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Several Ways To Clean Acrylic Sink (TOP Tips)

Several Ways to Clean Acrylic Sink

No doubt, the sink of the kitchen is an important part to take care of and there are several ways to clean acrylic sink basins.

As we know, all the preparations for cooking and washing dishes are all done in the kitchen sink. Truly, acrylic sinks are known for their durability and stain-resistant advantages and are preferred by most homeowners.

Seeing that, it’s necessary to keep these sinks clean so they can last for a longer period. Surely, if you take good care of your acrylic sink it’s going to maintain a nice look and increase its lifespan.

Just like other sinks, the acrylic sink can lose its shine and overall look if not cared for properly. Don’t lose hope yet if your sink color has turned different. You can always fix it with a little effort.

Several Ways to Clean Acrylic Sink

How to Deal With a Dirty and Stained Acrylic Sink?

One big question that every homeowner has is how to clean an acrylic sink? You will be surprised to know that, cleaning of black acrylic sink doesn’t require something special.

Home methods can work great for maintaining an acrylic kitchen sink. One quick and easy method is hot water along with soapy foam can keep your acrylic sink in shape.

If you follow the same method once a week you wouldn’t need anything else to clean your black acrylic sink. This way, you can save more money and would also maintain your sink lifespan with only a little effort.

Are Black Acrylic Sinks Hard to Clean?

However, this depends on the condition of your sink. If your black sink just lost its color and shine it might be hard to get it back.

But, if you haven’t cleaned your sink in a long time it might get a little tricky to clean. If you just want to make it shine use the soapy foam and hot water solution to get the shine back.

Plus, if you are unable to remove those stubborn stains you should prefer using something more powerful than soapy water. Which includes, diluted bleach, vinegar, and water or alcohol would also work great for old stains.

How to Clean an Acrylic Sink

Here are the best two methods you can use to get the acrylic sink back in shape. We do not recommend buying some harsh stuff from the market and applying it to your sink.

You can easily fix your sink by using common items that every household usually has. Moving on, once you have the acrylic sink back in shape, you should clean it once a week.

Importantly, if one of our methods doesn’t work for you, make sure to clean the sink from previous materials. If you don’t, this might cause a chemical reaction that can cause damage to you or your sink. Choose any method from these two, one that pleases you.

Stuff Required:

  • Hot water
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol

Method one: Using Water and Vinegar

This method is best known for its guaranteed results and is used by almost every homeowner. Moreover, these materials don’t do any damage to your sink so you can use this anytime you want to. Vinegar is ideal for killing germs and getting rid of life stains and grime.

Here’s how you can apply this solution:

  • Grab a spray bottle, add ½ vinegar, and ⅔ water into the bottle, and shake the bottle to mix it. You can add any other cleaning materials if you want to as long as they can work well with the vinegar.
  • Before applying this mixture to the sink it’s important to make sure the sink is clean. Consider rinsing and wiping the top of the sink.
  • Now it’s time to apply the mixture, spray the mixture all over the sink it will weaken the stains in less than 10 minutes. Give it some time to work, then use a damp cloth to wipe it.
  • After this, make sure to rinse the whole sink with the water. Also, make sure you don’t leave any wet drops on your sink, grab a towel and dry the sink.

Repeat this method 2-3 times, to see better and more satisfying results. However, if you feel your stains are tougher then try to add baking soda to your mixture.

As we all know, baking soda serves best for cleaning purposes. For soda, you must use some sort of soapy cloth or sponge to get rid of those tough stains.

Method Two: Rubbing alcohol

This is by far the best yet easy solution for cleaning acrylic sinks. Isopropyl alcohol is usually used for cleaning. Everyone has this in their homes because it’s a very cheap and easy way to get stains out of an acrylic sink. This liquid chemical is best known for removing stains.

  • Just like method one, you must rinse and dry the sink before using rubbing alcohol.
  • You can use this on a soapy cloth or washing foam. Dab directly, and apply to the edges of the sink and on the surface wherever you see stains.
  • There might be some stains, which might require a little more effort, watch out for those. Put some extra energy on those stains to make sure they are gone when you are done applying the alcohol.
  • Unlike method one, this wouldn’t require you to rinse it after applying the solution. As the alcohol evaporates with haste.

Make sure to rub your alcohol fast, or it might cost you some extra bucks for buying some other products. Because it dries faster than you might think.

Both methods work best for certain cases. If your stains are tougher and old, you might consider going with the 2nd method as it can stand against tough stains.

Observe, that if you want to take care of an acrylic sink and want to keep it in shape 1st method should be good. Moreover, these methods don’t require having any knowledge or experience.

Anyone with the necessary tools can do the cleaning for their sinks. That being said, you can get these tools easily in any nearby grocery store.

We recommend using these quick and easy methods for everyone because they are simple, and they save more money than you think.

Moving forward, you should be a little careful with rubbing alcohol. Although, it’s not harmful if used properly it can react to certain things.

There are tons of methods for cleaning the acrylic sinks, but these two are the most used ones. They have been rated as both the best and easy methods.

Importantly, if you have had stains in your sink for years then it might be time to replace the sink with a new one.

But, if you keep on cleaning your acrylic sink on daily basis, you wouldn’t need to buy another sink for years. You should have to rub alcohol in your home. And as you start noticing new stains rising you should apply the solution.

How to Clean Black Acrylic Kitchen Sink

Truly, there are tons of things and solutions you use to transform your sink. A black acrylic sink is rated one of the most elegant sinks by homeowners.

Truly, cleaning this sink on daily basis will keep up its stylish look. Choose the right cleaning method from the list below, that you are comfortable with. You can use these methods for guaranteed results and clean black acrylic sinks.

Scrubbing works for any kind of cleaning, but for sinks, you shouldn’t be too hard. If you scrub too harshly you might end up making scratches on your sink.

Method 1: Scrubbing

  • Start rubbing with a sponge or cloth, make sure to rub over all the stains and dirt.
  • As the sponge is flexible you can use it to clean any small or unreachable spots. It will cause the debris to loosen, without causing any scratch to the sink.
  • Finally, pour the cold water all over the sink and wash it off. Also, dry it with a cloth or towel to make it shine.

Method 2: Soaking

  • Block the sink holes from the exterior.
  • Fill the whole sink with water (preferred hot water), and add 1.5 cups of chlorine bleach, depending on the size of your sink.
  • Wait for one hour and then let the water through.
  • Make sure to wash the sink, and remove all the bleach left on the sink. Finally, wipe the sink with a towel to dry it.

How to Clean Stained Acrylic Sink

The solution for this depends on how tough or how old are the stains on your sink. If the stains are hard to clean with the normal detergent you might have to try something new. Fill your sink with water, try blocking the water drain, and add 2,3 cups of bleach into the water.

Add more quantity of bleach, if your stains are old. Wait for 5-10 minutes, and let the water stay in there. Then unblock the drain and let the water through, grab a sponge and just remove the stain from the acrylic sink.

Those stains will now be easier to remove with just one wipe. Now you can pour the water over your sink and clean the bleach, let the bleach sink out with the normal water.

Finally, get a cloth or towel to dry the sink and get surprised by the magic. You will have a crystal clear acrylic sink, just like a new one.

No doubt, tons of other solutions are out there to try but this one has great results. You can do this one on your own without giving any extra money to a plumber. Saves time and money.

Can You Restore Shine to Acrylic Sink?

Surely you can. No matter how old or dirty your sink is, you can always do something to get your shine back.

Using hot water and vinegar solution on your acrylic sink once a week will eventually restore the shine. A little effort can surely restore the shine.

How to Restore Shine to Acrylic Sink

Sinks get dirty because we use them on daily basis in our kitchens and bathrooms. Due to their excessive use, they might lose their original shine because of the bacteria, germs, and stains. Try the steps below. These will surely bring eye-pleasing results.

Step one: Restoring the Shine With Basic Cleaning

  1. Get a sponge, and mix the warm water with any washing or cleaning detergent. Dab the sponge into the mixture and apply it all over the sink where you see any dirt or stains.
  2. Pour cold water over the applied detergent, and let it sink out.
  3. Get a towel or soft cloth to dry the sink. You will have your results.

Moreover, you can use a sink polishing product, to give it a very nice and shining finish.

Step two: Restoring the Shine on Old and Stained Sinks

  • Get some quantity of bleach, and add the bleach to ⅓ cup of water. Let the bleach dilute for a few minutes.
  • Use a cloth or sponge, dab it in the diluted bleach and apply it to the tough stains.
  • Wait for a few minutes, but do not let the bleach stay there for longer. Some sinks might get damaged or get dulled by the bleach.
  • Pour water over the bleach, and let it sink out.
  • Rinse thoroughly, and do not leave any applied bleach as it can sink are vulnerable to bleach.
  • Use a towel or cloth to dry the sink

How Do You Maintain an Acrylic Sink?

Maintaining a sink is a very easy house chore you can do to save money and increase your sink lifespan. Bleach and rubbing alcohol are made with harsh chemicals, therefore you shouldn’t be using them in your daily routine.

Using such materials on daily basis can damage or dull the surface of your sink.

You use hot water and vinegar mixture daily for your kitchen sink and once a week for the bathroom sink. This will keep your sink in shape for a longer period and will also maintain its shine. Surely, this is an easy solution for your sink problems.

Is Acrylic Sink Different from Composite Sink?

Both serve for certain situations, however, if your home is a hot place you should consider composite sinks. Therefore choosing the right one could be tricky but you will have your answer after reading this guide. Here are some differences:

Built Type

The acrylic sinks are made with plastic while the composite sink use combining of natural minerals along with a little portion of polyresin.


Acrylic sinks are fancy, that’s why they are made of plastic so they can have a matte finish. While the composite portrays the look of natural minerals they are made of, like quartz and granite.


Both sinks are built to serve for a long time. But as we compare acrylic sinks to composite. As they’re made with plastic, they could start melting in high-temperature places. Which makes them a tricky choice for installing in your kitchen.

Best Way to Clean a Composite Sink

Composite sinks are less complicated and easier to clean. To clean them on regular basis, simply use a soft cloth with a cleaning detergent and rub anywhere you see dirt. This will keep your composite sink in shape and clean.

However, if you have old and dried food particles and thick layers of dirt, then you must do a little more. You may want to use any cleanser to loosen the dirt and food particles. This way you will be able to take all those stubborn substances out of there.

Moreover, if your sink has stains then you should use some chemicals to take them out. We would recommend you, diluted vinegar and apply it to stains.

Also, make sure there is half water and half vinegar, you shouldn’t only be using vinegar. Use a sponge to remove the stains and then sink out the vinegar with the water.

Do White Acrylic Sinks Stain?

Yes, despite the color all sinks stain. Stains start appearing if you haven’t done cleaning the acrylic sink in a long time. Acrylic sinks are made of plastic that’s why you might have to show a little extra care for the acrylic sink.

If you use some harsh chemicals over time you might find them damaged or notice dullness in the color.

Stains might look even worse on white acrylic sinks when compared to other colors. Because you can clearly see a stained spot on a white sink. You must do the cleaning of your sink no matter the color.

How to Clean White Acrylic Sinks

Its very simple to do white acrylic sink cleaning, with the right materials you can make your sink shine like a diamond,

Materials You Should Have

  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Castile soap

Apply these three in the water, once you have your mixture ready do the following.

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge, dab the sponge and rub over the stains and dirt on the sink.
  • Use hot water while cleaning for tough stains.
  • Pour the water all over the sink and let it sink out.

And you have your nice and clean sink back in just a few moments.

This is the most simple and instant solution you can apply to your sink. We would suggest you make a mixture of these 3 materials and keep it in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture once a week or do it regularly for best results. Moreover, do not use any harsh chemicals daily for the sole purpose of cleaning.

The acrylic sink is made of plastic, which is vulnerable to harsh materials and chemicals. Instead, use something gentle to the surface of your acrylic sink, so you can increase the lifespan of the sink.

Can I Use Soft Scrub on an Acrylic Sink?

Yes, you can, soft scrub is one the best cleaner to use on your sink. It is solely made for clean cast acrylic sinks and other sinks. Moreover, soft scrub doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it so it won’t cause any damage to your acrylic sink.

Can You Mix the Soft Scrub With the Bleach?

Yes. It’s even efficient if you use it in your toilet and very handy to disinfect your acrylic sink as well. However, you shouldn’t leave this mixture on the surface of acrylic for longer. Bleach has harsh chemicals that might damage or dull the acrylic sink.

Which Cleanser is the Best to Clean Sinks?

In the market, there are a lot of options that you can try. However, you should choose the cleaner which has no harsh chemicals. A plastic-made acrylic sink is vulnerable to certain chemicals, you might end up damaging or messing it up.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Brown Plastic Sink?

For the plastic sinks, we recommend the vinegar and water solution. This mixture doesn’t have any harmful stuff to damage or worsen the condition of your sink.

If you use something hard on a plastic sink you will end up causing scratches to the sink. And then you will have to invest more time and money to remove scratches from the acrylic sink.

Use a sponge and a mixture of hot water and vinegar to keep the brown plastic sink clean. This method is safe and easy, and its also recommended by 90% of the homeowners. Also, you don’t need to buy any expensive cleansers for your sink.

How to Clean Grey Acrylic Sink

A grey acrylic sink is still the same sink just with a different matte finish. So you can use the same solutions for this sink as well. It’s an expensive and stylish sink so you don’t have to risk messing it up by using something you shouldn’t be using.

Choose one of these methods to clean your grey acrylic sink without seeking the help of a professional.

1. Vinegar and Hot Water

This is the most efficient solution that almost every homeowner is aware of. Follow the steps to apply this solution.

  • Get a 60/40 quantity of water and vinegar, and let it mix well.
  • Apply the solution with a soft cloth or foam, and rub gently on the sink.
  • Grab a sponge, rub it on the surface of the sink make sure to leave no stained spot.
  • Pour normal water over the applied area and let it sink out
  • Grab a towel or any cloth to dry out the sink.

2. Diluted Bleach

  • Mix the bleach with the water. Make sure to have the same quantity of water as the bleach
  • Fill the sink with the diluted solution.
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Rub the dirty spots with a sponge
  • Pour water over the sink


The guide above has shown you various ways to clean your acrylic sink. We do know everyone has a different case that’s why we have shown the specific way for every kind of sink.

Instead of using a plumber service, I believe with the right guide you can save money and time. All you need are some materials and chemicals that you can get, in any general stores in your sounding.

Some chemicals can damage your sink, study them before you tend to use them. There are some products, that use harsh chemicals which don’t work quite well with acrylic sinks. Each method is best for certain kinds of sinks, observe which suits you best for yours.

Sometimes all you need is a sponge with vinegar water to get it back to its original shape. Using some unnecessary chemicals can also weaken the condition of your acrylic kitchen sink.