife 24 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • MDF Eco-friendly material
  • Thick and smooth surface board for damage-resistance
  • More convenient and flexible drawers with zinc alloy handle
  • Need to be self-assembled
  • White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink and Faucet
  • Scratch and Stain-Resistant sink surface

Eclife 24″ bathroom vanity is prominent for its finest quality eco-friendly material. Environment-protecting raw material used for the construction operation of this luxury 24-inch bathroom vanity results in a highly durable and functional product.

The eclife 24-inch bathroom vanity with sink is manufactured with MDF eco-friendly material. The thick and smooth boards allow resistance against damage, wear and tear. Such boards are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

The 24-inch white vanity cabinet has a rather smaller body but offers maximum storage. Convenient and flexible drawers create enough space to hold your bathroom-related items and towels.

The oak bathroom vanity with drawers is built with a stainless steel slide and zinc alloy handle for durable and long-lasting performance.

The bathroom vanity is strong enough to hold a white ceramic square-shaped vessel sink. The high-end ceramics make the sink surface scratch and stain-resistant so that it can stay in your bathroom for a longer duration. Plus, the surface is quite straightforward to clean and maintain, you won’t require any special tools or skills.

The product is delivered unassembled, but for your convenience, an instruction guide regarding the proper method for assembly and installation of the vanity is also included. This vanity set also features a brass pop-up drain and faucet of the most premium quality.

9. Eclife 24″ Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo

Key Features:

  • MDF eco-friendly durable material for long using time
  • Requires self-assembling
  • Scratch, stain, and damage-resistant tempered glass vessel sink
  • Two drawers with zinc alloy handles
  • Wooden countertop and storage that coated in glossy black finish
  • Faucet and pop-up drain included

Eclife bathroom vanity sink combo is exclusively constructed from eco-friendly material to maintain the quality of life and protect the environment. They also use zero waste-producing manufacturing operations, to offer durable and sturdy functionality.

This eclife 24″ bathroom vanity has a modern contemporary, and stylish design to boost the elegance and grace of any bathroom interior.

This vanity can also beautifully fit in any smaller cramped bathroom décor. Made from eco-friendly MDF material, the eclife bathroom vanity is reliable and can hold heavy-weight sink and bathroom accessories.

Thick and smooth surface wood boards are easy to clean and prevent moisture, corrosion, and humidity damages. The countertop is also made of the most exquisite solid wood with a coated paint finish to further enhance the durability of the vanity. The vanity cabinet has easy-closing doors with silent operation, and zinc alloy handles.

The solid wood bathroom vanity set includes a tempered glass vessel sink, a modern style mirror, faucet, pop-up drain, installation instructions, and essential equipment required for better installation.

Modern and stylish design is planned contrast with any type of bathroom décor. With scratch-resistant curving edges, the sink features resistance against scratches and stains.

The eclife 24″ bathroom vanity with sink and drawers requires self-assembly but for your convenience, there is a comprehensive guide and tools included in the set.

10. Eclife 24-Inch High-End Bathroom Vanity

Key Features:

  • Durable and sturdy hardwood and plywood material
  • Requires complete assembly
  • Contemporary and elegant design
  • Scratch and stain-resistant white sink surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Two drawers with zinc alloy handles

ECLIFE bathroom vanity with sink combo is designed to bring you convenience and comfort. Premium manufacturing techniques and use high-end materials to offer you superior performance.

By using the finest material, they create resistance against moisture or many other such damages. With such features, the vanity can last in your bathroom for eternity.

The eclife 24” bathroom vanity sink combo is an ideal option for smaller spaces. Its modern and elegant design can easily beautify any small cramped bathroom space.

Premium quality hardwood plywood materials are used for constructing sturdy and reliable high-end bathroom vanities.

The thick and smooth boards used, make it easier to clean and maintain and also increase its overall durability and lifespan. Superior hardwood plywood materials can create resistance against humidity and corrosion and offer environmental protection.

A scratch-resistant and modern style Ceramic sink with countertop installation settings is also included in the vanity set. The sink is designed to contrast with any kind of bathroom interior.

Bathroom vanity with vessel sink, you get all required mounting tools, waterlines solid umbrella style pop-up drain, and mounting rings are also included for better installation.

The vanity cabinet has two drawers that are quite flexible and easy to use. They also create additional space to store your toiletries. Zinc alloy handles are durable and offer long-lasting performance.

24-Inch Bathroom Vanity Buying Guide

A modern bathroom vanity can enhance the elegance and charm of any interior.

The luxury 24-inch vanity offers exceptional performance. Before purchasing a vanity you must think of some essential attributes for making a better choice.


One of the most essential factors to consider is the durability and strength of bathroom vanity. A stronger vanity can withstand wear and tear, plus much other moisture and humidity damages.

Sink Style

Vanities have distinctive compatibility with sinks of different types and materials. On the basis, if sink variety the 24-in bathroom vanities can be sorted as:

1. Single Sink

A vanity is designed for cramped spaces as it can perfectly fit a smaller area. A smaller vanity with a single sink is easy to accommodate, even in a congested area.

2. Double Sink

Some 24-in bathroom vanities have dual sinks adjusted on their countertop. Such vanities can be used in larger rooms and for a large number of people.

3. Vessel Sink

Vanities with higher compatibility with vessel sinks have an elegant appearance and can also boost the beauty of their surroundings.

4. Corner Sink

Some smaller bathrooms don’t have enough space to be placed openly, so the vanity and sink can be mounted in any corner of the room. Such sinks allow you to save additional space.

Color and Finish

24-inch luxury bathroom vanities most commonly use glass, metal, or wood as a major raw material. Plus, they are available in a variety of different colors. You can select a contrasting or identical color to your bathroom décor.

You can also customize a vanity for your bathroom by painting it with any desired color. The paint finish allows better protection against damages. It acts as a barrier against excess moisture and humidity.


It is important to consider the size of a bathroom vanity before purchasing one. Accommodating a bigger vanity in a small bathroom will take more space in the room making it look cramped. At the same time, it’s also not wise to install a smaller vanity in a larger space.

A 24-inch deep bathroom vanity is an ideal option for smaller bathroom areas. You should contrast the vanity size with the dimensions of your bathroom. Take time and select the accurate size for your interior.


The design of the bathroom vanity is another important aspect to think of before investing any money. You should opt for a vanity design that can contrast with your interior and requirements. It should also offer an elegant grace to your décor.

24inch luxury bathroom vanities are available in a range of designs i.e. wall-mount, free-standing, and corner vanities.

1. Wall-mounted Vanities

Such bathroom vanities 24-inch wide are designed to be mounted on a wall. For this vanity design, you must have a strong and reliable bathroom interior, as much power is required to hold these vanities in place.

2. Free-standing Vanities

These types of vanities are placed on the ground as independent structures. They are capable of transforming your interior by enhancing its elegance.

3. Corner Vanities

For smaller bathroom areas these vanities can be an excellent option. They can easily be mounted in a corner without taking much space.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

A high-end bathroom vanity can transform your bathroom interior. Installation operation is not some rocket science anyone can do it without acquiring any skills. But knowing the proper method is also essential for proper installation

Here is a comprehensive guide for a proper way to install high-end bathroom vanities:

Step 1: Turn off Water Supply Valves

  • Start by cutting off the water supply to the pipes.
  • Turn off the valves to disconnect the water movement.
  • For precaution have a bucket to gather excess water.

Step 2: Disconnect your Existing Sink

  • Now starts removing your existing sink, you can skip the step if you are installing a bathroom vanity for the first time.
  • Use pliers to remove to disconnect the sink
  • Separate the vanity top from the base using a utility knife by removing any glue or caulk.
  • Unscrew the base and carefully remove it as well
  • Repair any wall damages

Step 3: Mark the Wall

Use a measuring tape to take accurate measurements of your new vanity. Mark the area on the wall you want to fix the vanity.

Step 4: Create the Vanity Back

Most popular 24-inch bathroom vanities have an opening in the back to create space for plumbing lines. If you don’t have any you have to cut it yourself. Use a saw to cut the holes after carefully measuring and marking the area.

Step 5: Position and Level the Vanity

Use the markings on the wall to fit the vanity in position. Make sure that the vanity top is even at all corners.

Step 6: Secure the Vanity Base

  • Drill the vanity back into some studs. Use anchor if stud doesn’t work properly.
  • Place the sink on the vanity and connect the plumbing.

How to Decorate a Bathroom Vanity

If you have an empty or bland bathroom vanity countertop, you can decorate it by adding or arranging some aesthetic objects to make it more lively or homey.

Decorative Tray

You can keep some beautiful trays on your bathroom vanity countertop. The decorative trays not only enhance the beauty and charm of your interior but can also be used as a source of additional storage space for smaller rooms

There are several different types of trays on the market. Some most frequently used ones are:

  • Wooden tray
  • Glass or mirrored tray


The dispenser can also serve as a decorative substance for many bathroom vanity counters.

Countertop Lighting

You can also place various types of illuminating objects including lamps and candles. The lighting object can not only provide additional light for work but can also offer an elegant appearance and aura to the interior and the bathroom vanity.

Greenery or Floral Arrangements

You can also create a natural effect for the countertop of the bathroom vanity. Using flowers and fake or real plants you can take the bathroom décor to the next level. You can attain a natural texture and color to fill the empty countertop and create a cozy and fresh aura.

Ceramics or Other Glassware

You can also use ceramic pieces of distinctive shapes, sizes, figures, and colors. You can get any contrasting object in contrast with your interior.

How to Secure Bathroom Sink to 24-Inches Vanity

To securely attach a bathroom sink to a 24-inch vanity you would require a strong glue to tightly hold the sink to the countertop for a long time:

  • First dry check the bathroom sink on the vanity countertop.
  • Use a heavy-duty glue or caulk, and apply it all over the counter to firmly attach the sink on top.
  • You can use different adhesives in contrast with a particular bathroom sink installation setting.
  • Silicone caulk is used on the countertop to prevent water penetration.

Advanced adhesives are available on the market that can be used for different sink materials, i.e. silicon-based glue is used for the attachment of graphite sinks.

As under-mount bathroom sinks have to be placed inside the countertop, they require distinctive adhesive. These adhesives are quite powerful. They allow the countertop to withstand or hold the weight of a heavy Undermount sink.

No other common glue can be used in an Undermount sink attachment to the bathroom vanity.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers in regard.

1. Are 24 inch Vanities Still in Style?

Vanities are known to offer an exceptionally incredible elegant and chic appearance to any bathroom interior.

The 24″ bathroom vanity style includes clean lines and simple surfaces, making them easy to clean and keep looking crisp.

The benefits of using a bathroom vanity are incredible. The use of vanities in the kitchen and bathroom interior is quite obvious to several people.

2. Is it Expensive to Replace a Bathroom Vanity?

The total cost for changing an existing bathroom vanity and installing a new improved one depends upon the vanity material quality and the features it can provide.

According to most recent surveys, the overall costs for installing a new bathroom vanity are almost $300 to $3,800, or about $1,500 on average. 

3. What Kind of Paint to use on a Bathroom Vanity?

You don’t always have to replace a bathroom vanity for creating a new fresh look for your bathroom. You can quickly upgrade your bathroom interior by painting the cabinets.

Selecting proper paint is very important. The most widespread paint options for bathroom vanity cabinets are acrylic semi-glossy enamel paint and alkyd paint.

4. What is the Lighting for a Bathroom Vanity?

You need just the right amount of light in a bathroom. Too much or too little amount of bathroom vanity lighting would be an issue.

Choosing the right lighting options can be overwhelming. Ideal lighting for bathroom vanity is most probably near the mirror so it can help in various tasks.

5. What is the Standard Height of a Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanities heights possess a wide range of arrangements i.e. standard height, comfort height, and vessel sink height.

A standard height for a bathroom vanity, that is applicable since a longtime is approximately 30 to 32 inches. You can also easily customize your vanity size according to your preferences.

Key Takeaway

24-inch bathroom vanities offer an elegant yet contemporary appearance to your bathrooms.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the top 10 best 24-inch luxury bathroom vanities, the aspects to think of before buying, installation, and decoration guide.

Out of the 10 distinctive vanities, in my opinion, LUCA Kitchen and Bath LC24SWP Juliet 24″ vanity is the most luxurious bathroom sink vanity.

It is capable of offering long-lasting performance and is created using superior quality material and techniques.

The best thing about this 24-inch modern bathroom vanity is it is much compatible with the bathroom décor. It can easily fit in both bathroom and kitchen spaces.