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What is the Best Belfast Sink? (Top BUTLER Sinks)

best belfast sink

The Belfast sink is also referred to as the Butler sink and we have our guide to the best Belfast sinks out there.

Butler sinks were named as such because they were used by butlers to prepare their goods and wash up in their pantries.

The name is also a result of being made for people staying in Belfast. They differed from the butler sink because they had an overflow compared to the Belfast sink which doesn’t. And the overflow was present because they had an excess of water to go around the city.

These traditional masterpieces are primarily used in the bathroom and kitchen because of their size.

However, they are good options in the garden, laundry, kitchen, etc.

Best Belfast Sinks

best belfast sink

1. Reginox Large Single Bowl Belfast Kitchen Sink

Key features:

  • Ceramic bowl material
  • White color
  • Dimension of 595mm x 455mm x 250mm
  • Internal bowl depth of 220m
  • No tap holes

Reginox single bowl Belfast sink is a deep and unique sink design. This ceramic kitchen sink will be your best bet if you use your kitchen daily. If you love retro products, this is a way to bring a timeless retro design with a modern blend of class into your home.

The sizeable bowl isn’t just suitable for your kitchen. You can also use it in your laundry, garden, toilet, or bathroom. In addition, it can contain large pots, pans, and dishes in your kitchen without making your space disarranged.

In your laundry, you can use it to temporality store your laundry because it is sizeable. The Belfast sink is made from traditional ceramic material. This ceramic material is very hard-wearing, smooth, and glazed. This property makes it suitable as a kitchen sink.

Reginox Belfast’s sink bowl is resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining. This implies that a hot pan or pot can comfortably sit on it without damaging the sink. If you love a strong and fashionable aesthetic for your kitchen space, you will love the Reginox Belfast sink. The sink is reliable and durable and allows you to wash large items easily.

The overflow feature of this product helps you to prevent the overflowing of water during usage. This allows easy draining of water with no case of flooding. With the ten-year guarantee with this product, you can enjoy hassle-free usage. Also, you can pick from other varieties if you aren’t satisfied with the product.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Free ten-year guarantee
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Multipurpose


  • Has only a single bowl
  • Requires extra care and wash to keep its color

2. RAK GOSINK10 Double Bowl Belfast Sink

Key features:

  • Double bowl sink
  • Ceramic bowl material
  • Underamount installation method
  • Dimension of 22 cm H x 80 cm W x 50 cm
  • Gloss finish

This amazing Belfast sink from the RAK ceramics brand is made from fireclay. RAK Ceramics has a glossy finish type with a rectangular shape. It is a large-sized sink with a contemporary sink style that possesses a lift and turn drain type.

The sink does not have an overflow and does not come with drains. You will need to purchase a waste kit separately. The nature of the sink does not favor the use of the sink with laminate worktops. The water trapped between the sink and the worktop resulting from splashing can lead to the bubbling and peeling of the laminate decor.

This RAK gourmet double Belfast sink is a good inset sink. It is part of the RAK ceramics specialist fireclay sink collection. No matter the type of kitchen your home residence has installed, this sink will always be ideal.

 It was manufactured to be suitable for any kitchen type. The double bowl feature of RAK ceramic bowl GOSINK 10 makes it unique. While a single sink can be used for only a purpose simultaneously, you can use the two bowls for two different purposes simultaneously.

 If you are searching for a double Belfast sink designed with a contemporary and classy design, this is a perfect option for you. Most other double Belfast sinks are designed traditionally, and aesthetics reflect the butler’s type of sink fully.

This white ceramics sink uses an underground installation

method in case you are wondering how it will be installed. If you wouldn’t mind having a double sink design in your laundry with no overflow, this sink type will go a long way for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Good for over and under mounting
  • A double bowl makes your kitchen duties faster


  • It does not have an overflow
  • Separate purchase of waste kit

3. RAK White Gourmet Ceramic Belfast Kitchen Sink

Key features:

  • A product from the RAK brand
  • Color: white
  • Ceramics materials
  • Gloss finish
  • Undermount installation method

If you love reversible sink designs, this product is meant for you. RAK Ceramics reversible sink comes with an overflow. Its white ceramic bowl is crafted in a contemporary style and has a large size.

This traditional style of sink gives your home a retro but beautiful feel. This Ceramic sink has a Length (Left to Right) of 605mm, a Width (Front to Back) of 465m, and a Depth (Top to Bottom) of 250mm. This differs from the dimension of the minimum cabinet and main bowl size.

The Minimum Cabinet Size has a size of 600mm, while the Main Bowl Size has a length, breadth, and height of 535mm,  395mm, and 240mm, respectively. One unique feature of this sink is its fully reversible sink orientation.

RAK Ceramics reversible sink has no chain, so it has a plug waste type. The bowl configuration of this product is one, and this makes it suitable for use with a plumbing kit that works for one bowl design.

RAK Ceramics reversible sink does not come with a waste kit, cut-out template, kitchen tap or sink clips, or fitting. It also doesn’t come with a plumbing kit or a cut-out template.

If you need a cut-out template, you can use the sink as a template. RAK Ceramics reversible sink has a rectangular shape and a basket strainer waste drain type. This 25g weight sink does not come with or need batteries to work. They are suitable for use in your kitchen, bathroom, garden, garage, or any other place in your home that has a tap.


  • Reversible configuration
  • It comes with an overflow
  • Multipurpose fits in well in the garage and garden perfectly.
  • Easy to install
  • Ten years guarantee


  • Heavyweight
  • It does not come with a waste kit

4. Old London Traditional Belfast Style Farmhouse Single Bowl Fireclay Butler Sink

Key features:

  • Dimensions of 595mm x 450mm x 220mm
  • A product from the Old London brand
  • White color
  • Ceramic material
  • Rectangular

If you want to have a vibe of the ancient butler style, this is a sink you would love. The sink from old London is a way to create in your home a timeless centerpiece for your kitchen or other areas in your home where a sink is needed.

It is a single bowl sink, and it is large enough to accommodate all kitchen activities for a very large family. It is an iconic, timeless, eye-catching sink manufactured through an authentic old process.

This process makes it very durable and reliable to fit into a modern kitchen perfectly. Old London BTL007 sink would fit in well in a modern and traditional setting, hence making a versatile piece for any location in your home.

This product is hard-wearing and has a porous glaze. This makes it possess a high quality and high durability feature. Also, this hard-wearing characteristic makes it very easy to maintain and clean.

The manufacturers of this product have recommended that you allow a tolerance of +/- 5mm because of the traditional production method of this sink. To get a better final design, the manufacturers have advised that you combine the sink with a crisp white finish.

Old London BTL007 sink doesn’t come with a strainer waste or a tap. You have to make an extra purchase of these materials separately. On purchasing this sink, you get a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee in the UK. The finished look is painted, and this product doesn’t come with or require a battery.


  • Versatile
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • The package does not come with a tap
  • Extra purchase of strainer waste

5. Balterley UK Traditional Belfast Style Farmhouse Sink

Key features:

  • A product from the Balterley brand
  • Color: White
  • Material: Fireclay
  • Rectangular shape
  • Weight of 39.2 Kilogram

One great place this traditional single bowl Belfast sink will work well is inside a laundry. This feature is enhanced by the deep depth it possesses. This product from Balterley had a contemporary style shape.

This rectangular single bowl sink is not only excellent and very well made but also of high quality and sturdy. Be careful during fixing into your preferred place in your home because they are very heavy. The product dimension of this product is 45.7 x 61 x 25.4 mm. It weighs 39.2 Kilograms and has a base width of 610 Millimetres.

Balterley FCS222 Belfast sink is a single bowl type of sink. This stunning fireclay sink helps you achieve a unique focal point in your kitchen or wherever location you decide to put the sink. The stylish and beautiful aesthetics make it an essential addition to your kitchen’s everyday life.

Two great features of this product are its versatility and multipurpose ability. You can use them in your garage, kitchen, bathroom, farmhouse, garden, etc. Their versatile nature makes it possible for you to use them in any setting arrangement of your home.

No matter the setting you are adopting for whichever location you plan to put your Balterley FCS222 Belfast sink, it always looks great. Their stylish feature brightens up your home. If you are a lover of class and top-notch quality products, this will also be a great addition to your home.

The traditional, rigid and sturdy nature of the Balterley FCS222 Belfast sink makes it a product you will love and appreciate after usage.


  • Hard-wearing
  • Versatile
  • Stylish and classy
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Heavy
  • Just a single bowl

6. Rangemaster CFBL595WH Farmhouse Belfast Ceramic Sink

Key features:

  • A product from the Rangemaster brand
  • White color
  • Fire clay material
  • A painted finish type
  • Rectangular shape

Most other Belfast sinks have an under-mount installation method, but it is quite different for this Belfast sink. Therefore, if you prefer the April front type of installation, go for the Rangemaster CFBL595WH Belfast sink.

Manufacturers of this product have specified that this white ceramic Belfast sink would be a great option for your kitchen. Because of its top-notch features, this product can also be used in other home locations like the garage, kitchen, garden, toilet, bathroom, laundry, etc.

This amazing product from the range master brand has a weir overflow, which implies that it is an ode to the original type of Belfast sink. It is a single bowl Belfast sink with a product dimension of 45 by 59.5 by 25cm and a weight of 31.5kg.

Most other sink packages do not come with some other additional component that would be needed during usage and installation. This sink is very different. You do not have to make extra purchases while fixing because the package comes with a waist pack and a plumbing kit.

This amazing product has an overflow, but you have to be careful while using it. This is because the water that gets into the overflow section doesn’t drain anywhere, as the water would only sit there.


  • It comes with a plumbing kit
  • It has an overflow
  • Durable
  • A waste kit is included in the pack
  • Easy to clean


  • Its white color requires extra care
  • Water in the overflow section doesn’t drain anywhere

7. RAK Ceramics White Belfast Sink

Key features:

  • A product from a RAK Brand
  • Color white
  • Ceramic material
  • Sit-on-cabinet installation method
  • Lift and turn drain type

The major property that makes this Belfast sink with drainer unique compared to its counterpart is a complete overflow waste kit. This rectangular-shaped Belfast sink has a glossy finish type. Its large size and contemporary style make it have retro and modern looks.

RAK Ceramics 1.0 Belfast Kitchen Sink is high quality and an easy-to-fit sink. One great reason the sink is easy to fit anywhere is its installation process. This easy installation process is why most people go for this product. Their glazed looks make them look very fabulous in their units, thereby increasing the visual appeal of whatever location you are putting them.

It’s stressful to look for the compatible part that will fit your Belfast sink because your sink didn’t come with these parts. You do not have to go through this stress with the RAK Ceramics Belfast sink. It comes with a complete overflow kit. You do not have to spend extra cash looking for compatible stress.

The manufacturers of the sink specified it would work well as a kitchen sink. However, its use isn’t only limited to your kitchen.

All of our recommended deep Belfast sinks would work well in any location where you put them, so you do not have to worry that you have different locations asides from the kitchen to use them in.

The under-mount sink installation processes might require the help of a professional. The sit-on cabinet can be easily gotten by a non-professional. Note its drain type; if you would love a lift a and turn drain type, this product is your best bet.


  • Easy to install
  • It comes with a complete overflow kit
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to install
  • No need for extra purchase


  • Heavy
  • Just a single bowl

8. Armitage Shanks S580001 White 460 x 380 x 210 mm Belfast Sink

Key features:

  • Dimensions of 460 x 380 x 210 mm
  • A product from Armitage Shanks brands
  • Made up of Ceramic material
  • Countertop Installation method
  • Rectangular shaped deep Belfast sink

Armitage Shanks S580001 Belfast sink has a painted finish and a modern style. This is a single bowl Belfast sink with a general weight of 35.27 Pounds and an Item Weight of 16 Kilograms. This top-notch quality sink can act as a stand on a worktop in the utility room and other locations in your home.

These locations include the laundry room, the garage, garden, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, farmhouse, etc. The bowl design used is improved for added functionality. The drain pattern helps to ensure faster water runoff to the drainer.

The gloss material is also easy to clean, making it easy to maintain. This Belfast sink with drainer has a clean, grooved drainer. The quality of fire clay used is top-notch and excellent. An excellent feature of this deep Belfast sink is the quality fireclay ceramic material used during the manufacturing of the product.

With this quality of ceramics, cleaning is made easy for you. To clean, you need to use just soap and water to get the best effect. After a while, the white color might become dark or light brown; it is part of what happens to white products. Here, you can apply any bleach to restore its sparkling white color.

With the one bowl feature of this Belfast sink and the dimensions, it will be suitable for small kitchens with little space. If you wouldn’t be making her of your Belfast sink often or you have just a few kitchen duties, this product will be very much suitable for you.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Multipurpose
  • High quality


  • Heavyweight
  • Extra purchase of other compatible materials

9. Reginox 1.5 Bowl White Reversible Inset Belfast Kitchen Sink

Key features:

  • A product from the Reginox brand
  • The base width of 600mm
  • Item dimension of 101 x 101 x 52.5 centimeters
  • 3.5 inches waste outlets
  • Product weight of 38 Kilograms

Reginox RL301CW 1.5 Belfast sink is a white-colored, contemporary style, and large size sink. Its balanced blend of being a timeless traditional design with a contemporary style makes it stand out.

One exciting feature of this Ceramic sink is a basket strainer waste and overflow that comes with the pack. If you are a big fan of deep Belfast sinks with a reversible drainer, this is a big catch.

You do not have to worry about being stuck with the sink even when you dislike it. This product comes with a free ten-year guarantee, a win-win situation. We emphasize that the quality of your Belfast sink depends on the quality of the ceramic material used.

The sink comprises a high-quality and solid ceramic material. This is enough proof that you will enjoy its top-notch quality, but you will be amazed at how durable and long-lasting this Belfast sink will serve you.

Asides from the reversible design you get to enjoy with this sink, this Belfast sink also comes with chrome wastes and an overflow.

This product is installed through the inset top method and has a high gloss white finish. Reginox RL301CW has a minimum 600mm base unit. The features of this Belfast sink make it suitable for the waste disposal unit. This product is easy to clean, install and maintain.


  • It comes with an overflow
  • Includes chrome wastes
  • High-quality ceramic materials
  • It comes with a basket strainer waste
  • A free ten years guarantee


  • According to a verified purchase, drain covers are smaller than the drain holes
  • Fitting and installation might require the help of a professional

10. RAK Ceramics Gourmet Reversible 1.0 Bowl White Ceramic Belfast Sink

Key features:

  • Left to right Length of 1010millimetres
  • Front to back Width of 510millimetres
  • Top-to-bottom depth of 240millimetres
  • Minimum Cabinet Size of 600millimetres
  • Inset – Top Mounted installation method

This amazing product from the RAK brand is a white-colored ceramic material Belfast sink. It comes in a large size and a modern style compared to the ancient styles of Belfast sinks. With the inset top method of installation, you might need the help of a professional. This is necessary if this is your first-time installation.

This Belfast sink with drainer is handmade in the traditional style with the same craftsmanship used over 100 years ago, and this is quite common with most ceramics sinks. Because of this conventional process, the sizes of these products might vary by +/- 2% compared to those shown in the pictures. Also, it might not be exactly uniform like it is seen in pictures.

RAK Ceramics New Gourmet Belfast sink has a finishing gloss. This Belfast sink with drainer has a fully reversible sink orientation. It comprises just one drainer and bowl configuration. The type of waste type this Belfast uses is basket strainer waste.

The tap hole of this Belfast sink with drainer requires drilling before installation. Its best plumbing kit is suitable for use with a one bowl plumbing kit. RAK Ceramics New Gourmet Belfast sink requires the inset method installation to install and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

This product does not come with connection pipework or a plumbing kit with a trap to help for the discharge from domestic appliances. It does not come with a cut-out template: you might need to use a sink as a template


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Top-notch quality


  • It does not come with a waste kit
  • It does not include a sink fitting, clips, or kitchen taps

Best Belfast Sink Buying Guide


The need to get a Belfast sink differs in different homes. Belfast sinks are versatile and multipurpose. The reason you want to get one should determine the type of Belfast sink you will go for.

If you would use your Belfast sink for a more professional catering job, rather than everyday kitchen duties, it is more advisable to get the double butler sink.


Thoroughly consider the style of the Belfast sink you would love to have before placing an order for it. There are many styles of Belfast sinks, especially in the aspect of size.

Asides from the size, you should also decide the type of aesthetic you would love to get. If you want a traditional, contemporary, or a double Butler sink, you can check through the description of the products. The type of tap available is also a great factor to consider before settling for the style you want.


The space you have is the greatest determinant of the size of the sink to go for. There are three basic sizes of sink available, and they are one bowl, 1.5bowls, or 2bowls.

One bowl will be your best if you have a smaller kitchen, and you wouldn’t love your sink to take too much space. If you want more space, you can go for the 1.5bowls or 2. They are the double Belfast sink. This contains a big bowl and a small bowl. They are suitable in the kitchen for putting drinks or vegetables away.


Your budget determines which type of sink you can afford. There are many budget-friendly Belfast sink that can suit your budget. They are mostly a one-bowl type of sink. The double Butler sink would be on the high side.

Family size

If you have a large family, it is advisable to go for a double Belfast sink. One bowl Belfast usually comes in large sizes, but having over one will create more space to accommodate the kitchen needs of the whole family.

Installation Type

The installation of the Belfast sink depends on the type of Belfast sink brand you are going for. There are different Belfast installation types, including inset, flush-mounted, apron, etc. If you have any desired type, you can purchase from brands that sell that type.

This all depends on the configuration you have in your kitchen already. We recommend getting a professional to do this installation if you are setting out to do this for the first. It will save you a lot of stress and future risks.

Type of Worktop

You can always get the type of worktop you love and get them attached to the Belfast sink you want to purchase. Sometimes, Belfast sink brands do not package their Belfast with worktops, while other brands have their Belfast sink come with a worktop.

If you have a favorite worktop, you can go with the former option. The latter options will favor you if you expect to get a worktop with your Belfast sink purchase.

What is the Difference Between a Belfast and a Butler Sink?

In recent times, a butler sink is almost similar to Belfast sinks, only that they are more shallow and a little wider than Belfast’s sinks. Historically, the butler’s sinks do not come with an overflow, and this is because of the story behind the London city.

Butler sink was built in London and named because they look like the work tool of a butler. They did not have an overflow at those times because London city had water scarcity. The modern variations have an overflow. Nonetheless, a weir overflow is found on a Belfast sink.

 Butler sinkBelfast sink
1Shallow and widerDeep and less wide
2Do not contain an overflow historicallyHistorically contain overflow


1. Why is a Belfast Sink Called a Belfast Sink?

The Belfast sink is called a Belfast sink because it was first designed in Belfast. Belfast sink shared similarities with the butler’s sink. Belfast sinks had overflows because they had an overflow of water in Belfast.

A Butler sink was shallower because they were water scarcity in London at that period. Butler sink is also known as Belfast sink

2. Belfast Sink Scratch Easily?

Belfast sinks do not scratch easily because they are made with top-notch and high-quality fireclay ceramics. They are made by firing a fireclay ceramic in a kiln at thousands of degrees maintenance.

They are not only resistant to scratches because of this method, but they are also resistant to stains, fire, and heat. You can put them to use every day with no feeling of disappointment.

3. Is Belfast Sinks Hard to Keep Clean?

Belfast sinks are hard to keep clean. They are very easy, durable, and easy to clean. They are made from ceramic fireclay, mostly glossy and glazed look. This property makes them very easy to clean and maintain.

To clean them, all you need is soap and water. You can apply bleach on them once you notice they are losing their white color, and this should be once in a while.

Final Thoughts

Our top 10 Belfast sink recommendations will help you make the right choice for purchasing the best Belfast sink. However, we have one Belfast sink that stands tall among its counterparts. This is the Rangemaster CFBL595WH Belfast sink.

It’s made from fireclay, hence, has assured durability. It can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garden, laundry, and other home areas. Its multipurpose feature indeed makes it stand out.

It is a stylish retro addition to your home and provides enough space to cook and do your dishes. This Belfast masterpiece sink comes with a waste and plumbing kit.

Hence, no need for extra purchases or going through stress looking for compatible parts to use alongside during its installation. However, its installation process is simple and enjoyable.