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How To Get Something Out Of Sink Drain (TIPS & Tricks)

How to Get a Ring Out of the Sink

It’s not uncommon for a ring down the sink or something important. Here our handy guide for how to get something out of the sink drain.

While washing your hands or cleaning the dishes, it may slip and go down the sink. Retrieving a ring – or some other item – that fell down the sink is not as hard as it seems.

Heavy rings may go deeper into the sink drain, making it a bit difficult to retrieve. Usually, the ring fell down the sink ends up in the sink’s p-trap. If you wonder how to retrieve the ring out of the sink, I will illustrate how to do so step by step.


How to Get a Ring Out of the Sink

Step 1: Collect the Required Tools and Materials to Retrieve It

You will need:

  • Bucket
  • Wrench
  • A long item such as a wire cloth hanger
  • Kitchen gloves
  • A rag or paper towel
  • Rough sponge
  • Soapy water

Step 2: Switch Off the Main Water Supply

If a ring fell down the sink, switch off any water supply to the sink. The safest way is to cut the water supply from the primary source. Also, switch off the sink’s faucet. Flowing water down the sink will push the ring further into the drain, making it harder to retrieve it.

Step 3: Place a Bucket Under the Sink’s P-trap

The piping system below your sink is called the p-trap. It looks like the letter ‘P.’ The trap’s other part appears like the letter ‘J,’. After switching off all the water supply, place a bucket beneath the p-trap. The bucket will help catch any water from the piping system after opening it. Whether the sink you dropped your ring is in the kitchen or bathroom, it will have this kind of piping system.

Step 4: Remove the P-Trap

Before carrying out this step, it’s essential to put on some rubber gloves for protection. Also, sludge or dirty water may enter your eyes or splash on your face. It will help if you put on a face mask or safety goggles.

After protecting yourself, start taking the p-trap apart. Though the p-trap’s work is to trap bad smells from coming through the sink, it also helps catch small items that fall through the sink drain, such as a ring.

The p-trap consists of several joints. Manufacturers use PVC or steel to make the p-trap. Whichever the case, the process of taking it apart is the same.

If it has a drain or access plug, you only need to pull it out with your hands. The water resting inside the pipe will come out with anything else trapped there like your ring.

Search through the poured water for the down ring. The rubber gloves will protect your hands from getting soiled as the water may be dirty and slimy.

It means your sink has a pipe connector in the absence of an access plug. In such a case, you will need to use your hands to unscrew the connectors.

If it is hard to unscrew using your hands, a wrench or adjustable pliers will come in handy. Be careful not to use these tools forcefully in a PVC p-trap. They can damage the pipes.

After removing the fasteners, hold j-bend to prevent it from falling off. Then pour the contents inside the bucket placed underneath it and look for the ring.

After recovering the dropped ring:

  • Take the opportunity to clean the piping system if dirty.
  • Clean all areas with soapy water and use a reliable disinfectant to disinfect the pipes.
  • Rinse it out using clean water.

Step 5: Put Back the P-Trap

After retrieving your piece of jewelry and cleaning the piping system, it’s time to install the p-trap back. For the drain plug, you only need to put it back. If the p-trap has connectors, you need to screw them back using the same procedure. The only difference is that you need to turn them towards the opposite direction until firmly secured. You could use your hands, a wrench, or an adjustable plier.

How to Get a Ring Out of the Sink Without Taking it Apart

Fortunately, there are various options to get a ring out of the sink. If you don’t want to go through the hustle of disconnecting your sink’s piping system, follow the following steps;

Step 1: Get the Required Tools

The first thing to do is to ensure that you have everything necessary to carry out the procedure. You will require;

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Magnet
  • A long thin wire slightly curved at the end

Step 2: Turn off The Sink’s Water Source

After accumulating the items needed to recover the ring from the drain, shut down the sink’s water source. Water flowing down your sink drain will push the fallen ring further away. This method will work out best if the piece of jewelry hasn’t gone too far down the drain.

Step 3: Find the Ring

Take a vacuum cleaner and ensure it’s working right. Then place its hose on the sink’s drain and put it on. You will hear the ring make a sound when sucked from the drain into the vacuum’s bag.

Please turn off the vacuum cleaner and open its bag. Search for the ring through the contents in the bag. When you find it, remove it.

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a magnet if the jewelry is metal-made. Place a strong magnet over your sink’s drain. You can also attach the magnet to a thin object like a wire that can go down your sink’s drain. It’s necessary if the ring had traveled deeper into the pipes.

When it gets near the ring, the magnet will pull it, making it attach to it. Then pull out the object with the ring attached to the magnet. Disconnect the ring from the magnet.

In the absence of a vacuum cleaner and a magnet, use a thin wire that’s curved at one end. Insert the slightly curved end inside your sink’s drain and navigate the wire to feel the ring.

After you can feel the ring with the wire, try dragging it out by pressing the curved end against it and pulling the wire out. The curved edge will help hook the ring for easier removal.

How to retrieve jewelry from the bathroom sink

Once in a lifetime, everyone lives through the heart-wrenching experience of watching some exquisite piece of jewelry fall down the bathroom sink. But don’t worry! It hasn’t gone anywhere that you can’t get it back from. There are several beginner-level options you can try before disassembling the drain pipe. These include reaching down in the drain.

Method 1: By using magnet

The first step is to remove the drain stopper so that it doesn’t block the way. Tie your magnet to a long string or something flexible and lower it down the drain. The jewelry will be attached to the magnet if only it is magnetic. Slowly pull the magnet back up so that you don’t drop your item again. Repeat the process as needed.

Method 2: By grabbing tool technique

Any tool that is flexible and fits inside the drain can be used. The preferable option is the four-pronged tool. Lower it down in the drain. Retrieve the jewelry piece with the help of claws.

Method 3: By disassembling the drain pipe

The jewelry will most probably fall down to the bottom of the curved end. It is called the ‘P-trap’ because of its resemblance to the letter P. You will need expert skills to disassemble the drain pipe.

Safety always comes first, so wear your gloves. Next place a bucket under the sink or the pipes to catch any water spilling out. Make sure to turn off the water supply for that particular sink. Locate the nuts on the ends of the pipes and unscrew them with a wrench. Next, you’ll have to unplug the sink plug. Carefully lower the trap in the bend and let the water from the pipes drain.

Now you have to clean the wax from the drain and find your piece of jewelry. Once retrieved, reverse the steps and place the plug back in position.

Of course, there is a sense of panic when something falls down the drain. But we’re sure that with the help of this step-by-step guide, anyone can easily retrieve it back.

Wrap Up

A diamond or gold wedding ring down a sink is not a funny experience. Without the knowledge of retrieving it, you can lose it forever.

There are various methods of getting a ring out of an undermount bathroom sink or vessel sink. If you carry out the procedure correctly and use the right tools, retrieving a ring down a sink becomes a piece of cake.