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Top 10 Best Vessel Sink Faucets (Washroom Taps)

Best Vessel Sink Faucet

The best Vessel sink faucets are the dreamiest fixtures for bathroom décor. They match the surroundings, and the vessel sinks, making them a focal point for every washroom.

Apart from making your bathroom look stunning, the best vessel sink faucet delivers uninterrupted high-pressure water flow. It also comes in solid construction and with hot and cold water control.

The counter-mounted vessel sink faucets feature a long spout that rests above the sink, leaving enough cleaning space.

For the wall-mounted vessel sink faucets, you only need to fix them where they will leave enough washing space. Otherwise, they are adjustable based on your needs.

Top Vessel Sink Faucets

Do You Need a Special Faucet For a Vessel Sink?

Vessel sinks are one major way of styling bathrooms into an elegant look. Unlike other sink types, they sit on the countertop and feature modern, ancient, and a mix of both traits to fit all bathroom types.

Because of their location and design, their faucets differ from those used in other sink types. First, they should be tall enough to rise over the sink. Secondly, you can mount them on the wall or deck.

It means that the faucet must be compatible to fit your vessel sink. Also, there are specific aspects to consider for both of them to suit each other. That’s why faucet selection is an essential task.

The leading vessel sink faucet fits the sink and plumbing system and functions excellently. If not sure of what faucet to pick for your sink, it’s wise to ask an expert.

Best Vessel Sink Faucets

Best Vessel Sink Faucet

1. KENES Brushed Nickel Single Handle Vessel Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with high-grade 304 stainless steel
  • A tall bathroom faucet
  • Brushed finish
  • Imported neoperl bubbler
  • Deck Mount

KENES Brushed Nickel Vessel Sink Faucet strikes out with its elegant shape. The spout height measures 10.2 – inches with an easy-to-operate single handle, making it ideal to use with any over-the-table vessel sink.

Attached also is a spout reach that flows water without splashing. You can switch between hot and cold water when cleaning from the handle.

 Its Nickel finish contributes to its lovely look and makes cleaning easier. Plus, it makes it rust-resistant and anti-fingerprint too. The fixture also complements any vessel sink and other things in the bathroom with its lovely finish.

The manufacturer has other finish options for users with different preferences. You can choose from gold, chrome, and matte black, which all look lovely.

You can use this single-handle vessel sink faucet confidently because it gets crafted with lead-free materials. Its Neoperl aerator controls the amount of flowing water and does not affect the pressure. As a result, it works efficiently, saving you from spending much on your water bill. 

The pop-up drainage included in its packaging makes water emptying a breeze. Water in the sink bowl drains 10% faster than normal drainage. What’s exciting is that, like the faucet, it’s a doddle to install the drain. 

With its many fantastic features, KENES Brushed Nickel Vessel Sink Faucet is one of the best tall faucets for vessel sinks.


  • Effortless control
  • Non-splashing NEOPERL aerator
  • Healthy and durable
  • Resists corrosion
  • High functioning pop-up drain


  • One-hole configurations only
  • Pushing the drain to seal it may be inconveniencing

2. Kraus Novis Matte Black Single Handle Vessel Sink Bathroom Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with Brass
  • Deck Mount
  • Matte black color
  • Pop-up drain, mounting hardware, and waterlines included
  • It has a water-saving aerator

KRAUS Novis Single Handle Bathroom Faucet KVF-1220MB has a sleek design and features that make it suitable for many projects. With a height of 12 7/8 – inches and a spout reach of 6 ¼ – inches, you can use it with any vessel sink.

On top of the spout is a well-designed, thin, single handle for seamless water flow control. With a single turn, you control the amount of water to use. It’s also from the handle you put on and off the cold and hot water.

Another striking feature of KRAUS Novis Single Handle Bathroom Faucet KVF-1220MB is its eco-friendly aerator. It enhances a steady splash-free water flow and can fill 1.2 gallons of water in a minute.

Besides, the faucet is WaterSense certified! You’ll use 20% less water without affecting its performance. It’s constructed using lead-free brass for longevity and safety. 

KRAUS Novis Single Handle Bathroom Faucet KVF-1220MB is one of the easiest faucets to install because of its pre-attached water lines.

And who can resist its flawless black matte finish, which resists rust and stains? Plus, it blends well with the interior décor of any bathroom too. The faucet becomes a focal point in the room with its finish and lovely design. It improves the room’s look too.

Many vessel faucets leak while in use, but not with KRAUS Novis Single Handle Bathroom Faucet KVF-1220MB. It comes with a premium ceramic cartridge that does not leak and lasts for many years.

A sink is not functional without proper drainage. This faucet comes with pop-up drainage measuring 2 ¾ – inches in diameter and 6 ¾ – inches in height. It means you can install it in any standard drainage hole.


  • It has a unique design and comes with a pop-up drain
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Installation ready
  • Water-saving aerator and lifetime limited warranty


  • It’s a one-hole installation only
  • The spout doesn’t swivel

3. MYHB Waterfall Single Hole Bathroom Faucet for Vessel Sink

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with copper
  • Oil rubbed
  • It comes with a pop-up drain, installation instructions, mounting accessories, and two hoses
  • CUPC-certified ceramic cartridge
  • Deck mount

If you are looking for a uniquely designed faucet for your limited space, MYHB Farmhouse Waterfall Bathroom Faucet is. 

This elegant waterfall vessel sink faucet is good right from the box. It spices any bathroom to a timeless appeal with its lever handle and waterfall spout reach. 

But this does not mean it delivers excess water. The faucet uses a technology that ensures water efficiency without compromising the bowl sink faucet performance and water pressure.

In addition, MYHB Farmhouse Waterfall Bathroom Faucet has a steady aerated stream. As a result, the faucet delivers 1.5 gallons every minute, which is excellent for cleaning tasks in any bathroom.

Its oil-rubbed black matte finish looks great in any washing space. You can also choose the brushed nickel or gold finish options depending on your taste and bathroom interior décor.

It is the faucet to use without worrying about leaking because it comes with a cUPC-certified ceramic cartridge. It lasts long too.

The package includes standard-sized hot and cold stainless steel hoses and other mounting accessories for quick installation.

Like tall faucets for vessel sinks, you can install MYHB Farmhouse Waterfall Bathroom Faucet in any washroom. It’s 11.8 inches in height, 7.5 inches in spout height, and 4.7 inches in height, making it ideal for installation in any vessel sink.

The copper material used in its making is sturdy, healthy, safe, and long-lasting. Though the included pop-up drain does not have an overflow, it allows water to empty smoothly.


  • A stylish waterfall design
  • Beautiful finish
  • Healthy and safe material
  • It comes with two stainless steel hoses for cold and hot water
  • Ideal for any limited-space bathroom


  • The pop-up drain does not have an overflow
  • The spout does not turn

4. KINGO Brushed Nickel Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink Bathroom Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with brass
  • Brushed finish
  • Deck mount
  • Single handle
  • Tall spout

KINGO HOME Contemporary Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink is a basin mixer tap! You can use both hot and cold water by adjusting the lever handle.

Most users fall in love with its gorgeous design and high functionality. With a height of 12.4 – inches, 9.5 – inches spout height, and 4.9 – inches spout reach, you can install it to use with any tall vessel sink.

Its brass construction guarantees its long life. Plus its permanent nickel finish, with proper maintenance, the faucet will stay in your bathroom looking good for many years. 

Most homeowners love KINGO HOME Contemporary Single Handle Tall Vessel Sink because of its guaranteed performance. Before releasing any piece for sale, the manufacturer puts the faucet to test under high water pressure. The single lever handle controls water temperature and flows effortlessly. 

It also has a disc cartridge made with premium ceramic. The cartridge operates approximately 500,000 times due to sophisticated engineering. That’s a long time to keep this faucet for the vessel sink functional in your bathroom.

You will also like its hassle-free installation. The single-handle vessel sink faucet comes as a US standard size. The package also includes mounting hardware and cold and hot water hoses containing a 3/8 – inches connector. You don’t have to waste time and money buying them separately and figuring out the size.

When installed in any wash area, its gorgeous brushed nickel finish blends well with the room’s inside. Still, its classic design improves the room and vessel sink look.


  • Tall enough to fit any vessel sink
  • A sleek design with a lovely finish
  • Operates for a long period
  • It comes with installation hardware
  • The manufacturer accepts returns within 90 – days and refunds the full amount


  • You will have to buy a drain separately
  • If the deck has three holes, you will need to buy a cover plate

5. BATHLAVISH Single Hole Oil Rubbed Bronze Waterfall Vessel Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with brass
  • Bronze color
  • Oil rubbed
  • Deck mount
  • One handle

Unique faucets for vessel sinks as this one come with various distinctive features. BATHLAVISH Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet features a heightening body and a waterfall water outlet. 

If you love the sight and sound of the natural waterfall, you will fall for this faucet. The technology applied delivers the required amount of water without compromising its pressure.

Better still, you can adjust the water temperature you want. The one-handle is easy to operate over any vanity, lavatory, laundry, or basin.

Most modern vessel sink faucets are prone to wear, but not with BATHLAVISH Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet. Its sturdy brass construction resists wear and rust. You, therefore, don’t have to deal with electroplating peeling.

Its oil finish improves its appearance and makes it easy to clean. The sleek design entailing subtle edges and curves makes it a focal point in any bathroom or wash area. By keeping the vessel sink faucet clean and dry, it will last for many years.

Most users love this faucet’s drip-free feature, contributed by durable ceramic disc valves.

Also, not many homeowners love buying cold and hot water hose pipes separately. They come in the package for this faucet. Made with SUS 304 stainless steel, the pipes do not rust or get contamination by chemicals, ensuring water quality. The pipes also fit standard plumbing systems with an opening of 3/8 – inches.

Though it’s an easy one-hole installation, you will need to use a cover plate for sinks with more than one faucet hole. Unfortunately, this faucet does not come with a drain. You’ll need to buy one separately.


  • A sturdy lead-free faucet
  • Easy to operate handle
  • Ensure quality water
  • Flows water smoothly
  • Blends with any bathroom or wash area


  • The drain does not have an overflow
  • If your countertop has more than one faucet hole, you’ll need to cover the rest

6. GGStudy One Hole Brushed Nickel Waterfall Vessel Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Waterfall design
  • One Handle
  • A matching pop-up drain
  • Deck mount
  • Brushed finish

GGStudy Bathroom Faucet features a tall style ideal for high vessel sinks. Also, its waterfall spout reaches streams of water in a beautiful presentation. Plus, its trendy design attracts the eye too.

The vessel sink faucet complements various transitional styles with its brushed nickel finish. The faucet’s sleek and easy-to-operate handle adjusts the water pressure and temperature. 

Made with 100% brass, this brushed nickel vessel sink faucet can withstand any bathroom pressure. It also means minimal maintenance because of its non-rust ability.

Homeowners confidently buy this faucet for vessel sinks because it gets tested before selling. Also, the ceramic cartridge can operate about 600,000 times, opening and closing. The technology used guarantees high performance for an extended period.

Like other tall faucets for vessel sinks, GGStudy Bathroom Faucet is ideal to use with any round or square vessel. Accompanied by hot and cold hoses and other mounting hardware, this faucet is easy to install.

Since it’s a single-handle waterfall vessel sink faucet, you require only one 1.3 – to 1.77 – inches hole on the countertop for its installation. If more, you’ll have to conceal the other holes, which could mean buying a sealing plate.

The color of this particular vessel sink faucet is brushed nickel, but you can also choose from black, antique brass, bronze, and chrome options.


  • A trendy waterfall design
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • A sturdy ceramic disc cartridge that prevents dripping
  • Complements most vessel sinks and bathrooms’ interior
  • It comes with installation hardware and a pop-up drain


  • The spout does not move
  • Single-hole installation only

7. VESLA HOME Tall Brushed Nickel Wide Spout Single Handle Vessel Sink Faucet

Highlighted Features:

  • Table top mounting style
  • Made with brass
  • It has a brushed finish
  • Single handle
  • Brushed nickel color

The first thing to note about VESLA HOME Modern Tall Brushed Nickel is its professionally made wide spout and single lever handle. 

Its spout reach is wide too and designed to flow water in a waterfall style. It’s such a beautiful view to see water flowing through the flat spout. VESLA HOME Modern Tall Brushed Nickel features an aesthetic design that improves the look of any washing space.

Everything happens on the faucet’s single lever handle. It has cold and hot buttons for your water temperature adjustment. By turning the handle and pressing a button, you can mix cold and hot water to flow out of the tap.

The water volume increases or reduces by turning the handle to various angles.

Despite this brushed nickel vessel sink being anti stains and rust, it lasts for many years. It’s made with SUS304 stainless steel for robustness and long life. But this may not be possible if you keep it dirty and unmaintained.

The overall height is 12 – inches, explaining why homeowners love to use it for their countertop vessel sinks. Also, you can install it in any wash area.

It fits the standard US fittings for easier installation. The package has the necessary installation hardware and cold and hot water hoses except for a lift rod and pop-up drain.

VESLA HOME Modern Tall Brushed Nickel is a real deal for your money as the manufacturer offers a free lifetime replacement! Also, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.


  • A modish wide design
  • Delivers water in a beautiful water flow stream
  • It blends well with any washroom’s interior
  • Easy installation and lasts for many years
  • A free replacement for a lifetime


  • Pop-up drain not included.
  • You have to buy a lift rod separately.

8. Greenspring Brushed Nickel Modern Commercial Vessel Sink Faucet with Pop Up Drain

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with brass
  • Deck mount
  • Brushed finish
  • One handle
  • It comes with two hose pipes and pop-up drains

Like other unique faucets for vessel sinks, Greenspring Vessel Sink Faucet is the epitome of contemporary style. Its beautiful construction will make any washroom or bathroom look wow.

The faucet’s gray metallic look, contributed by its professionally done nickel finish, warms up the room and is attractive to look at. Plus, it does not tarnish or show fingerprints.

Water flows with the steady laminar stream from the elegantly made waterfall spout. The site is a beautiful water presentation. Above the spout is a well-constructed, easy-to-use lever handle to control water pressure and temperature.

The solid brass used in the faucet’s construction is heavy-duty and lead-free, making it safe and durable.

If you are tired of a dripping faucet while in use, Greenspring Vessel Sink Faucet could be a great option to consider. It has a ceramic disc cartridge that prevents leaking and provides a smooth stream.

The package comes with two hoses of 3/8 – inches each and other installation hardware for easy installation. You’ll also find a pop-up drain in the package.

The included drainage does not come with overflow but empties water seamlessly and matches the faucet. 


  • Easy to operate handle
  • A modern design with an attractive finish
  • Lasts for an extended period with proper care
  • It comes with essential mounting hardware
  • Temperature and pressure controlled water flow


  • The pop-up drain has no overflow.
  • One-hole installation only

9. GGStudy Oil Rubbed Bronze Single Handle Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet With Matching Pop Up Drain

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil rubbed finish
  • One handle
  • Deck mount
  • Matte black
  • It has a ceramic cartridge and comes with a pop-up drain

GGStudy 3600 Swivel Single Handle features a beautiful ancient antique design. This matte black vessel sink faucet is a darling for many users. 

Also, homeowners love its ability to last for years with proper care. Thanks to the 100% brass used in its crafting.

Durability and aesthetic material are not the only attractive features of the GGStudy 3600 Swivel Single Handle. The vessel sink faucet has a bronze finish which is professionally oil rubbed, enhancing its black color that complements various transitional styles.

With a curved spout reach and premium ceramic valve, this bathroom vessel sink faucet dispatches water in style within the bowl. The cartridge can survive 600,000 opening and closing times, making it a convenient fixture.

The faucet also wins the hearts of many homeowners with its water-saving ABS aerator. In addition to conserving approximately 30% water, the aerator prevents water from spraying on the sink and bathroom floor.

What’s enticing about this trendy, matte black vessel sink faucet is that you can rotate it to your desired position up to 360 degrees, making washing more convenient. It also doesn’t make noise when in operation and undergoes a 350,000 leak-free test to ensure its quality and performance.

The package also includes two hose pipes for cold and hot water and a pop-up drain without overflow. It’s easy to install the faucet and drain.


  • A charming design
  • You can rotate the spout to the position you want for convenient washing
  • It preserves water and does not splash around
  • It blends well with the interior décor
  • Ideal for any above-counter basin


  • The drain does not have an overflow.
  • Single-hole installation only

10. VOTON Tall Body Single Handle Vessel Sink Basin Mixer Tap with Pop-Up Drain & Supply Lines

Highlighted Features:

  • A tall single, handle faucet
  • Black matte
  • It comes with supply lines and a pop-up drain
  • Deck mount
  • Made with copper

If searching for a less complicated but highly functional vessel sink faucet, VOTON Bathroom Sink Faucet would qualify perfectly. It comes with a simple design entailing an easy-to-operate handle and a round spout and spout reach.

Having been designed and crafted by Rumu, a manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience, it’s the best faucet for any small bathroom.

Flowing water at a rate of 1.5 gallons every minute, users can carry out all their bathroom chores with enough water. 

You can install Black Bathroom Sink Faucet in a vessel sink with an overflow hole. But you’ll need to buy a pop-up drain with overflow separately because the one included doesn’t have one.

Two 3/8 – inches of cold and hot water supply lines come with the package. There’re also ½ – inch adapters to make the installation easy.

As an aesthetic feature in the room, the matte black vessel sink faucet improves the room’s appearance. It blends well with everything inside too. 

Homeowners love it because of its safety and long life. Copper used in its making is lead-free and durable. The finish also makes it stain, tarnish, and rust resistant.

Its design is a one-hole configuration, and the handle controls water temperature and volume. Despite all these amazing features, this faucet for vessel sink comes with a 5 – year warranty!


  • You can also choose from brushed nickel and chrome colors
  • It’s a tall faucet with an appealing design and finishes
  • The faucet is durable, healthy, and safe
  • It’s easy to install and comes with the necessary installation hardware
  • You can return it within 30 days and get a full refund


  • The included pop-up drain has no overflow
  • Designed for a one-hole installation

How to Determine Which Vessel Sink Faucet Is Best

With the above information, it can be tempting to rush to your nearest store and buy a vessel sink faucet. Below is what should be on your mind before you make a purchase;


A bathroom vessel sink faucet’s life span matters. Before buying one, consider the duration the fixture will be operational. Will it last for a few months or years?

If dealing with a temporary vessel sink, a short-lived faucet can do. But if your vessel sink lasts for many years, consider a faucet that will match the longevity.


Faucets for vessel sinks come in different materials. Some materials are durable, while others are short-lived. Before buying the faucet, consider the material used in its making. Others are expensive to maintain, while others are easy to clean.

For example, a copper-made faucet outlives stainless steel. But keeping the copper faucet clean and maintained will take extra attention.


The price of a vessel sink faucet gets determined by many factors. For example, the materials used in its making and size. Also, some brands are expensive. It’s only wise to research the price before buying.


It’s important to determine how the water gets delivered from the faucet. Is it a normal stream or a beautiful one like that from a waterfall style?

Also, ask yourself if you can control the tap’s water. Also, investigate whether the water flow can meet all your cleaning tasks.

Temperature Control

Some bathroom or washroom cleaning tasks require hot, cold, or lukewarm water. Before buying a faucet for a vessel sink, it’s vital to know if you require water in different temperatures. If so, consider whether the faucet has cold and water systems.

Also, check whether it’s easy to adjust the temperature. You can buy it if it suits your temperature needs.


Vessel sink faucets come in various sizes. The correct size is what suits your needs and preference. Some like small ones while others prefer large options. When you decide on the size, buy a faucet of the exact size.


Warranties enable you to enjoy value for your money. Some allow product returns with a full refund within a specified period, such as three months. Other warranties are for certain years, such as three or five.

Some manufacturers do free repairs or product exchanges if the faucet develops an issue within a certain period. Others offer a lifetime warranty! Before buying, ensure each time counts.


The market floods with various vessel sink faucet brands. Also, some renowned manufacturers make quality faucets, while others are average. Some new manufacturers are making top-notch faucets for vessel sinks at a low price to try and penetrate the market.

Vessel Sink Faucets Vs Normal Faucets

Vessel Sink Faucets Vs. Normal Faucets

Vessel sink faucets differ from normal faucets in various ways. The following are the differences that will help you distinguish them.


Because a vessel sink rests above the countertop, faucets for vessel sinks come with a higher height than normal faucets. The height leaves enough washing room between the sink and the spout reach.

Also, though vessel sink faucets are high, the height is reasonable to prevent splashing. They are also designed to flow water to the sink’s bottom, not the sides.

Plumbing System

The plumbing systems for both faucets are different. Kitchen sinks are often larger than vessel sinks and come with a large draining system. The pipes are also large to accommodate the large water output. But it’s different with a vessel sink.

The drainage is smaller to handle the water flow from the faucet. You must adjust the plumbing system to install a normal faucet with your vessel sink.


1. How Much Should I Spend on a Vessel Sink Faucet?

Vessel sink faucets come at different prices based on the brand, materials used, size, and extra features. How much you will spend depends on your need and budget.

You will find a vessel sink faucet with as low a price as $25 and as high a cost as $250. The amount spent goes up when you include the installation expenses.

2. How Tall a Faucet Do You Need for a Vessel Sink?

The general height of a faucet should be 6 – inches from the spout to the sink bottom. You should measure a vessel sink faucet’s height from the countertop to the top of the sink. Then increase an inch or two to allow washing space.

The higher the faucet height, the more water splashes when washing your hands or items.

3. Can You Use a Kitchen Faucet for a Vessel Sink?

Kitchen Faucet for a Vessel Sink

Yes, you can. But you will need to adjust the plumbing system or the amount of water flowing down the drain. Also, most kitchen faucets have large handles. Vessel sinks are small, and installing faucets with large handles will make them look out of place.

4. Do Vessel Sinks Splash Water?

It depends on the faucet’s height and positioning and whether it gets installed with an aerator. The faucet should be slightly above the recommended 6 – inches height to prevent splashing. Also, its positioning should allow water to hit the sink’s bottom, not the sides. Water streaming to the sides splashes water all over.

Also, aerators control the water flowing out, preventing spraying from the sink. A faucet installed with an aerator will not splash water.

5. What is the Difference between High Arc and Low Arch Faucets?

The difference is the height. Low arc faucets sit between 3 and 8 inches over the sinking plane. The spouts in high arc faucets stand between 8 – and 10 inches high. Most high arc faucets offer enough room for cleaning.

Key Takeaway

Though all the faucets listed above are great, KENES brushed nickel vessel sink faucet emerges the winner. It’s typically a tall faucet aesthetically designed to fit all bathroom types. You can also use it with a vessel sink of any size.

This faucet also features an easy-to-operate handle where you can regulate cold and hot water. The handle controls the water amount too, without compromising on the pressure.

Designed with stainless steel, the faucet guarantees many years of use. It also doesn’t rust, stain, or spray water while in use because of its professionally brushed finish.

The manufacturer packs hardware for easier self-installation, and buyers enjoy after-sales service. The faucet is also pocket-friendly, making it great consideration.