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Black vs Stainless Steel Sink (Which is BETTER?)

Black Sink Vs Stainless Steel

Black sink vs stainless steel sink…which one would you consider for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room?

In previous years, white or stainless steel sinks rocks in homes. The trend has changed nowadays. You can now find black sinks in homes. The black sinks are also made using various materials. It could be stainless steel, fireclay, granite, and so on. All these kitchen sink materials are great.

Some people may like a black kitchen sink while others may not. Whatever the case, the black color draws attention. But is it in a good way?

Black sinks and stainless steel sinks have their advantages and disadvantages as illustrated in this guide.

Black Sink Vs Stainless Steel

Black Granite Sink vs Stainless Steel Sink: Ultimate Comparison

Difference 1. Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s a no-brainer; black-colored sinks don’t portray dirt as a white or stainless sink does. The black color makes dirt inconspicuous. As a result, a black granite sink maintains its appearance for a long period.

It’s also a piece of cake to clean a black sink. You only need to scrub it gently using soapy water or vinegar, then rinse it with clean water.

Finish by applying the sink’s surface with ideal mineral oil from your kitchen cabinet or the store next door. Then use a clean cloth to wipe it until it shines.

On the other hand, you can see dirt on a stainless steel sink from a distance. You need to clean it every time you use it using soap and warm water. Otherwise, it will appear messy, a sight you may not enjoy. Frequent cleaning takes a toll on your energy, and soap and water bills.

Difference 2. Prone to Damage

It’s rare to find 100% black sinks. The common ones are usually granite composite, meaning they contain 80% original granite and 20% acrylic resin.

Fortunately, both materials are very strong. Whether the black sink is made with pure or granite composite, it’s very robust and known to last for many years.

Unlike stainless steel sinks, a black granite sink hardly gets damaged. But stainless steel can scratch easily when under pressure or hit by a blunt object.

Difference 3. Noise

Stainless steel sinks make noise when they come into contact with other items. The noise can be frustrating when cleaning your dishes in the sink.

Fortunately, the case is different with a black granite sink. Because of the nature of its material, it hardly makes any noise while in use. You enjoy your peace of mind when using the sink.

Difference 4. Cost

Cost constitutes another major difference between black and stainless-steel sink. A black granite sink is very expensive. It’s more expensive if entirely made with pure granite. Granite composite is less expensive but still costly compared to a stainless steel sink.

Difference 5. Environment Conscious

Do you care about a safe and clean environment? It should be something to ponder about when choosing between a black and stainless steel sink.

Instead of disposing of your worn-out stainless steel sink in a disposable area, you can recycle it. But it’s not the case with a black granite sink.

Black and Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Similarities

Black granite and stainless steel sinks may have their differences, but they also have some similarities. For example;

Similarity 1: Durability

Both of them can last for many years if taken proper care of such as cleaning and maintenance. Also, avoid exerting pressure or banging dishes and other items on the sink.

Similarity 2: Fading

With time, black granite and stainless sink fade. The only way to maintain their shiny finish is by oiling the surface after cleaning. The market has endless excellent sink shine options for every sink type to choose from.  

Similarity 3: Aesthetic Appeal

Sink designs have evolved through the years. Today, you enjoy endless options of sleek designs that suit your taste and budget. Both black and stainless steel sinks appear great. It depends on your preference.

Similarity 4: Sink Types

Sinks can either be under mount or top mount. You will find a black granite or stainless steel sink of either type.

Let’s look into the benefits and drawbacks of a black and stainless steel sink for a better understanding.

Pros and Cons

Results of a stainless steel sink compared with a black sink illustrate differences and similarities as illustrated above. Each has its good and bad side as illustrated below;

Pros of a Black Granite Sink


A black sink lasts long if made from robust material such as granite

Appealing Look

Black sinks attract attention and look great if made in a sleek design


Black sinks are made using a stain, heat, and scratch-resistant material. You can place your hot and dirty pots and utensils with no worry. But they need to be properly sealed.

Various Finishes

A sink’s finish contributes to its appearance and longevity. Black sinks come with various finish options.

Cons of a Black Granite Sink


Stones, such as granite, used in making a black sink are very expensive. The exact cost depends on the specific stone used.  


Black sinks are made with heavy stones. You will need extra support systems which translates to more installation costs.


Most stones chip. A black sink is likely to chip when exerted pressure depending on the stone type used.


Stones used to make black sinks degrade and fade with time. You need to seal them at least once per year to maintain their natural luster. Though the process is simple, it takes away the time and energy you could have used doing other things.

Pros of a Stainless Steel Sink

Pocket-friendly Prices

Unlike sinks made from certain materials such as granite, stainless steel sinks are affordable. The steel quality also determines the price of the sink. Thick stainless steel sinks cost more than thin ones. The thick ones last longer. But generally, stainless steel sinks are cost-effective compared to other sink types.

Long Life

High-quality stainless steel sinks last for many years. It hardly dents when subjected to pressure. You can scrub it as much as you want and place heavy dishes on it without fear of damaging the sink. More so, the stainless steel does not rust or tarnish.

The sink’s shiny surface prevents bacteria from accumulating. It’s also easy to keep the sink clean because of its non-porous surface.


Stainless steel comes in various colors and designs to fit any kitchen. They also blend well with the kitchen’s appliances and interior décor.

Cons of a Stainless Steel Sink

The following are reasons that may make you choose a black sink instead of stainless steel.

Few Options

You may not succeed if searching for a unique sink for your high-end kitchen. The designs may be beautiful but may not fit some kitchen types. In such a case, granite sinks are the best option. They come in various unique designs that fit specific kitchens and décor.


Everyone in the house will know when using your stainless steel sink because of the noise produced. The sink makes noise with everything that comes into contact with it.

Scratches Easily

Stainless steel sinks have a specific grain pattern. If you use harsh abrasives, they tend to scratch, altering the sink’s smooth surface and appealing look.

Not Ideal to Use with Hard Water

Hard water contains some minerals. If you don’t wipe your stainless steel sink dry, the minerals accumulate, staining the area. It’s also not a great sight to look at.

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Summing It Up

As illustrated above, both black and stainless steel sinks are durable. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

What makes the two sink types differ is their differences. A black sink is not prone to damage and does not make noise. But it’s expensive, heavy, and cannot be recycled.

A stainless steel sink is pocket-friendly, recyclable, and flexible. But it can scratch and stain if not well cleaned and maintained. It also makes a lot of noise when in use and does not have many options for high-end kitchens.

Despite their differences, the two sinks have similarities. You can find them in various sink sizes, designs, and types. They are also durable and easy to clean and maintain. But if left uncared for, they can fade.

A black sink vs stainless steel sink choice depends entirely on your preference, budget, and need. Which one suits you?