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Best Walcut Bathroom Sink Models (Top 8 OPTIONS)

Best Walcut Bathroom Sink

The best Walcut bathroom sink can be a great addition to your bathroom interior. But what are the options and models that rate best of all.

The excellent aesthetic and convenient features of walnut bathroom sinks will elevate the facilities of a modern bathroom.

As you may have a little space in the bathroom, the best Walcut bathroom sinks will nicely fit that space. Moreover, Walcut sinks are compact and easy to install. Also, they are highly affordable.

Choosing a suitable sink from a vast product line-up should be easier when you know everything about a Walcut bathroom sink.

Best Walcut Bathroom Sinks

Top 8 Walcut Bathroom Sinks

Best Walcut Bathroom Sink

1. WALCUT Mini Wall Mount Vanity Corner Basin Small Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Rectangular sink
  • Ceramic build with premium finish
  • Brass faucet and popup drain
  • Wall mounted
  • No overflow

If you have a tiny bathroom with no countertop, this mini wall mount bathroom sink from Walcut can be a good choice. It has a compact design with no fancy extensions on the sides.

The sink is 18.1 inches long and 10 inches wide. So, it will fit into the corner walls of your bathroom easily.

As you can mount the sink on the wall, the space below will be usable. It has a ceramic build with premium glaze, making the surface shiny and scratch resistant. Also, cleaning the sink will be easier.

The faucet hole is on the right side of the sink. It comes with a brass faucet and a pop-up drain. Both the faucet and the bathroom sink drain have a chrome finish for a better look and durability.

Be it a bathroom in your house or commercial space; the bathroom sink from the WALCUT brand will blend anywhere.


  • Stunning finish
  • Small yet effective
  • It saves a lot of space
  • Comes with a faucet and drain
  • Ample clearance


  • Right corner installation only
  • The sink bottom is exposed

2. WALCUT Wall Mount Corner Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Round left pattern
  • Wall mounted
  • Overflow hole
  • Ceramic build
  • Accessories included

Though it is a mini bathroom sink, it differs from the previous sink in terms of shape and position. It has a rounded vessel shape with a left corner installation. Plus, it has an overflow hole that wasn’t present in the previous sink.

It has the same build quality as the rectangular sink you have seen earlier. Due to the shape, the glaze on this ceramic sink looks slightly better.

The sink comes with a brass faucet and pop-up drain for easy installation. Inlet hoses and a p-trap are also included in the package to reduce your hassle.

This compact sink measures 18.1 inches in length and 12.6 inches in width. As the faucet sits on the left corner of the sink, you get more space in the sink than in a rectangular sink. So, it can be a good choice for small bathrooms.


  • Durable ceramic sink with polished surface
  • Center drain hole with pop-up drain
  • Overflow hole to avoid flooding
  • Brass faucet and accessories included
  • Highly affordable


  • Low faucet reach
  • The shape isn’t symmetrical

3. WALCUT Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Vanity Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Tempered glass construction
  • Countertop installation
  • Center drain hole
  • The oil-rubbed bronze finish on faucet and drain
  • Round shape

If you have a countertop in your bathroom, this Walcut bathroom vanity sink will be the perfect fit for the space. It has a round vessel shape made with tempered glass. As a result, this sink will be very durable. Plus, its marbling design in a dark color intrigues everyone.

Due to the shape, it has a smaller length and width of 16.5 inches compared to the previous sinks. So, it will take less space than those sinks. The 0.5-inch thick glass surface is scratch resistant.

It has a faucet, pop-up drain, water supply lines, and other accessories. So, you don’t need to buy anything separately. The tap and pop-up drain have an oil-rubbed bronze finish to match the sink.


  • Handmade sink with tempered glass for better durability
  • The smooth, non-porous surface is spot-resistant
  • The round shape takes less space
  • All mounting accessories included
  • Better aesthetics than other sinks


  • A bit pricier than ceramic sinks
  • The dark color may tarnish over time

4. WALCUT Porcelain Ceramic Made Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Ceramic construction
  • Wall mounted
  • Rounded front
  • Tiny sink
  • Accessories included

This wall-mount bathroom sink from WALCUT is exceptionally compact for tight spaces. It can be a good fit for commercial bathrooms. The back of the sink is straight so that you can mount it on the wall. And the front is rounded to save space.

As a result, the sink is 13 inches in length and only 11 inches in width. Though the sink is small, it doesn’t compromise on build quality. You get a sturdy ceramic build with a premium finish. So, the small bathroom corner sink won’t catch stains easily.

It comes with necessary accessories to easily mount in your bathroom. Long water supply lines are also included for convenience. The brass faucet and pop-up drain provided with the sink are of decent quality.

The white bathroom sink even has an overflow hole. Overall, it will be a good fit for small bathrooms as it won’t take up much space.


  • Small in dimensions
  • Non-porous surface
  • Lightweight so easily stays mounted
  • Premium finish for a better look
  • A rounded shape maximizes space


  • Right corner installation only
  • Too small bowl

5. WALCUT 36” Modern Tempered Glass Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo

Highlighted Features:

  • Sink, cabinet, and mirror combo
  • Countertop vessel sink
  • 36” square bowl
  • Ceramic sink with wooden cabinet
  • All accessories included

This is a combo package where you get a square ceramic vessel sink with an MDF wood cabinet and a vanity mirror. The combination looks great in any bathroom and will provide great convenience.

You can install the sink on the MDF cabinet. The square bowl has rounded corners. So, the sink has less chance of chipping in the corners.

High-quality material is used to make the sink and the cabinet, so they will last longer than ordinary sinks. A 0.5-inch tempered glass on the countertop makes the whole thing look premium.

The ceramic sink is non-porous and has a glossy surface. So, it will catch fewer stains and be easy to clean. The cabinet has soft closing doors, which is a great addition. Faucets, pop-up drains, and other accessories come with the combo.


  • Top-notch build quality
  • Very easy to install
  • Several drawers in the cabinet
  • Wall-mounted large mirror
  • Large sink bowl


  • Very expensive
  • Not for small bathrooms

6. WALCUT Oval Clear Tempered Glass Vessel Sink Bath Bowl

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of tempered glass
  • Boat-shaped vessel sink
  • Standard drain opening
  • Artistic faucet set
  • Transparent color

This is the unique WALCUT bathroom sink you have ever seen. It has a boat-like design, built with clear tempered glass to make the sink an artistic masterpiece.

The sink is 21.5 inches in length and 14.2 inches in width. It should be installed on the countertop. The faucet included with the sink is also unique. It has a standard center drain hole and matching pop-up drain to enhance the beauty of the sink.

Though the glass thickness of the vessel is a bit lower than usual at 0.4 inches, it is incredibly durable. So the sink won’t shatter easily. Plus, the edges of the sink vessel are rounded to minimize chipping. The sink won’t catch any stains easily. And the chance of yellowing over time is also low.

It is also lightweight than other sinks of this size.


  • Unique shape increases aesthetics
  • Durable and transparent tempered glass
  • Glass faucet design to match the bowl
  • Large vessel sink
  • Accessories included


  • The glass thickness is low
  • Countertop installation only

7. WALCUT Silver Green Round Bathroom Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Tempered glass construction
  • Round vessel sink
  • Countertop installation
  • Silver green color
  • Faucet and accessories included

You get this unique WALCUT sink in silver green that will match white or black countertops very easily. It is made of thick tempered glass to be highly durable and shatter-resistant. Plus, its smooth surface will resist stains.

The sink should be mounted on countertops with the help of included accessories. It has a faucet and pop-up drain in the package. The faucet is similar to what you get with the bathroom sink.

It has a length and width of 16.3 inches, so the sink will be suitable for small to medium-sized bathrooms. The height of the faucet is a bit more than other faucets, so you will get enough clearance in the sink.

You can rely on the durable construction of the sink. Its edges are rounded to prevent chipping. As this is a glass sink, there will be no overflow hole in the sink.


  • Takes up less space
  • The smooth tempered glass surface doesn’t catch water stains
  • Stain-resistant and chrome-finished faucet
  • High faucet clearance
  • Modern design


  • A bit heavy
  • No overflow hole

8. WALCUT 24” Bathroom Vanity with Ceramic Square Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Ceramic sink with wooden cabinet
  • Vanity mirror included
  • Square or bowl sink options
  • Countertop mounted
  • Tempered glass cabinet top

Remember the 36” sink and cabinet combo you have seen before? This is the smaller version of that sink and is also cheaper. This Walcut bathroom sink has a square vessel, but you can also opt for a round bowl. The round bowl will have an overflow hole but none in the square sink.

It is made of premium ceramic to give the sink better durability. The wooden cabinet is made of MDF and has two drawers with soft closing doors. A 0.5-inch thick glass is placed on top of the cabinet to increase aesthetics. Plus, the glass prevents water from reaching the cabinet.

The square sink with rounded corners looks elegant. A chrome-finished faucet and a pop-up drain come with the sink. Installing the sink is relatively easy. And it will cost a lot less than the bigger version.


  • Affordable combo package
  • Durable ceramic sink and MDF cabinet
  • Large vanity mirror
  • Stylish outlook
  • All accessories included


  • Only one-year warranty
  • Not for tight spaces

How to Determine Which WALCUT Bathroom Sink Is Best

Sink Size

When choosing a bathroom sink, size is the most important factor. We commonly have small spaces inside a bathroom.

So, a vanity sink should be compact yet useful. If you want a sink for residential spaces, 15-18 inches long sinks will be good enough.

But if you need a sink for commercial space, you can go for smaller dimensions such as 13-inch long sinks.

Sink Bowl Shape

An RV bathroom corner sink is more suitable than countertop-mounted sinks. This is because rounded vessel sinks take less space than rectangular or square vessel sinks. Also, square or rectangular sinks are more prone to chipping because of their corners.

There will be no such issues with rounded vessel sinks. So, choosing a round sink bowl might be helpful for you.

Mounting Position

If you have a very tight space in the bathroom, a mini wall mount bathroom sink will be better. These sinks can be installed on the corners of the bathroom. Plus, you can use the space beneath the sink.

But countertop mounted sinks will require more space in the bathroom. Plus, the cabinet beneath the sink occupies a lot of space. So, you should consider a suitable mounting position depending on your bathroom size.

Material and Build Quality

Ceramic and glass are two of the most commonly used material for the Walcut bathroom sink. Tempered glass sinks are usually more expensive than their ceramic counterparts. But still, they pack some serious aesthetics, which might be the favorite of most homeowners.

On the other hand, ceramic sinks are pretty affordable. And if a ceramic sink is glazed correctly, it is expected to last for longer than tempered glass sinks. So, you can easily opt for one.


When you buy ordinary bathroom sinks, you need to buy faucets, pop-up drains, sink clips, and other mounting hardware separately. But all of these come with a Walcut bathroom sink to reduce your hassle.

You will even get water supply lines in the package to install the sink easily. These faucets and pop-up drains are mostly made of stainless steel and chrome-finished for a better look. The finish also prevents these components from rusting.


The price of Walcut sinks can vary depending on the material, design, and size of the sink. Ceramic sinks from WALCUT are highly affordable. You can get one for under $100.

But tempered glass sinks will cost a lot. These sinks may cost $400-$700 based on their shape, color, material quality, etc. Cheap sinks are more suitable for commercial spaces.

Best Ranked Walcut Bathroom Sink

Well, it is the Walcut Mini Wall Mount Vanity Corner Basin Small Bathroom Sink with a rectangular shape.

The size of the sink is perfect for small to medium bathrooms. It has a high-quality ceramic build for excellent durability. The finish on the sink is also premium to prevent stains.

You get a brass faucet with a chrome finish in the package. The faucet is high enough to give ample clearance. A pop-up drain made of the same material is also included with the sink.

As you get all the accessories in the package, installing the top-rated WALCUT bathroom sink is very easy. And at a price tag under $100, this is the affordable WALCUT sink.