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Flush Mount vs Undermount Sink (The ULTIMATE Comparison)

Flush Mount Vs Undermount Sink

Deciding on an Flush Mount vs Undermount Sink? We’ve got the ultimate comparison to help you choose which one to buy.

The beauty of your kitchen is heavily dependent on the kitchen sink that you are going to use.

When it comes to style, you have undoubtedly heard about the flush mount and undermount sinks. There are misunderstandings that they are both the same thing. Even though they look almost the same, they certainly aren’t.

The structural distinction between them is the undermount sinks require a specific room in the countertop to be installed. Whereas, flush mount sinks require a whole countertop that will be integrated with the sink.

What Does Flush Mount Mean?

As per the word book, flush mount means mounting something with the wall. Additionally, the outer body is not visible and integrated into the walls. Leaving out the useful surface on the top surface of a wall. 

However, when it comes to flush mount sinks, the sinks remain evenly fitted with the countertop. Moreover, supported by the base cabinets.

You can instantly tell that it’s a flush-mounted sink if you can’t identify the sink from the countertop. It’s because the countertop and the basin itself are made from the same material and remain seamless.

What is an Undermount Sink?

When a countertop has a cutout, it’s for an under mount sink to be installed. The cutout remains observable and is exposable to water. Thus, the water would interact and cause unhygienic conditions.

As much as the material used in the countertop needs to be strong, the weight that the basin holds must be less. The sink is then attached to the countertop using silicone adhesive. Additionally, clips are used in the base cabinets to support the undermount sink.

Overall, an under-mount sink is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sink that sits deep below the top and makes cleaning large dishes easier with its depth. You can use an undermount kitchen sink with a granite countertop to maximize your kitchen’s vibe.

Moreover, an undermount bathroom sinks are a great addition to modern bathrooms.

Flush Mount vs Undermount Sink

To be able to identify the sink that you want, knowing the difference between flush-mount and under-mount sinks is a must. There’s no “better” one as each of them excels at its functionality. Ultimately, it’s the one that makes your kitchen work convenient.

Difference 1: Installation

In the installation process, none of them are easy. Both flush mount sinks and under-mount sinks require experienced helping hands to get them installed. So, don’t even try to do it yourself if you are not experienced at all.

However, under-mount sinks are certainly easier to install. Installing an under-mount sink involves taking measurements of your desired sink and sizing it accordingly. Later, use silicone adhesive and some clips to make the sink stick to it.

Contrarily, flush mount sinks will require a ton of measurements, and picking out the perfect material. As these sinks come in sets, the one who does the installation knows how exhausting it is.

Difference 2: Price

You would need to buy the whole set of countertops and the integrated sink. There’s no doubt why a flush mount sink wouldn’t cost more than an under-mount one.

However, that doesn’t make the price difference far-reaching. With an under-mount sink, you need to make sure that water doesn’t get exposed to it. For that to happen, you would need to hire an expert that knows the installation process.

Additionally, the use of solid material like marbles are recommended. Yes, you can surely use cheaper materials like stainless steel, but in the long run, it will cost more.

Difference 3: Less Clutter

Generally, flush-mounted sinks are smaller in size than under-mount sinks. For this, you have more things to keep on the countertop than undermount sinks. Additionally, no vessels are seen in the flush-mounted sinks, and you get the same workspace.

On the other hand, undermount sinks are wider and deeper. Thus, more space for dishes but less for the countertop. Don’t get us wrong here; under-mount sinks are also good at saving room.

Difference 4: Replacement

If you’re thinking about installing sinks in a home with children who are constantly battling, replacing parts may be essential. Flush-mounted sinks wouldn’t be your best bet here, as a replacement for them is difficult.

You have to commit to your sink once you have chosen a flush sink. You do not have the option to change only the sink to a newer design as it involves changing the entire setup. However, the design makes it long-lasting than under-mounted ones.

But in terms of damage done to the sink, you cannot just go to the nearby shop and find broken parts of your flush sink. Rather it involves hiring a professional.

Contrarily, undermounted sinks are easily replaceable if any damage is done to them. Additionally, you can also replace the sink if you want to.

Difference 5: Cleaning

Cleaning sinks are one of the heftiest jobs ever, and we are sure you don’t like it either. Thanks to the even surface of both the sinks makes them the easiest to clean.

Due to its superb design, the tiny left-outs don’t get stuck in the corners. As a result, there’s mostly nothing that needs to be cleaned as it all gets in the drain hole.

Pros and Cons of Undermount Sink

Now that you know about their differences, it’s time for the pros and cons. Having a peak at it will lead you to a better view of sinks that you might prefer over the other. Let’s get this started.


  • Undermount sinks are very easy to clean.
  • You can change the sink anytime as long as the width is the same.
  • They are deep enough for your big and large dishes to be cleaned easily.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • These sink parts are widely available in the market and are less likely to suffer from not finding the parts.


  • Chance of getting exposed to water and growing molds and stack specks of dirt.
  • Mandatory to select a sink that is lightweight as the attaching material that is used here is adhesives and clips.
  • Using solid material is preferred, which is quite expensive.

Pros and Cons of Flush Mount Sink

Flush mount sinks also bring delightful benefits to the table but the drawbacks aren’t any bad either. Here they are;


  • The build quality remains super and durable due to the collaboration of the countertop and flush-mounted sinks.
  • Less likely to come across any mold.
  • Fewer specks of dirt are trapped as the finishing is smooth.
  • Easier to clean than under-mount sinks.
  • Flush-mount sinks are generally compact and thus save a lot of space on the countertop.
  • Give out a premium feel due to the fluent surface between the sink and counter.


  • The entire set needs to be replaced if damaged.
  • Flush mount sinks are not found right off the market but have to be custom-made.
  • The installation process is the hardest and requires hiring a professional.
  • Do not have the freedom to change sinks anytime.

Can an Undermount Sink Be Flush Mounted?

As much as you want to install an undermount sink like a flush-mounted one, it’s not possible. Undermount sinks are meant to be installed like an undermounted one and not flush mounted. Thus, there is no use in selecting an undermount sink.

A flush mounted is a custom-made sink that only works with itself. As a result, calling a professional to get your under-mounted sink flush mounted is a loss project. Additionally, to be a flush-mounted sink, the counter-top has to be made out of the same material as the basin.

Is Flush Mount the Same as Undermount?

As mentioned before, there are a few differences between flush mount and under-mount sinks that make them special. An under-mount sink only needs a cutout in the counter-top to be installed. On the other hand, flush mount sinks are integrated with the countertop itself.

However, when it comes to style, both of them are equally good and can be considered the same. Not only that but in terms of providing you with easy cleaning, they are the same.

Most people even get confused between these two sinks as both of them look very similar. Nonetheless, there are certainly some minor changes that will be seen between them.


To conclude, the difference between Flush Mount and Undermount Sink is never-ending and none of them can be called a winner. It’s entirely up to you what you are searching for.

While the flush-mount sinks are durable, a replacement for these things is never easy to find. Additionally, they charge extra compared to under-mount ones.

On the other hand, undermount sinks are the way to go when you know that your sinks go through rough times every day. You have the full freedom to do whatever you want with an undermount sink.

Their parts can be easily found and changeable. Nevertheless, has a chance of molding as the installation is not flawless as a flush-mounted one.

However, a few things in common are that they provide a countertop with more space and the convenience of being cleaned easily.