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What is a Hybrid Kitchen (HOW Does it Work)?

Hybrid Kitchen

One of the biggest interior design trends is the hybrid kitchen, which many renovators are choosing for their home. But what exactly is a hybrid kitchen? And how does it work?

One of the biggest new trends for kitchens, we take a look at what a hybrid design actually is and what it entails.

What is a hybrid kitchen?

It can mean a kitchen that mixes old and new styles together, rather than one complete design, or it can also relate to a cooking space that old incorporates living and dining areas in an open plan setting.

A hybrid kitchen can a type of kitchen design that integrates both traditional (perhaps farmhouse cottage kitchen ideas) and innovative styling – from cupboard and worktops to cooking devices and appliances, or one that seamlessly combines rooms of your house.

You will find hybrid kitchens that incorporates features of both conventional and innovative kitchens, perhaps older looking furniture with state of the art appliances or vice versa.

Equally a hybrid kitchen can also refer to open plan where the cooking room is also the dining room or the lounge. In such scenarios, the layout allows for easy access to all areas while still providing plenty of counter space.

Benefits of a Hybrid Kitchen

Hybrid kitchens combine the features of both a traditional kitchen and an open-plan one. They are perfect for people who want a more organised kitchen, but also want to be able to sit around and eat in the same space as their cooking.

A hybrid kitchen has all the trappings of a traditional kitchen – with a range hood, appliances, counter space and cabinets. But it also has an open layout, so you can see everything that’s going on without having to go through rows of cabinets.

You might be able to have the kitchen island with open shelves that you have always dreamed about as a focal and central point – you know the ones you have seen on home improvements shows on TV.

Best Farmhouse Kitchens

This makes it great for entertaining, while you can alternatively set up your dining table in the middle of the kitchen, and everyone can still have a good view of what’s happening while they eat.

Another benefit with an open layout, is that you can actually walk around the perimeter of the kitchen with no obstruction from walls or cabinet doors.

Hybrids are convenient and efficient but also stylish and functional, particularly when topped with a stylish farmhouse sink. If you’re looking for an upgrade but don’t know where to start, give a hybrid kitchen some real consideration.

Disadvantages of a Hybrid Kitchen

The main benefit is that it offers flexibility but some will see that as a downside or a disadvantage, particularly those who don’t enjoy open plan living.

The can also be more expensive than traditional kitchens due to the fact you expanding it into a greater space as part of the more open plan look and feel. It may not have the same homey feel as it once did, particularly if you begin to knock down walls.

What appliances are necessary for a hybrid kitchen?

A hybrid kitchen is no different to a “traditional” one. You still need both gas and electric appliances, depending what type of energy your house is supplied with.

If you’re primarily using gas appliances, you’ll need a range, oven and stove. You will also need electric appliances such as refrigerator, freezer and microwave. If you are just on electric, you will need a hob and oven that is wired in too.

In addition to the must-have appliances, you will perhaps also want to consider a coffee maker, dishwasher, microwave and washing machine. A TV may come on the list if you have an open plan hybrid kitchen.

Conclusion: How do I know if a hybrid kitchen is right for me?

First, think about what you plan to use your kitchen for. If you mostly cook meals at home and aren’t frequently catering events or cooking for large groups you can opt for more counter top space than dining space.

If you are a regular host of dinner parties, have a large family round often or like to spend a lot of time together as a family, design plenty of dining and living space into your hybrid design.

Also consider how many appliances you want in your hybrid kitchen. These take up significant space and will need to be factored into any layout plan.

Finally, think about your budget. Kitchen can be expensive, particularly if you are buying everything new and making alterations to your home.

But if you’re willing to do a little research and compare prices, you can find a good hybrid kitchen design that fits your needs and budget.