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Top 10 Best Faucets for Laundry Sink (This Year’s TOP Options)

Best Faucet for Laundry Sink

A laundry sink takes a suitable faucet to tackle the mess, but how do you choose the best faucets for laundry sinks? Here’s our shortlist.

Unlike a kitchen sink faucet, the best laundry sink faucet has a separate handle for cold and hot water because of the intense cleaning chores.

However, the laundry sink faucets have a swivel spout that delivers water to all sink parts for convenient cleaning. It also has an aesthetic appeal and two easy-to-operate handles for water control.

With many faucets for utility sinks on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky. Luckily, it becomes easier by considering some factors before buying, as illustrated in this guide.

Most Durable Faucets for Laundry Sink

What’s a Laundry Sink Faucet?

A laundry sink faucet is a fixture fixed on a laundry sink, also known as a utility sink. It delivers water for cleaning many items. And large ones too, like fabrics, brush paints, farm tools, and muddy shoes.

You can install a wash sink faucet in a residential or commercial facility. Unlike a kitchen sink faucet, a laundry room faucet gets made to perform other than to please the eye. That’s why they have compression valves instead of mixing valves. Plus are not as sleek as the kitchen sink faucets.

The spout of a faucet for the laundry sink comes with external hose threads at its end. You can screw on your garden hose to conveniently deliver water to various parts of your wash area.

Some have sprayers to clean large items and control the water flow.

You can mount a laundry room faucet on a one or three-hole sink. But the measurements from the center of one hole to another should be 4 – inches.

Depending on the sink size, design, and your preference, you can mount a faucet for the laundry room sink on the wall or countertop.

10 Best Faucets for Laundry Sinks:

Best Faucet for Laundry Sink

1. Delta Classic Chrome Two Handle Laundry Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted with chrome
  • Finished with chrome
  • It has two handles
  • Deck mount
  • 360 degrees swing spout

Delta Faucet 2131LF Classic Two Handle Laundry Faucet is an aesthetic and high-function combo fixture.

The spout sits beautifully between two well-designed handles. You can attach your garden hose for convenient cleaning to a hose thread at the spout’s end.

The blade handles look lovely. One is for delivering hot water and the other for cold water. Because of the separate hot and cold water handles, the installation may entail more work.

Among the many faucets for utility sinks, it’s the most convenient to use because its spout can turn to any angle. Water can reach the cleaning items on any part of the sink.

Having been constructed with solid brass, Delta Faucet 2131LF Classic Two Handle Laundry Faucet lasts for many years. Its chrome finish adds to its beauty and long life. It also makes the laundry sink faucet rust and stain-resistant.

Because of its sturdy construction, it can withstand banging and other kinds of pressure. As a result, Delta Faucet 2131LF Classic Two Handle Laundry Faucet fits both private homeowners and public spaces.

You can install it in your two-hole sink if the hole size equals that of the faucet. It’s an easy procedure too.

Unlike a kitchen faucet, you can only install it in a utility sink, and you don’t have to spend much on acquiring one.


  • Elegantly designed
  • A robust construction
  • The spout can turn up to 360 degrees for convenient cleaning
  • It has separate easy-to-use blade handles for cold and hot water
  • You can install it on a two-hole sink


  • Require extra plumbing for the separate hot and cold water lines
  • The sink faucet holes much match the size of the faucet to install it

2. Moen Chrome Color Two-Handle 4-Inch Centerset Utility Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Deck mount
  • A polished finish
  • Made with metal
  • Centerset
  • Two handles

It’s a centerset laundry sink faucet with mini-blade handles and a threaded spout. You can easily identify the hot and cold water outlet with color indicators on the handles. Still, the handles control water volume.

Cleaning within and around the laundry sink becomes easy with Moen 734998 Chateau Two-Handle 4 – Inch Centerset Utility Faucet. You can connect 3/8 – inches ball nose connections within its inlet shanks. Also, the faucet’s low-arc spout get designed to meet all your day’s cleaning chores.

It’s an attractive modern faucet for all laundry sinks and washing spaces. Thanks to its charming mirror-like chrome finish that blends well with various styles and is a breeze to clean.

If you have a person with disabilities using the laundry room, Moen 734998 Chateau Two-Handle 4 – Inch Centerset Utility Faucet would be great to install. Its lever handles meet the requirements of Americans with Disabilities (ADA).

The faucet’s metal construction can handle rigorous usage in any utility room. And to back it up, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. You can return it in case of defects, drips, and leaks, guaranteeing value for your money.

And what’s intriguing? It’s an easy-to-install deck mount on a one or three-hole sink.


  • A flexible design fixable on a one or three-hole sink
  • Easy to operate handles
  • Complies with ADA
  • Highly attractive chrome finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • No installation instructions
  • No installation hardware

3. Central Brass 2-Handle Laundry Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted with cast brass
  • Brown color
  • Deck mount
  • Rough brass finish
  • Two lever handles

Central Brass 0465 2-Handle Laundry Faucet is the best value pack for heavy-duty use. Made with a robust brass construction, you can use it in your basement, garage, or busy laundry room. Designed to withstand pressure and accidental bumps, it’s ideal for a commercial setting. Plus, it’s exceptionally durable too.

The basement sink faucet features a 6 – inch spout that swings right or left at different angles for easier cleaning. You can also attach a hose pipe on the spout’s threaded end to deliver water to various parts of your cleaning space.

Its easy-to-turn lever handles make it easy to find the right water temperature for your cleaning. With the easy-to-understand installation guide, mounting and maintaining Central Brass 0465 2-Handle Laundry Faucet is a cinch.

It also features straddle legs and replaceable seats. The stems are also quarter–turn and quick-pression for a better user experience. Direct sweat inlets are ½ -inches, while the centers measure 3 ½ – inches.

The overall construction is compact with an antique look that will bring a traditional nostalgic appeal to a modern laundry room.


  • An appealing antique design
  • Withstands bumps and high pressure
  • Suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks
  • Ideal for home and commercial cleaning facilities
  • Easy to turn lever handles


  • Complicated to install
  • Attached to a large hose pipe only

4. Kingston Brass KB471 Polished Chrome Faucet for Laundry Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Constructed with brass
  • Two knob handles
  • Chrome polished
  • Deck mounted
  • Ceramic and washerless cartridges

Kingston Brass KB471 Laundry Faucet features solid brass construction and a duraseal washerless cartridge. It is extremely durable with minimum care. And what’s stunning? The faucet for laundry tub hardly leaks or corrodes. Hard water does not affect it either.

It’s hard not to notice the two attractive knob handles. One controls hot water while the other delivers cold water. Plus, the handles are easy to operate too.

Users enjoy water volume and temperature as adjusted. Thanks to the installed cartridges and ball valves.

The ceramic cartridges control the water flow, while the washerless cartridges ensure water maintains constant pressure for convenient cleaning. The stainless steel, ball valve control water temperature.

Though the shiny chrome suits different laundry room styles, the manufacturer offers other options to cater to various preferences. The commercial finish makes the faucet for laundry sink a piece of cake to clean. It doesn’t rust, either.

You’ll require a mounting deck with two holes measuring 4 – inches apart from the center of each hole. Featuring a spout clearance of 2 5/8 – inches and 5 ¾ – inches reach, the water flows into the sink without splashing. It leaves enough washing space too.


  • Easy water temperature, pressure, and volume control
  • A sturdy, durable construction
  • A sleek design
  • Ideal to use in any laundry space
  • Variety options


  • Installable only on a two-hole deck
  • The short spout makes it inconvenient to wash if the sink is wall mounted

5. Homewerks 3310-250-RB-B Rough Brass Laundry Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with zinc and brass
  • Chrome finish
  • Wall mount
  • Two handles
  • 7 – inch Swivel spout

Are you searching for a high-functioning laundry room faucet to complement your cleaning space at a friendly price? Homewerks 3310-250-RB Rough Brass Laundry Faucet is. It features a strong construction of rough brass and two zinc handles.

The 7 – inch spout swivels in all directions, delivering water to every corner of the sink. It makes washing enjoyable and convenient.

Most homeowners love the modern and traditional features of this faucet. The golden, rough brass and long spout bring a conventional touch into the room.

You experience the modern feel from the trendy designed zinc handles too. It’s a real beauty spot in any utility room. Plus, it gets crafted to last too.

With only a ¼ turn, you open the tap. And the flowing water does not drip too, thanks to the drip-free cartridges.

Homewerks 3310-250-RB Rough Brass Laundry Faucet has an aerator, but you can remove it and connect an adaptor to attach a standard-size garden hose. It makes it easier to water your plants, bath pets, or perform other water intense chores from this faucet.

It’s a wall-mounted laundry faucet that’s easy to fix. But the hole center distances should be 3.37 – inches. The package comes with easy DIY installation instructions. It’s ideal for replacing or installing as new to spice up and improve the performance of your laundry space.

Producing 2.2 gallons of water per minute, this washtub faucet makes your life convenient.

It’s also the best faucet for laundry sinks because it gets certified to regional, national, and international standards.


  • Easy to install
  • Robust
  • Value for money
  • Trusted quality
  • You can connect your garden hose


  • Mounting holes should be 3.37 – inches apart from their center
  • You can only clamp-mount it

6. Aqua Plumb Two-Handle Rough Brass Laundry Tray Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with brass
  • Mounted on the deck
  • It has two CP canopy lever handles
  • Finished with rough brass
  • Delta style cartridges

Aqua Plumb 1828010 features a rough brass body and chrome polished canopy lever handles. It’s one of the finest faucet for laundry sink to buy with a limited budget. Many homeowners fall for the faucet’s simplicity and functionality combo features.

If your deck cannot accommodate it effectively, you can mount it on a faucet block. With its ½ – inches of IPS unions, the laundry sink faucet supplies water adequately.

For a two-basin laundry sink, you can mount it at the central location where the spout can swivel within both bowls and supply water as required. But if you require water further away from the bowl, they can connect a hose pipe to the threaded outlet spout.

In addition, the faucet for laundry sink comes with an adapter for easy connection. Most users love that the faucet has easy-to-access replacement parts. It uses Delta seats and cartridges that function effectively.

What will catch your eye is the faucet’s fluid design lines, which make cleaning easy.  The entire look is simple but sleek. And you can install it in any utility room too. It’s durable also. Thanks to its robust brass construction that guarantees its reliability.

You can buy Aqua Plumb 1828010 without worries because the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty. Besides, it meets all the required certifications, making it a real value for your money.


  • Easy to use lever handles
  • It has quality seats and cartridges from Delta
  • It comes with an adapter for easy connection
  • A reliable solid brass construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A thin center spout
  • The rough surface may interfere with a secure connection, which can cause leaking

7. Moen 4-Inch Commercial Two-Handle Centerset Utility Room Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Constructed with brass
  • Chrome polished
  • Two lever handles
  • A single mount
  • Certified

Moen Commercial M-DURA Chrome laundry faucet fits the description perfectly if looking for style and functionality. With its reflective mirror finish and elegant design, the faucet for laundry sink can fit any modern or traditional laundry space.

The brass construction makes it sturdy to withstand constant use and frequent misuse. It’s the perfect faucet to install in your busy or commercial utility space.

With cold and hot color indicator lever handles, the laundry room faucet makes your water adjustment a breeze. Thanks to its durable ceramic cartridge, a quarter-turn operation is enough to deliver enough water for washing. It gets designed to make your cleaning easier.

And by connecting your hose pipe to the threaded spout, you can clean even the furthest parts of your laundry room. Plus you can water your outside flowers and other plants.

Installing it is a doddle. You only need a 4 – inch center set mount with two faucet holes. But each hole should not measure less than 1 –inch. Better still, it’s compliant with ADA, guaranteeing quality and easy usability.


  • Robust construction that lasts for an extended period
  • A beautiful, metallic gray look that blends well with the interior of any laundry room
  • Easy to mount
  • A threaded spout that attaches to a garden hose
  • ADA compliant


  • You can only mount it on a two-hole deck
  • The mounting holes should measure 1 – inch and above

8. Phiestina Brushed Nickel 2 Handles Laundry faucet with Swing Spout and Hose End

Highlighted Features:

  • 360 degrees swivel spout
  • Made with copper
  • Deck mounted
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Two handles

Phiestina Brushed Nickel Inch Laundry Faucet features a spout that makes washing breathtakingly easy.

With a height of 4.527 – inches that slants upwards, the center-placed spout leaves enough space for cleaning. It also streams water at the sink’s center, avoiding side splashing. Plus, the spout can make a 360-degree turn to deliver water to all parts of your laundry sink, increasing convenience.

Still, the threaded spout makes the faucet for laundry sink more versatile. How? You can attach a hose pipe and clean a vast area or take water to a distanced location.

You enjoy peace of mind knowing the lead-free copper-built wash tub faucet poses no health safety concerns.

Anyone can install Brushed Nickel 2 Handles 4 Inch Centerest Threaded Spout Utility/Laundry Faucet, but it must be on a two or three-hole sink. Also, the holes should be 4 – inches apart from their centers.

Despite the sleek design, robust construction, and high functionality of the wash sink faucet, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty! And what’s more? It’s pocket-friendly, and every dime counts.


  • Lead-free construction materials
  • Quick deck installation
  • A threaded and swivel spout
  • Complements all laundry interiors
  • Lifetime warranty service


  • Only mountable on a two or three-hole sink
  • The mounting holes should be 4 – inches apart from their centers

9. Olympia Chrome Finish Two Handle Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Two stylish blade handles with color indicators
  • Brass made
  • Chrome polished
  • Deck mount
  • 360 degrees swivel spout

Are you looking for the best basement sink faucet to complement your modern laundry room and make your cleaning extremely easy? Olympia Faucets B-8190 Two Handle Laundry Faucet may be a great option.

Despite effectively delivering water to every corner of your sink, you can swivel the spout away to clear more space for cleaning.

The elegantly crafted blade lever handles are easy to operate, and their colors indicate whether to use cold or hot water. When opened to full capacity, the faucet for laundry tub streams water at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute.

No wonder it’s excellent for heavy-duty cleaning chores, making it a great faucet for commercial or busy utility rooms.

With the right care, the chrome finish gives an attractive reflective look while adding beauty to the wash area. It doesn’t scratch or rust, either.

You can easily mount it on a two or three-hole sink or deck. Plus, the holes should be 4 –inches apart from their center point.

It has been made and distributed in the USA and meets all the required regulations and pertinent codes. The faucet, therefore, guarantees quality and performance!


  • Touch, rust, and scratch-resistant chrome finish
  • Strong construction and optimum functionality
  • Last for many years
  • Easy water adjustment via the two blade handles
  • A spout that turns all around for convenient cleaning


  • The price is a bit high compared to other same-level competitive brands
  • Not mountable on a one-hole sink.

10. Pacific Bay Utility Laundry Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Crafted with solid stainless steel
  • Commercial finish
  • Two effortless to use knob handles
  • Deck mount
  • Full sink access spout

Pacific Bay – Lynden Utility Laundry Sink Faucet stuns with its versatility, strong construction, and elegant design. It’s the laundry sink faucet to consider for your RV, basement, garage, bar, bathroom, laundry room, or any other washing space.

Despite mounting it anywhere, the faucet for the laundry room sink has exciting added features. The well-crafted knob handles adjust water volume and temperature for efficient cleaning.

The spout turns every angle to access all sink areas, making it convenient. You can hook your hose pipe too, thanks to the threaded spout.

Apart from its modern design, most users love that Pacific Bay – Lynden Utility Laundry Sink Faucet also brings durability to the table. It’s a non-resistible fixture designed to last in your utility space for many years.

Its polished finish is spot-resistant and doesn’t rust, either. And what’s exciting? No plumber is required to mount it. It’s an easy installation on a two-hole deck or sink.

The faucet’s simple low arc spout and compact design make it ideal for installation on any utility or laundry tubs and sinks. Water flows from the spout at a 1.8 GPM rate, enhancing outdoor and indoor use.

As a lead-free and cUPC-certified faucet for a laundry sink, it’s one of the best available!


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • You can mount it anywhere
  • It has added features to make cleaning and water delivery a breeze
  • Effortless installation
  • A trendy design that’s durable


  • You can only mount it on a two-hole sink or tub
  • The mounting holes should separate 4 – inches from the center of each.

How to Determine Which Faucet for Laundry Sink Is Best

Buying a faucet for a laundry sink may seem easy due to the many options. But it’s tricky too. It’s a hard nut to crack finding the right one. The trick is to consider some factors before making a purchase. And what are they? They include the following;

Material Used

The material used in making a laundry sink faucet determines if it has a weak, medium, or sturdy construction. Some materials, such as stainless steel, brass, and chrome, make a strongly constructed faucet. It means that it lasts for an extended period of functioning optimally.

The case differs from a faucet crafted with weak synthetic materials like plastic. You should be keen on what makes a laundry room faucet before buying it for the best results.


What do you love? Do you have a thing for traditional designs or settle for modern appeals? Or do you prefer a mixture of both? These are things to ask yourself when looking for a faucet for laundry sink that suits you.

Some designs suit outdoor use, while others blend well with the interior of various laundry areas. Always go for a design that pleases your eyes and meets your needs.

Water Control

It’s essential to know how the faucet for the laundry room sink controls water. Check if one handle is for the cold water, and the other for the hot water. If so, is it easy to control the handles?

The force behind a faucet that regulates its water flow perfectly is its valve. Some quality valves such as a cartridge, ball, compression, and disc make water regulation a breeze. You may need to investigate if it has any of these valves installed.


A small laundry room faucet will not work perfectly on a busy, large utility sink. The size must match the cleaning chores.

Otherwise, you may spend time accumulating enough cleaning water. A small spout may stream water to the sink’s side, splashing it everywhere. The water does not reach all sink parts either.

Mounting Type

You can mount some faucets on the countertop and others on the wall. You will also need a mounting deck for some. Before purchasing your laundry sink faucet, investigate your laundry sink and area to confirm the installation requirements.

A wall mounted laundry faucet may not fit and look great on the countertop, and vice versa. The faucet you choose should meet your installation requirements.

Added Features

A great faucet for laundry sink comes with added features to boost its functionality. For example, the spout end can come threaded to allow a garden hose attachment. As a result, you can do your cleaning outside or water plants.

Also, other spouts can swing 360 degrees to ensure water reaches every part of the sink for convenient cleaning. You can also turn the spout aside for more cleaning room.

The handles can come labeled or with different colors indicating cold or hot water for easy accessibility. Some handle styles like the blade, lever, cross, and knob make it easy to operate.

A laundry sink faucet with extra features may come with an added cost, but worth it.

Water Pressure

Most laundry tasks require high water pressure for effective cleaning. 

Before getting your faucet, check the water pressure. A good faucet for laundry sink produces high pressure without using excess water.


Generally, laundry sink faucets are affordable. But others cost less than others. Researching before buying can save you some bucks. The same faucet may cost less in another store.

Still, others may be pricey based on the materials, design, and added capabilities. If on a budget, you may need to ignore a faucet with the extra features. What matters is that it meets your needs and budget.

Besides the above factors, you need to consider the water flow rate of a faucet for laundry sink. And which is the best one? Here is the insight;

What is a Good Water Flow Rate for a Laundry Sink Faucet?

What is a Good Water Flow Rate for a Laundry Sink Faucet

Since 1994, faucets’ standard water flow rate has been 2.2 and 2.5 GPM. For a kitchen faucet, it must not go beyond 2.2 GPM.

Bathroom faucets are more restricted to 0.5 to 1.5 GPM. But older faucets may deliver more water.

Unlike kitchen faucets, tub faucets have no flow restrictions. You just turn it off when full, and it can run at about 4 – 7 GPM.

A good flow meets your cleaning needs and should not exceed standard rates.

Final Thoughts

The Delta Faucet 2131LF Classic Two Handle Laundry Faucet is the best laundry faucet among them.

The fixture features a solid brass construction to withstand any vigorous laundry chores. It also performs optimally in any commercial or busy utility room at an affordable cost. The faucet for laundry lasts many years too.

The easy-to-operate stylish blade handles make it a piece of cake in controlling water volume and temperature. The spout can swivel to any angel to deliver water where needed on the sink. Plus, you can connect a hose pipe to its threaded end to deliver water for use to more places.

Mounting is also easy peasy on a two-hole sink. Its chrome finish makes it appealing, complementing everything inside.

If it does not meet your preference and budget, you can pick another faucet for your laundry room sink. Whatever you pick, ensure it makes your laundry chores a breeze.