Top 10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sinks in 2021

The best undermount bathroom sinks are designed for people who prefer to have modern décor in their bathrooms. These undermount bathroom sinks are amazing and known to make your bathroom’s interior dreamy and classy.

Getting the best undermount bathroom sink ensures your bathroom’s decor aesthetic, appealing and stylish.

As such, it is just what you need for a great contrast in your bathroom. These bathroom sinks will enable you to find the best fit for your bathroom space. You will also be able to choose the right design for your bathroom aesthetics.

Top 10 Best Undermount Bathroom Sink Reviews:

1. KOHLER K-2882-0 Verticyl White Undermount Bathroom Sink

1. KOHLER K-2882-0 Verticyl White Undermount Bathroom Sink

The Kohler K-2882-0 undermount sink is a geometric rectangular undermount bathroom sink with vertical sides. The design allows it to easily fit into your bathroom vanity. It will therefore not give you a difficult time when it comes to the installation.

This undercounter bathroom sink is made of vitreous china. Also, it has a smart and elegant design. The undermount installation method allows your sink to integrate into your bathroom aesthetic seamlessly.

This undermount bathroom sink also resists water spots very well. Considering it is water-resistant, you will not have any spots on it making it look cleaner than most other sinks.

Cleaning it requires a soft piece of cloth that has been dampened.  Just avoid using abrasive materials such as scouring pads or scrubbing brushes on the surface to keep the sink long last.

More Information:

  • Geometric rectangular basin with vertical sides
  • Its Vitreous material remains beautiful for a long time and is exceptionally long-lasting
  • It needs no faucet holes when mounting since it only needs a wall or counter mount faucet
  • The white color will go with any other decorations in your bathroom
  • It is elegant and pleasing to the eye
  • Although it’s resistant to water spots, it can still get a few stains which can only be removed by simple and mild cleaning agents

2. KOHLER K-20000-0 Caxton White Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER K-20000-0 Caxton White Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

The Kohler-20000-0 Caxton Undermount Bathroom Sink is another modern rectangular undermount bathroom sink. It is designed to give you much-desired maximum functionality. It is a white rectangular undermount bathroom sink that actually stands out among others.

This undermount bathroom sink is beautiful to look at. Thanks to its clean and unique design. It comes with a base slope and also an extra drainage hole that ensures water does not end up escaping.

The vitreous china material of the sink makes it look clean, elegant, and always new for a longer period of time. When installed the sink in your bathroom, it will certainly give you service for a long time to come.

Among different other undercounter bathroom sinks, this one offers you a lot of value for a very fair price. It is easy to clean as well and uses only mild cleaning products to give you that aesthetically pleasing spotless look. Within record time, you will clear out any water spots that may be stuck on it.

More Information:

  • Rectangular basin shape with an overflow
  • Has no faucet holes
  • It has impressive extra deep undermount bathroom sink functionality that allows it to give you maximum delivery during the period it’s in use
  • The extra drainage sink hole prevents water from escaping
  • It is available at a pocket-friendly price despite its beautiful design
  • It’s material makes it easy for you to clean off water spots and any dirt from the sink
  • Although it rarely gets water spots, it still can. When this happens and they’re left there for long,  they become an eyesore considering the sink’s white color
  • If not taken care of properly, it is susceptible to cracks. You therefore need to keep heavy items away from the sink

3. Friho 18.5”x13.8”x7.9” Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Vanity Sink

3. Friho 18.5''x13.8''x7.9'' Modern Sleek Rectangular Undermount Vanity Sink

The Friho  18.5”  by 13.8” by 7.9” is an excellent small rectangular undermount bathroom sink. The sink is not too large but can hold enough water regardless.

Rectangular shape of length 18.5 inches, width 13.8 inches and height 7.9 inches. Since it’s an extra deep undermount bathroom sink, the deep bowl allows you to fill in water.

The sink has a glossy appealing appearance since it has a crystalline glaze. It’s also very shiny. The installation process of this bathroom sink is very easy.

It’s a modern-style undermount bathroom sink that’s sleek in design. The ceramic material keeps it from scratching. Throughout its lifetime, the sink will always look great.

This Friho undermount bathroom sink doesn’t exactly come with a drain. So that you can purchase a pop-up drain separately.

This undermount bathroom sink comes with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

More Information:

  • It’s white in color
  • Made of ceramic material
  • Undercounter installation
  • Has a rectangular basin with some gently sloping edges
  • Its ceramic build makes it very sturdy and long-lasting
  • You have to purchase the pop-up drain in case you need it as it doesn’t come with this small rectangular undermount bathroom sink

4. KOHLER K-2355-0 Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

KOHLER K-2355-0 Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

The Kohler K-2355 Archer Undermount bathroom sink comes with great geometric features added to its clean design. The sink includes a curved base with a rectangular shaped design.

It also comes with beveled edges making its appearance even more attractive. This modern undermount bathroom sink will give your space a touch of elegance. The vitreous china material makes it beautiful and long lasting.

Its undermount installation allows it to blend well with the rest of your bathroom’s design. The bottom comes fitted with a basin that you can very well fill with water.

This has been strategically placed further adding to the charm and overall beauty of the sink. With the Kohler K-2355 Archer Undermount bathroom sink comes the ability to buy your own faucet set. Ensure you pick a set that matches the rest of your bathroom décor.

The vitreous china material is known to be beautiful and with it, you can count on having a long-lasting sink.

More Information:

  • Classic rectangle basin design with clean geometry and beveled edges
  • Has an overflow drain
  • Needs no faucet or faucet holes
  • The beveled edges and clean sink geometry give it a classic design
  • It’s a large rectangular undermount bathroom sink so it holds more water
  • Thanks to its angular shape, dirt easily accumulates around its edges
  • It doesn’t come with a drain or a plunger

5. Nantucket White Undermount Bathroom Sink

tucket White Undermount Bathroom Sink

This Nantucket white undermount bathroom sink is undoubtedly one of the most stunning under counter bathroom sinks. It is expected as it is a product from a brand with a reputation for producing elegant sinks for your bathroom.

Considering this undermount bathroom sink is made from ceramic material, you can be sure that it’s a good-looking one. This sink is meant to be long-lasting because of the ceramic material used to make it.

There is really more to the material than just making your sink stunning. Thanks to its undermount installation style, this sink will take up very minimal space in your bathroom area.

Its sleek design and white color makes it blend well with the rest of its bathroom surroundings. The sink fits perfectly in the smaller bathroom vanities.

More Information:

  • Made from ceramic material
  • Comes with overflow
  • Has a 1.75 drainage diameter
  • Undermount installation
  • It gets water spots overtime and although these can be wiped, they do make the sink look stained and dented
  • The template does not match the holes in the sink perfectly. It, therefore, requires you to check first whether or not it will match before using to avoid issues

6. Sarlai 20 Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

Sarlai 20 Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

This undermount bathroom sink is a deep sink that will make your bathroom look better. This is because it is made of an elegant European-inspired classic design that makes it more stylish.

Aside from the modern-contemporary design, it is also made with excellent technology. This deep rectangular undermount bathroom sink is made from ceramic material.

As such, you can expect it to be resistant to both acid and low water absorption. It is also difficult to break this sink because the ceramic is very strong.

You can, therefore, count on having this sink looking great for a long time to come. It has a smooth and highly polished surface that is resistant to stains. This makes the sink very easy to maintain for a long time while you are using it.

With its undermount construction, you will have a considerable amount of space in your bathroom.

More Information:

  • Rectangular in shape
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty in case of any defects with replacement at no charge
  • Undermount installation will give you more bathroom space
  • Sleek, contemporary European design makes it more stylish and adds to the overall bathroom aesthetic
  • The white color easily blends with the rest of your bathroom décor
  • The ceramic material makes it long-lasting as it is hard to break, in fact, it’s almost impossible

7. Magnus 1181CBW White Rectangular Undermount Lavatory Porcelain Bathroom Sink

Magnus 1181CBW White Rectangular Undermount Lavatory Porcelain Bathroom Sink

The 1181CBW White Porcelain Undermount Lavatory bathroom sink is a rectangular sink with a great exquisite design. It has a great glazed finish and is also smooth.

This sink is resistant to chipping and has unparalleled understated beauty. It is made of ceramic material so you can count on it remaining good-looking for a long time.

Its vitreous china material allows it to compliment your bathroom whether it’s in a modern or a traditional style. It also makes it long-lasting.

The vitreous china also contributes to the sink being durable and easy to clean as it gives it that smooth finish you will love. As such, you can count on your sink always looking very nice and new.

The rectangular shape of this undermount bathroom sink allows it to fit in well in a guest bath, a master one, or even a powder room.

It is very versatile to accommodate this. The sink is installed under the counter, creating a seamless design and transition from its vanity surface up to the basin of the sink. 

The inside length of the sink is 18.5 inches by 11 inches width and the outside depth is 7 inches, the inside being 5.5 inches.

More Information:

  • White in color
  • Classic rectangular shape
  • Made in a no rimming style
  • The ceramic material gives it an exquisite finish that’s smooth and resistant to chipping
  • Its rectangular shape makes it versatile for any bathroom
  • The underground installation allows you to have more space
  • It compliments both modern and traditional designs

8. Mocoloo 20×15 Porcelain Rectangle Undermount Bathroom Sink

nt Bathroom Sink

The Mocoloo undermount bathroom sink is another white bathroom sink that is worth your money. First, you will love just how sleek and stylish it is. This is thanks to its shape and also the nice, white finish it comes in.

As such, the undermount bathroom sink is versatile and can be installed in any kind of bathroom.

Since it has an undermount design, it is great for those looking for more space on their bathroom counters. It also helps in preventing water overflow.

This white undermount bathroom sink is also easy to clean. This is partly because of the surface which is porcelain glazed. This surface resists both stains and scratches. It also resists any low water absorption.

This undermount bathroom sink also doesn’t harbor a lot of residues, thanks to the bowl’s curvature.

More Information:

  • It is strong and durable because of the ceramic material used to make it
  • Fits the décor of any kind of bathroom whether it’s the master, guest or powder room
  • Its surface is resistant to scratches from different objects, low water absorption as well as other stains
  • The smooth finish makes it easier to clean as it maintains a polished look throughout
  • Has an added enamel that makes the sink shine more and look newer even when used for long
  • It could get chipped if a hard object falls on it

9. Kraus KEU-12 WHITE Undermount Single Bowl Bathroom Sink

9. Kraus KEU-12 WHITE Undermount Single Bowl Bathroom Sink

The Kraus KEU-12 White Pintura undermount single bowl bathroom sink is an aesthetically pleasing deep rectangular bathroom sink.

It is light in weight despite looking like a cast iron sink. Its stainless steel core is what makes this extra deep undermount bathroom sink stand out. The core is what makes it 65% lighter when it’s compared to iron sinks.

It is very deep and highly spacious, making it suitable for soaking and also the washing process. The bottom of the sink which is gently sloped enables the sink to drain faster. It also has an optimized angle that stops glassware from tipping over. The shape of the sink also makes it easy to clean.

The sink comes with soundproof technology. It has extra-thick rubber padding and noise-defend features. This is in addition to a protective layer that absorbs both vibration and noise when the sink is in use.

This sink also has a durable enamel finish that has been fired to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it create a surface that is resistant to high impact, chips, stains, and scratches as well.

More Information:

  • White in color
  • Made of porcelain, alloy and steel
  • Superior soundproofing technology
  • It has a timeless  appeal thanks to the cast iron but does not come with the massive weight
  • It is long-lasting thanks to the super-durable enamel finishing that’s fired up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit making it indestructible
  • Undermount installation makes it easy to clean or wipe off water
  • The gently slopped bottom enables it to drain easily, preventing stagnant water
  • Its glossy finish makes it more susceptible to scratches

10. ANZZI Rhodes Modern Ceramic Undermount Sink for Bathroom

ANZZI Rhodes Modern Ceramic Undermount Sink for Bathroom

The Anzzi Rhodes modern ceramic undermount sink serves as the perfect centerpiece for your bathroom. It looks amazing on your counter, thanks to the vitreous china material used in making it. Its shape also looks very pleasant on the bathroom counter and fits into different bathroom types.

Its non-porous surface makes it low-maintenance and also easy to clean. It resists scratches and stains, maintaining its new appearance for much longer.

The sink is also long-lasting thanks to the ceramic material. It can last for a good number of years before you have to get another one.

This undermount bathroom sink comes with a built-in overflow at the front side. This undermount bathroom sink also has an installation guide as part of the package. This enables faster installation.

You will also be happy to know that the company that manufactures the sink has a great reputation. They are known for offering products of amazing quality with no defects.

That said, should you face any issues with the bathroom sink, it comes with a limited warranty. They will be able to fix it for you or replace it free of charge. For this, you will be required to fill in a warranty claim.

More Information:

  • Elegant and captivating sink making it a great centerpiece for the bathroom whether a master, guest bathroom or a powder room
  • Scratch and stain resistant and also easy to clean
  • Built in overflow enables proper drainage of water that goes to the sink
  • Easy to install thanks to the installation guide it comes with easy instructions

Things to Consider before Buying an Undermount Bathroom Sink

When looking for the best undermount bathroom sink, there are various things to consider.

1. The Weight of the Undermount Bathroom Sink

Keeping in mind that an undermount bathroom sink is installed under your counter, it needs to be supported accordingly.

The heavier the sink is the more support it will need to remain sturdy. If you select a very weighty sink it could end up compromising your cabinet.

That said though, massive undermount sinks are more sturdy. They are also more long-lasting compared to smaller ones.

You should go for a light undermount bathroom sink, keep in mind that it could easily get wear and tear. This means you will have to take extra care of it.

2. The Color of the Undermount Bathroom Sink

Most undermount bathroom sinks are white in color. In some cases, they are almost in an eggshell shade. These shades give your bathroom a cleaner appearance. They make your vanity neater.

That said though, you need to consider that these bright colors are a bit more difficult to clean. They are more susceptible to marks and scratches can be seen more easily.

Fortunately, there are different color options in the market today. As such, you can go for darker colors when it comes to your bathroom sinks.

You can also choose a patterned or a textured undermount bathroom sink. While making that selection, keep in mind the aesthetic of your bathroom.

3. The Drain of the Undermount Bathroom Sink

Keep in mind that you can always get the best from just a simple drain. It doesn’t have to be too fancy but avoid going for the very plain ones.

The most vital thing when it comes to drains is the fact that they function accordingly.

You might the kind of person who perhaps likes to fill in the bowl with water for one thing or another. For example, maybe you like to fill it when you wash your face. As such, you will need a bathroom sink with a great pop-up drain strainer.

When getting the drain stopper, make sure it fits properly so that water does not steep out.

4. The Material of the Undermount Bathroom Sink

There are several different sink materials. You could go for any when it comes to the make of your small undermount sink or a large one. You can choose a porcelain material, ceramic, a sink with vitreous china just to mention a few.

All you need to do though is just be realistic when it comes to how often you will be using the sink. This will determine how often you will need to clean the sink.

That said, porcelain ones may be more susceptible to stains but no need to worry because these easily come off.  The material of your sink will also determine how much it can withstand blows.

For example when a heavy object falls in it.  As such, look at the different materials and pick the strongest for how you will be using your sink.

5. The Size of the Undermount Bathroom Sink

When it comes to an undermount bathroom sink, you also need to consider the size aside from just the weight. Ask what length, width and depth are most suitable for your bathroom. Also remember that a large undermount bathroom sink for example, will cost you more than a small one.

A larger one can also hold more water than a smaller sink. Look at your countertop size as well, what size of sink can it accommodate? If your countertop allows for it, the bigger the sink, the better.

If your bathroom is small though, you might want to consider going for a smaller bathroom sink. A bigger size will only end up overwhelming your bathroom and this might ruin its entire aesthetic.

All in all, your sink cabinet or countertop measurments should be the top consideration before you actually buy the sink.

Oval vs Rectangular Undermount Bathroom Sink

For anyone looking to buy a new undermount bathroom sink without remodeling their whole bathroom, it is not easy. The process of choosing one can be quite hectic.

There are limitless choices from size to weight, colors to shapes. When it comes to shapes, you can choose either oval or rectangular undermount bathroom sink. While the two serve the same purpose, here are some differences between them:

Compared to rectangular undermount bathroom sinks, oval ones are more traditional in nature. The rectangular ones are very modern and what you need to consider here is your bathroom style.

If you are going with an old school aesthetic, then you need to should stick to the oval design as it works best to give this.

A rectangular undermount bathroom sink is great if you have modern aesthetics in your bathroom and the décor in it. An oval sink is also very basic while rectangular ones are unique.

When it comes to the space, oval ones are just not as big as rectangular ones. They do not have too much interior space considering they lack the space offered by a flat bottom.

You cannot have things standing up in them unlike in a rectangular bathroom sink. A rectangular sink on the other hand has more space and works well for various tasks. The depth and how wide these sinks come can allow you to even use them as a baby bathtub.

Undermount Bathroom Sink Materials

Modern undermount bathroom sinks come in different materials. The materials go a long way in determining just how long lasting these sinks will be. Some of the materials include:

Vitreous China

Vitreous china makes porcelain sinks which are very similar to ceramic sinks. This material is often very beautiful and easy to clean up. It is highly resistant to stains. That said, vitreous china is more prone to cracks should heavy objects hit it.


Metal is another material that could be used in bathroom sink making. The metal could be copper, steel, or even brass. Metal can withstand heavy bowls and is very durable thanks to this.

Sadly though, constant exposure to water could lead to very prominent staining of the sink. You will start noticing rust on the metallic sink which is an eyesore. It ruins your entire bathroom aesthetic.

Solid Surface Sinks

These are sinks made from the same material as their countertops. They could be either granite or marble. Such undermount bathroom sinks make cleaning very easy which is great for saving you time.

However, the downside is that they crack very easily. You can solve this cracking issue by patching though. These types of sinks are great for conventional bathrooms that favor functionality over the sink style.

How to Measure an Undermount Bathroom Sink

Step 1: Collect the Required Items

You need some items to help you with the process. Because you cannot do anything without them, you need to collect the materials required first. They include the following;

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Tape measure

Step 2: Measure the Sink’s Width

If you want to replace your bathroom sink with a new one, you must first remove the old one. Undermount sinks usually sit below the countertop, and you can’t see their lips.

When installing the sink for the first time, you need to measure its location to guide you in choosing the right sink size.

After removing the sink and resting it in a secure place, take the tape measure and start measuring its width. It’s the distance from one side of the sink to the other. Write down the results on a piece of paper.

If fixing the sink for the first time in your bathroom, measure the interior of the sink cabinet you’ve created for it.

Start by placing a tape measure from the cabinet’s left to right. What you get is the width of the cabinet. Write the results down.

Then subtract ½ – inch from the results to know the width of the sink to install in your bathroom.

For example, if you’ve measured the interior width of your bathroom’s sink cabinet and gotten 30.5 – inches, you will subtract 0.5 – inches to get the sink’s width.

Step 3: Measure the Sink’s Length

After recording down the measurements of the width:

  • Proceed to measure the length.
  • Take your tape measure and measure the distance from the sink’s rear to the front.
  • Record your findings on a piece of paper.

For a first-time installation, measure the sink countertop’s length using a tape measure.

Then deduct ½ – inch from the results gotten. What you acquire should be the length of your bathroom’s undermount sink.

Step 4: Measure the Sink’s Height

Once you put down the sink’s length, measure its height. You will need to hook your tape measure on the sink’s top and run it down to its bottom. Write down what you get.

If fixing the sink for the first time, what matters is to know the required width and length. The sinks come in different heights. It depends on their designs.

As long as the sink has the correct width and length, the sink height will depend on the structure of the sink you choose.

When determining the height, consider the location of the plumbing system for the sink.

Step 5: Measure the Sink’s Depth

Undermount sinks come in different designs. The shapes are not definite squares or rectangles, meaning that other parts come in different sizes.

The sink’s bottom may come slanted in some areas. It is the reason most sinks consist of a deep bottom part.

Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the sink’s top to its deepest part. The sink’s depth indicates the amount of water it can hold.

When using the sink cabinet and countertop measurements to determine the size of your undermount bathroom sink, you need not worry about the depth.

The sink design you choose will determine its depth. Whatever design you go for, ensure that you have the correct width and length.

The above information indicates that it’s like a downhill task to measure an undermount bathroom sink.

Some sinks are small, standard, while others are pretty big, like the double basin sinks. The process of measuring them all is the same.

How to Replace an Undermount Bathroom Sink

If you would like to replace your undermount bathroom sink, below are the steps:

  1. Measure your new sink to confirm that it fits into the hole that you have on your counter. Size is very important.
  2. Create a seal that’s watertight between your sink and the counter top by caulking the line found on the edges of your new sink bowl. This will help you in connecting the countertop and your sink bowl firmly. To stick this caulk on the edge, simply use a caulk gun.
  3. To position your new undermount bathroom sink, reach underneath your sink. This is best if you have help from someone else since they will hold the sink firmly while you keep tightening the clips.
  4. Get your screwdriver and use it to tighten all the screws around your sink hole and counter top. A hand drill or a screwdriver bit could also work well for this part.
  5. Wipe off your excess caulk. For this, you simply need a piece of cloth and water.
  6. After you’ve done this, wait for another 24 hours to ensure your silicone caulk is well set in. Afterwards, connect your faucet and drain lines.

Undermount Bathroom Sink Pros and Cons:

The pros:

  • A rectangular undermount bathroom sink has the advantage of a unique style that allows it to easily stand out. When you choose a rectangular bathroom sink, you will not even have to remodel your whole bathroom to give it a new look. It automatically offers a polished look and vibe to your entire bathroom space.
  • An undermount bathroom sink always has sleek lines that are great if your bathroom aesthetics are modern. It is best for people who like to explore new designs in their home spaces, including the bathroom area.
  • Rectangular undermount sinks are great if you are looking to have more space in your bathroom. They are also a great choice for those people who have larger bathrooms.

The cons:

  • They have square corners and as such, they do not fit very well into bathrooms of traditional styles. They might bring in an overwhelming touch into your bathroom.
  • These rectangular sinks not only overwhelm traditional bathrooms’ décor, they can also overwhelm a modern bathroom. This is especially true for one that is small in size. In other words, they work best for larger bathroom spaces. This is despite their under counter construction style that to a great extent saves on the counter space.

Undermount Bathroom Sink Sizes

Every bathroom comes with a different size of sink. If you put a large sink in a small bathroom, it will end up looking out of place.

These undesirable results can also come up if you put a small sink in a large bathroom. As such, it is important that you carefully check the size of your sink to determine just how proportional a sink you need.

The arrangement of your bathroom area should also determine the size of your sink. You might have the biggest bathroom but how you arrange its interior could make it look way smaller.

This could force you to buy a smaller bathroom sink. However, this is also an issue that could easily be solved by doing a few readjustments in your bathroom area.

For you to get a perfect size, look at the length, width, and depth of the undermount bathroom sink. Generally, smaller sink sizes can be made to accommodate any bathroom size despite being best for smaller bathrooms.

You should also note that sometimes, the sink sizes are based on the materials used in making the bathroom sink. As such, be careful while making a decision.

What is The Standard Size Undermount Bathroom Sink?

Standard undermount bathroom sinks are of different shapes. If round or oval, the sink’s diameter should be between 16 – 20 inches. The average water depth should be approximately 5 – 8 – niches.

As for the standard-sized rectangular undermount sinks, the side-to-side sizes should lie between 19 to 24 – inches. Their front-to-back distance should be approximately 16 – 23 – inches. Their water depth should be around 5 – 8 –inches.

If your bathroom is ADA compliant, the typical undermount sink should have a width of 30 – inches and be approximately 11 – 25 – inches deep.

If you are fixing a standard undermount sink in your bathroom, ensure it corresponds to what you will use it for.

Remember buying and installing an undermount bathroom sink is a long-time investment venture. You wouldn’t want to do it today then have it redone soon. It will be a waste of money and time.

A bathroom used by an average number of people is ideal for installing a typical standard-size undermount sink. Such a sink is also excellent to use for everyday morning rituals and bathroom needs.

Fix a small sink if you are the only one to use it or if you need it for washing hands only.

A bathroom for many people requires large undermount sinks. You can bathe your child or fury pal in such sinks, wash your hair, or perform some laundry cleaning.

A standard rectangular undermount bathroom sink should contain bowl dimensions ranging from 1 ½ – 2 ½ – inches. These measurements aren’t limited to the numbers given. They offer you direction when choosing a standard undermount sink for your bathroom.

The only essential thing to consider about the size of a typical undermount sink is its width and depth. The two should not exceed 30 – inches and 22 – inches, respectively.


You may have looked at so many undermount bathroom sink reviews and are wondering which sink to get. Which is the best undermount bathroom sink? That would be the Kohler K-2882-0 Vertycyl Undermount Sink.

You will love the design that makes it suitable for your vanity. Installing it is also very easy so you can make it a DIY project. If not, a lot of plumbers can install it for you within a very short time.

Among other modern bathroom sinks, it stands out for its elegance. You will appreciate how well it resists different stains and spots. Cleaning it only needs simple agents and a clean damp cloth.

The undermount bathroom sink can be used for many years to come. This deep bathroom sink also helps you free u a lot of counter space. It reduces the amount of splashing. As such, you will have a neater looking bathroom every time you finish using your bathroom.

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