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Outdoor Faucet Manufacturers (COMPLETE Guide To The Best Brands)

Need to know the best outdoor faucet manufacturers? We have a guide to the leading brands on the market.

There are several brands out there that manufacture outdoor water valves, from high end to more budget friendly faucet producers.

It is important to know about each of them, the sort of outdoor faucet types they offer and how the design of each differs.

This guide to each brand helps you get a better understanding of which ones you can trust and which manufacturers stand out from the crowd.

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Prier is an outdoor faucet brand with a history that dates back to 140 years ago when the founder first got to the US.

Anton Prier started creating heavy duty brass products while in America. Over the years, his plumbing products including faucets have been known to reduce hassles and often stand the test of time.

Today, whenever you purchase from the brand, part of the revenue they get goes to a worthy cause.


Toliwel is a brand of faucets by the Toliwel Limited Company which was started back in 2012.

It is a private company that manufactures strong, durable, and decorative outside faucets. These faucets come in nice colors and finishes that will add to the aesthetic of our garden area.

Midline Valve

The Midline Valve is another brand known to manufacture faucets from strong brass material. They make outdoor faucets that are very decorative, with easy-to-turn handles.

Their faucets also produce water at the right pressure giving you an easy time. The different faucets have an aesthetically pleasing finish to them.


The Taiwan brand is known to be a go-to manufacturer if you need an old-fashioned outdoor spigot or an antique faucet.

They make decorative ones that will give your outdoor space that nice and unique appearance. The brand, as the name suggests, is from Taiwan and has a reputation for providing durable faucets.

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Best Faucets From Outdoor Faucet Manufacturers